Snapchat Vs Instagram: Which is Best for Business Marketing?

Social media apps have taken over the world today. Over the past years, creators have introduced many different social media apps. The world as a whole relies on social media for any work. Instagram and Snapchat are among the oldest and most famous social media apps on the internet today. Almost everyone has these apps on their phones and use them daily. These apps have one of the largest audiences of social media and a very active day.

Both Snapchat and Instagram have some fantastic features that make people use them a lot. They are also very similar in various aspects but also have features that make them a little different. Both Instagram and Snapchat have all the elements someone would need in a social media app. They give you some fantastic advertising opportunities and platforms. You can post stories and posts at any time of the day to keep your followers updated with your content.

Both Snapchat and Instagram have some unique communication features that allow you to stay in touch with your family and friends without putting much effort into it. However, their layout and certain qualities make them very different.

Some people prefer Snapchat over Instagram, and some prefer the opposite. They both have their pros and cons, and both are great in their ways. However, if we were to compare them, there are many aspects of which one is better. According to the Snapchat statistics mentioned at Digitalbuzzblog.com, it is clearly mentioned that 34% of the people use Snapchat daily. Here are a few comparisons which show which app is better for business marketing:

Advertisements: Instagram

When it comes to advertisements, Instagram is a lot better than Snapchat. Instagram has a unique algorithm that will make sure to give your promotions justice. Instagram has a fantastic team of digital marketers who are very experienced and professional and know exactly how marketing works. They will try their best to get your ads rotating all over the app so that maximum people can see them. They will also try to use intelligent strategies like putting ads in between feeds and stories so that people somehow stumble upon your ads. They will also analyse your ads’ niche and try to expose them to an audience that matches with that field and is interested in the services of your ads. This makes their ads highly effective as they don’t only focus on promoting but also on helping you grow your brand and generate sales. On the other hand, the ads on Snapchat aren’t that effective. Snapchat is pretty straightforward and doesn’t have a concept of feeds or explore pages, making it hard to provide advertisements that users can see.

Filters: Snapchat 

Snapchat was the first social media app to introduce filters. Snapchat created filters and was the only social media app with a function of filters for a long time. Therefore, without a doubt, Snapchat is the best app for filters. Since this feature has been around for a long time, Snapchat has many filters to choose from. It also has some of the most unique and creative filters. In addition, Snapchat also allows you to customise and create your filters which makes it the best. Instagram does have some fantastic filters too. However, in comparison to Snapchat, their features for filters aren’t the best. 

Audience: Instagram

Instagram has a vast audience. Almost 70% of the audience on social media is on Instagram. It has many people using it every day and a lot of celebrities and influencers. This is probably just the fact that Instagram has more scope for entertainment and is a lot more accessible. Instagram is also very safe to use; therefore, people of all ages can use it without worries. It is also straightforward to browse through Instagram and be a consumer, whereas, on Snapchat, that feature isn’t the best. 

Stories: Snapchat

Snapchat was also the first app to start the ” stories ” feature. Snapchat created this feature, and so consequently, it is also the best when you use it on  Snapchat. The function of stories goes well with the concept of Snapchat. This is because the app was made so that we can click snaps of various things and post them on the app for people to see. The whole concept of Snapchat is based around photos, and so stories were a great addition to that concept. Snapchat stories are also easier to view and post as they don’t take much time and effort. 

Exposure: Instagram

As we already discovered, Instagram has a vast audience. This makes it very easy for creators to get discovered and gain attention. Instagram has an explore page wherein even people that don’t follow you can see your posts. This page is also very effective as it shows people content that they like and are interested in. Therefore, your posts will only appear on the pages of users who are interested in your content. Building a strong profile here can help you establish credibility. For example, add a logo and about me section. You can use a free Instagram logo maker for the logo if you’re getting started. This will help you to gain followers and also gain engagements and interactions. The Instagram stories have various features and stickers which allow your audience to interact with you. This will help you build a more open relationship with your followers and will help people to get familiar with you. On Instagram, you can also maintain a feed and a permanent public profile, unlike on Snapchat. You can post photos and videos on your account, which will stay on your page for as long as you wish. This is amazing because if people discover you and want to know more about you, they can get information just by simply visiting your Instagram profile. In addition, to gain more followers on Instagram, you can also buy Instagram followers, which help your account look more professional and experienced.

We can conclude that Instagram and Snapchat are both equally impressive. They have their advantages and disadvantages which make them outstanding in their own way.