Best Apps for Buying Used Cars


Cars have become a necessity of the modern world. People were still getting by in places with great public transports; however, the situation has changed drastically. Due to the pandemic situation, everyone is scared of using those. Even more, a good car is like a home that travels along with you. It helps in so many different ways. 

Apps can make the process of buying a used car easier but do not make the decision final without knowing the car’s history. This history report covers the history of the car from the day it was originally purchased. The purpose of a car history report is to give you an idea of whether or not your purchase will be a good one. If a vehicle has an extensive accident history, this may be a deal-breaker. People who purchase accident-prone vehicles can face thousands of dollars in repair bills. You can find out if the car has been written-off, damaged, stolen, and more. 

Owning a brand-new car is a luxury most people can only dream of. However, you can afford used cars, including options from UsJunkCars, and you can do it straight from your comfortable couch As technology has made it convenient to shop for anything from our smart devices, here are our top picks for the best apps for buying used cars. 


To start with, we’ve chosen the Carvana app. Carvana has been the greatest innovation in the cars market since its arrival in 2012. It offers used cars in great condition, at an affordable price. You may wonder, what makes Carvana cheaper than an actual car dealership? There are no dealers involved, so the commission cut doesn’t happen. All the elaborated costs and overheads involved with the car-sell are greatly reduced. So, you get the best value for money offerings. 

Carvana currently has more than 20,000 fully inspected vehicles. The inspection involves 150 standards that have to be met. The buying process is entirely online as you might assume. There are various categories to assist you to choose vehicles, and also a search bar for models you like.

Few of the options are mileage, fuel efficiency, transmission type, colours, and a 360-degree view of the vehicle. Basically, it has a lot of options. 

With its exceptional testing and 7 days return policy, there also comes a 100-day limited warranty. However, due to all the perks you get, prices are slightly higher.


You’ve surely heard of CarMax, as it’s the largest car-selling portal in the country. The biggest perk of this app is the comparison feature. You can compare up to 10 vehicles so you can choose the best from your top 10 picks. Being one of the largest in trade, their service is top-notch as well.

Once you choose a car of your liking, you will be presented with an elaborated history report. This includes the details that the car went through such as any major accidents, the repairs made, and the past owners.

CarMax is best known for its no bargain, no rip-off policy. It means, they offer you the lowest and most affordable prices, also, you don’t get ripped off like in a normal bargain situation. So, if you like it simple and hassle-free, CarMax is the way to go.


If you’re an automobile nerd with the knowledge of all things- vehicle, Autotrader is a perfect match for you. This app is the modernized version of bargain trade, but it is so much better. Targeted towards the experienced ones, the user interface or the buying process isn’t as simple. 

You can search the car and compare it with other cars like in other apps. However, with Autotrader, you can contact the seller and start the bargain right away. Either that or just send the offer with your agreed price. Autotrader doesn’t have financing plans or partners in that matter, so you’re essentially on your own.

Don’t compromise on the quality of transportation—trust Fast Auto Shipping for a hassle-free experience when purchasing a car online.


If you’re a special cookie who gets bored looking at apps, where cars are listed with prices like in a grocery shop or offer bargains like some vegetable shop, Instamotor has got you covered. Join private sales, and keep all prices low. But it’s online!


You’ll find that there are two ways of buying cars. One is walking up to the dealership, and choosing the car of your dreams. However, you may feel the entire bargain thing is too complicated or don’t have sufficient knowledge about the vehicles.

Brokers are always looking for a big fish to grab extra commission from the car sale. The other is online. Buying a car just after looking at a few pictures isn’t necessarily sparking confidence.

Used car apps offer the best deals you can get. An expert inspects your car for any defects, while you only have to worry about the payments. There are also financing plans to further support your purchasing decision. It is all about your comfort, and also about you saving money.