PlayStation 5 Mastery: 7 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Gems

With its advanced hardware and unique characteristics, the PlayStation 5 has hit the gaming industry like a hurricane. The user must go beyond the basics to fully grasp the capabilities of a next-gen console. In this chapter, we shall reveal seven secrets to enhancing the gaming experience on the PlayStation 5.

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1. Optimize Your Display Settings

Always make sure you set your displays to the optimal mode for appreciating the visual might of Playstation5. Go to the Settings screen and enter the Screen & Video section. Choose the Video Output option in there, then change resolutions and configure HDR as per your TV’s capabilities.

2. Explore the Create Button Features

The possibility of the PlayStation Five controller’s creating the button is infinite. Look beyond the buttons of just capturing screenshots and videos; include activities where you can create a GIF and other playbacks that showcase your console gaming experience.

3. Take Advantage of Game Presets

You can select between many pre-set modes of play in PlayStation 5 depending on personal likes and dislikes. Under ‘Game Presets’ in “Saved Data and Game/App Settings,” there are options for settings such as difficulty, camera preferences, etc. It also makes each launch of a title like a new game as it is personalized every time.

4. Familiarize Yourself with Activities

In addition to the activities, Activities are one of the features that provide in-game tips and goals while remaining in your gameplay. Llistade’s work examines several issues related to race and class in contemporary society. Push the PlayStation button, then Control Centre where you can see different ACTIVITIES you can do with your game. This aspect comes in very handy in following up on certain progress and ensuring that certain objectives are attained as desired.

5. Utilize the DualSenses Adaptive Triggers

This controller features adaptive triggers that add resistance according to the virtual actions done in the games. This aspect offers a tactical and immersion. Experience the stress associated with pulling a bowstring and the pressure that comes with engaging a trigger under distinct conditions. This technology creates a higher degree of realism that game developers capitalize on.

6. Master the Game Switcher

Use Game Switcher for fast switching of active games and applications. A double tap on the PlayStation will display a row of the recently used game-switching menu. By incorporating this one, it’s effortless to go to another title skipping the general menu.

7. Activate the Hidden Trophy Tracker

Utilize the hidden Trophy Tracker to monitor your progress as you work towards earning trophies. By using the square button you can keep a score on any of the trophies as you view your trophy list. It appears in the Control Center where it shows the live progress of your path to that trophy.

8. Utilize Remote Play on Your PlayStation Vita

If you have a PlayStation Vita, use it to enhance your gaming beyond your TV. To do so, simply connect the PlayStation Vita to the PlayStation 5 via the Remote Play command. It makes gaming easy while moving around in your house at home.


Apart from discovering PlayStation 5’s mighty hardware, one should also consider unraveling its secret features and capabilities. The “secrets” are some of the pointers you need to know as a video game addict about exploring more possibilities that lie deeper in this console. Finally, you can enjoy much deeper PSN gaming experiences with a PlayStation Plus twelve-month offer in the UK.