How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Wallet for Your Android Device?

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Since bitcoin is a virtual currency, you have to store bitcoins in a virtual safe wallet. Bitcoin wallets are virtual safe wallets where you can store and send bitcoin units to other users. Generally, bitcoin wallets are for storing and sending bitcoin units, but full bitcoin wallets allow you to send, receive, trade, buy and even acknowledge the market value of bitcoin.

 Bitcoin trading and investment progression are exceedingly profitable. There are websites like the Immediate Edge app that can help you get a gigantic buck in your bitcoin trading and investment venture.  Bitcoin was earlier compatible only with a computer system; however, after the advancement of technology, bitcoin wallets are now computable in your android devices. In a nutshell, you can send, store, and receive bitcoins with android devices. 

Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency; due to this fact, there are great bitcoin wallets present on the Play Store and web which are compatible with android devices. However, choosing one of these bitcoin wallets is a bit challenging. So, here are some of the potential tips that can help you choose bitcoin wallets that are best for your android device.    

Transaction Fees 

 You are familiar with that both trustable exchange and bitcoin wallets levy some transaction fees while processing transactions. The Bitcoin algorithm transfers the transaction fees to bitcoin miners in the form of the block reward. 

Undeniably, the bitcoin complex levies much fewer transaction fees while processing transactions, but transaction fees in every bitcoin wallet are different. Therefore, you can evaluate the robustness of a bitcoin wallet based on transaction fees.

 Bear in mind that the bitcoin wallet you are about to choose must offer you an affordable transaction fee. Some full bitcoin wallets allow you to choose between transaction fees based on the speed of transaction fees. These bitcoin wallets levied lower transaction fees for slow transactions and high transaction fees for fast transactions.   

Security Protocols of a Bitcoin Wallet 

Security is the only feature that demonstrates whether you should invest resources in a bitcoin wallet or not. As mentioned ahead, there are big bitcoin wallets that are compatible with android devices. However, some of these bitcoin wallets try to attract customers with lucrative offers but lack security. Therefore, remember that the bitcoin wallet you are about to choose must offer high security. 

Every android based bitcoin wallet has either of two protocols, HTTP and HTTP. The Bitcoin wallets having HTTP security protocol offers you an exceeding extent of the feature. It is best if your bitcoin wallet offers you additional security features such as two-factor authentication, different passwords, and biometrics.   

Private keys 

A wallet address is the public identity of the bitcoin network, whereas private keys are the private identity of the bitcoin network. Private keys are correspondingly an alphanumeric sequence which you need to authorize transactions in your bitcoin wallet. 

Bear in mind; if you lose your private keys, you can never restore your bitcoin stack present in a bitcoin wallet. Each bitcoin wallet has a different passphrase. The bitcoin wallet you are about to choose for your android device must give you access to your private keys.

 If you have private keys, you claim your ownership on a bitcoin unit attached with that wallet address. If the bitcoin wallet is not offering you access to your private keys, you are no one to claim the ownership of your bitcoin. For every transaction in bitcoin, you have to ask for the passphrase from the entity holding it.   

Choose the Type of Bitcoin Wallet 

All bitcoin wallet types serve a similar purpose with some different features. Some prominent bitcoin wallets are mobile-based, hardware bitcoin wallets, and web-based bitcoin wallets. As mentioned ahead, android or mobile-based bitcoin wallets are the cheapest bitcoin wallet and secure bitcoin wallets.

 However android based bitcoin wallets further have two different types, the foremost is the hot bitcoin wallet, and the second is the cold bitcoin wallet. Cold bitcoin wallets are devoid of internet services, and you can convert your android into a cold bitcoin wallet by following a proper procedure. 

These are some tips you should follow in choosing an optimal bitcoin wallet for your android devices.