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In this modern world, running a business is a bigger challenge than it was a hundred years ago. Competition is fierce and sustaining has become much harder for business owners.

A tried and tested way to stay in business is to have open communication with the audience – serving the customers how they want it when they want it. Customer satisfaction is the key to having a successful business in 2020.

And to build communication, you must strengthen your presence across all channels. An online business app could be your way to prove your presence. Mobile apps have become very powerful over the last few years, thanks to the increasing number of smartphone users. It’s safe to say that almost half of the world’s population has smartphones. If you manage to get in there, you’ve got business.

In this post, we’ll go over the reasons why you should create a business app. Read till the end to truly understand the potential of an online business app.

1. Building Audience

The most powerful trait of a mobile app is building an audience. And if it’s a business app, building relations with prospective customers becomes a breeze. To build a lot of genuine audiences, you can buy real Twitter followers from Twesocial. Usually, when you operate solely based on your website, it sometimes becomes harder for the customers to remember the address. That’s not the case for an app.

A local business app is already installed on your customer’s smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about reaching new customers every now and then. And if you want to take things one step further to show that you mean business, you should offer offline activities on the app.

A mobile app is a huge lead magnet. As a customer downloads and installs your business app, they are practically giving you valuable information that you can later to drive a sale. You should really focus on more downloads than anything else. You can offer discounts or anything else that offer value to the audience.

For best results, a combination of website and app activities is ideal. While the online presence of the website will draw in more customers, you can work on a personal level with the customers with help from the app.

2. Growth in Sales

As a mobile app works as a new channel for your business, it drives more sales. Depending on the scope of the app, you can see a significant increase in revenue after investing in a business development app.

Push notifications work like a charm for increasing sales. The notification can contain viable information like discount offers, promotions, USPs, etc. that will draw more customers. Once the prospective customers have your app on their smartphone, it becomes easier for you to contact each customer through the app. Personalized offers also work very well in this regard.

In most cases, local business apps take the lead in sales. Suppose your business operates in a specific area and you create an online business app. The prospective customers living nearby your business location will be more interested in working with you than the ones whole live far away. You can cater to these people with special offers to increase their interest in working with you.

3. Works as a Communication Channel

Mobile apps have become a hub for marketing campaigns over the years. You can seamlessly use it to expand the horizon of your audience base and develop trust in the process. What you have to understand here is that launching a business app is a marketing step on its own.

By creating a marketing tool, you can utilize other marketing tools for your business, such as newsletters, contests, polls, etc.

4. Growth in Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty has been the holy grail for businesses for centuries. Sustainability depends on how loyal your customers are to your business. If you have to search for a new customer after every sale, the hunt for success will never end for you.

That’s where an online business app comes to play. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can let your customers use the app to book a table at their preferred hour or order take away food. It’s an action they will perform in the future if you deliver on your end. Thus, the cycle of customer loyalty begins.

If you are willing to go the extra mile to get as many loyal customers as possible, personalization is the key. Sending personalized messages through the app will make your customer think differently about your business. Exclusive offers, discounts, etc. are also tested methods of obtaining customer loyalty.

5. The Biggest Source of Analytics

Want accurate analytics for your business? A mobile app is the way to go. As mobile apps are as personal as you can get with a customer, you have access to a lot of valuable information. You can use the information later to improve your business and attract more customers.

If you create an online business app and sell your products through the app, you can directly know which customers like what kind of products. It’s a different level of marketing game that you are playing with your app. You can then create personalized ads that focus more on the preferred products by each customer.

Some other analytics include the time customers spend on your app and which functions are the most used. You can polish those features even further to build trust and customer loyalty.

6. Get an Edge Over the Competitors

Investing in a business app is not yet the norm across all industries. The practice is most common among e-commerce businesses. But you have the ability to break the norm. Show the world what you can do with your mobile app.

And it’s the best time to hit as your competitors might not be reading this article. Depending on your industry, you can get a huge competitive edge and secure your place among the audience’s hearts, for example here is a comparison of two of the best cart platforms to sell digital products: ThriveCart and SamCart. In the competitive world that we live in, every little opportunity should be utilized, and a business development app could be yours.

What Should You Consider While You Create Business App?

Once you’re done with the post, you might feel a sudden urge to use AppsGeyser and create yourself a business app. Well, hold on. Before you execute your decision, there are a few things that you must consider.

Firstly, figure out what you want to achieve with the business app. Do you want to make more money? Do you want to build a stronger relationship with your audience? Do you want to get ahead of the competition?

Only you can answer these questions. Once you have the answers, you can proceed to outline the layout of your app. Think from an ideal customer’s perspective. What would you like to see in an app before you make a purchase?

All of these factors must align with your business goals and work ethics. Only then, you can expect to succeed.

Why AppsGeyser?

Traditionally, you are required to hire a developer who will create business for you. But that’s not the case with AppsGeyser. It’s a free app creation platform where you are your own designer. We have over 30 beautiful templates that you can use as the base of your app.

Thinking of developing a game? We’ve got that as well. AppsGeyser is a platform for small businesses and individuals who want to embark on a journey to success with help from a business development app.