Best cryptocurrency wallets for android devices!

As a speculative investment asset, BTC has gained enormous popularity. The platform required to trade in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange. Undoubtedly you can perform these tasks using famous payment services like PayPal and cash app, but the experience offered by dedicated digital currency exchange is highly mesmerizing. People merely choose the best cryptocurrency exchange and focus less on the security protocols when choosing a bitcoin wallet. Apart from that, you can read about what will happen after the cryptocurrency major crash.

Earlier only people owning a computer could download a reliable e-wallet, but now Android users can install cryptocurrency wallets on their devices. Best bitcoin wallets that are also compatible with android devices comprise some unique features like Multi signatures. Here are the best cryptocurrency wallets for android devices.  


Dedicated cryptocurrency wallets are preferred by those virtual currency users whose priority is always security when securing, transferring, and second digital currencies. Therefore, Exodus’s highlighting feature is its security. 

Besides being compatible with android devices, this cryptocurrency wallet can also run upon an operating system like iOS, and you can install this wallet on a desktop as well. People recommend these cryptocurrency wallets for beginners who don’t know much about digital wallets and the notion of digital currencies.

 Exodus is one of the few cryptocurrency wallets equipped with a closed source. Exodus is not listed in the category of a dedicated bitcoin wallet as you get other options on this cryptocurrency wallet. Besides bitcoin, you get the option to store other digital currencies as well. Exodus, in terms of security, is an optimal cryptocurrency wallet. If you are a newbie and looking for an android dedicated digital currency wallet, you can go for Exodus cryptocurrency wallet. 


Electrum is one of the unique cryptocurrency wallets having the option of both cloud and cold storage. Furthermore, electrum is an authentic wallet supporting only bitcoin transactions. Electrum first came for desktops, and now it is available for both Android and iOS devices. However, the android version of this cryptocurrency wallet is exceedingly optimized. 

Since electrum is a dedicated bitcoin wallet, it correspondingly supports BTC hard forks. The hard forks of bitcoin that you can store on this wallet are serrated witnesses. Electrum is amongst a few dedicated bitcoin wallets with Multi signatures. Like other android wallets, electrum is equipped with features like two-factor authentication. 

Moreover, this cryptocurrency wallet allows you to change the seed phrase. The seed phrase is essential in cryptocurrency wallets, offering a backup option to a digital currency wallet owner. Therefore, if you want to trade in bitcoin using your android device, you can choose electrum over other cryptocurrency wallets. 


Unlike Exodus, mycelium is equipped with an open-source. Mycelium is only an Android-based wallet, and it is not compatible with desktops and other operating systems like Mac OS and Linux. Mycelium resembles the above open-source bitcoin wallet electrum massively regarding UI and features. 

The key feature making mycelium one of the superior digital currency wallet for android use is an inbuilt exchange. In short, mycelium does not merely allow you to transfer, hold and receive digital currencies, as you can also purchase a digital currency utilizing this cryptocurrency wallet. The cold wallet support on mycelium is not found in every cryptocurrency wallet, and it is one of the unique features. 

Ledger Nano X!

Ledger Nano is a type of hardware cryptocurrency wallet compatible with Android devices. Since it is a hardware wallet, you have to connect this device to android phones via Bluetooth and USB cable.

 However, none of the famous cryptocurrency hardware wallets is free as you have to pay a definite amount of money to buy this hardware wallet. For example, ledger Nano X is currently available at $119. Another famous cryptocurrency wallet compatible with android devices is Ledger Nano S and Trezor. 

So far, Trezor is the utmost expensive hardware wallet, and Ledger Nano S is the cheapest famous hardware wallet. Both of these hardware wallets are compatible with android devices, but in the case of Ledger Nano S, you don’t get the feature of Bluetooth to connect with the android device as you have to connect it with a USB Port. 

The above-listed portion explains the famous bitcoin wallet compatible with android devices.