Build Loyalty For Your Free Android App

Getting your Android app into the marketplace is one of the most exciting steps for most app makers, all the hard work has been done and now it’s time to sit back and watch the app downloads begin. Well, if only life was so easy, it takes a little bit more effort to become an Android app success and your success lies with your audience’s loyalty.

On Friday we touch on the four major tricks in getting a loyal fanbase, through social media communications, providing decent content and ensuring your app description matches your app content. Today I want to go into more details on how in-app deals are used in increasing loyalty.

What is an in-app deal?

An in-app deal is an offer that is put on your app for app users only that will offer the user some form of special discount, prize, service or other benefit that is not available via any other source. These forms of benefits are the bait to drawn in two different types of app users; they will help ensure that people that use your service in general will download your app to receive these benefits and those that have not used your service in the past will see these benefits and will in turn begin to use your service. What is important with on-app deals is that you keep them time-bound and updated regularly.

How do they work?

Let me take an example of an app that offers relationship counselling, the app takes one aspect of the business, it links to different websites that have information about relationships and also has details about the services offered in the offices. So how can this app use in-app deals? There are several different benefits they can offer that would be app related only, deals for counselling sessions is the obvious deal that can be offered, but this would only attract those that are going through counselling, how about attracting an audience of couples that aren’t quite at this stage yet and are looking for some relationship advice, maybe they would benefit from deals for a meal, a subscription to an online relationship advice centre, spa discounts to improve the romance, as you can see the ideas are endless and ca be adapted in different forms to attract your users to return to the app frequently.

How do I ensure my audience knows of a new deal?

You can use your free notifications from AppsGeyser to send your app audience a message that a new benefit has been added to the app for a limited period. From the notification the app user will see that a new benefit has been uploaded and will open the app to learn more. We would suggest that you keep your message simple and intriguing to make the user want to know what benefit has been added. If you send a straight forward notification that says, voucher for 10% off your meal at Angelos, the user may already know that this isn’t a deal they are interested in and will not open the app, but if you word it differently, for example;’ Surprise your partner with a special night out, open app for more details’ then you are more likely to get your app audience to follow through with the notification and enter the app.

Getting your app audience to become loyal to your app is one of the most paramount parts of ensuring app success and it is not as difficult as you may have first thought. Think outside of the box and you will see how many benefits your free Android app can offer your app audience.