Instagram marketing tools

 In today’s day and age where competition is intense and attention span is low, relying solely upon organic Instagram growth isn’t an option anymore. It has become a dismaying task to gain engagement on Instagram, however, this is where Instagram management services come to our rescue! If you’re looking for the best sites to buy Instagram followers, AiGrow and Combin must have one of your top search results. To chase your confusion away, here’s a comparison between Combin vs. AiGrow to help you figure out the better Instagram marketing tool.


AiGrow boasts itself to be an artificial-intelligence-powered smart and reliable Instagram management service that can assist businesses in boosting Instagram engagements and gaining authentic followers through advanced targeting options.

 Combin is a smart tool that helps in effective Instagram marketing by driving engagements and helping accounts gain genuine followers. The tool helps in organized content planning and streamlining other operations on Instagram.


Comparing the setup of AiGrow and Combin, AiGrow has a much user-friendly setup, making it one of the simplest and best sites to buy Instagram followers. To link your IG account to AiGrow, you simply have to insert your name, email id, and password. The tool is also available in additional languages like Spanish and German.

On the other hand, the setup procedure for Combin may seem complicated for non-tech-savvy people. Being a desktop application, users first need to enter their email id and accept the privacy policy, to begin with, the installation. Once the tool is installed on the desktop, it’s pretty straightforward from here. Link your IG account with the username and password, and you’re good to go. 


If you want to gain engagement on Instagram, AiGrow is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers in the UK using its advanced techniques. This Instagram management tool uses artificial intelligence to auto-engage with the audience to drive organic engagements. It leverages popular hashtags, influencers, usernames, and locations for more targeted growth. To ensure accurate results, it consists of a broad niche category like that of beauty, fitness, sports, tattoos, and so on. Also, you need not worry about non-followers as it unfollows such accounts automatically. One of the most exceptional features of AiGow is Engagement Groups. You can join more than 300 engagement groups for free through AiGrow that can help you get more exposure and traction. To ensure engagements through consistency, you can schedule posts and AiGrow will take care of auto-posting it. 

Combin desktop tool also offers a range of features that can help you gain engagement on Instagram, but it has a couple of limitations. The tool lets you discover new accounts and target audiences through location and hashtags. You can drive organic traffic by interacting with these niche accounts through likes, comments, and follows. To help have a more insight grasp at your growth, you can have a look at the detailed insights and analytics provided by Combin to tweak adjustments in your strategy accordingly. Other than that, you can schedule posts and stories, detect non-followers, plan your grid, and scout for Instagram influencers. 


Any business or tool’s customer satisfaction depends on customer service, and both social media management tools have passed this department. AiGrow has a comprehensive FAQ section that answers various collective queries. You can also get in touch with the AiGrow team through their 24/7 chat support and email support in case of queries. 

Along with live chat and email support, Combin has systematically compartmentalized its website pages for FAQs, guides, and How-To sections. Moreover, it also conducts master classes, webinars and has podcasts for those interested to know about social media marketing in and out. This is beneficial for those who want to gain engagement on Instagram organically.


When it comes to the plans and pricing, AiGrow’s plans are slightly towards the expensive side, especially for small businesses and startups. It offers 4 plans with different pricing, based on an annual or monthly basis. Users seeking their service can pay $199 monthly for a pro-managed account, $129 monthly for 3 months pro-pack, $109 monthly for a 6-month pro-pack, and $99 yearly for a pro-managed annual plan. Other than the growth plans, AiGrow also has scheduler plans from $9 monthly to $49 monthly, a DM plan starting from $23 monthly to $159 monthly, and a bulk post delete plan from $9 lifetime to $39 lifetime.

Combin is a more budget-friendly option for businesses with a limited budget. Its Starter plan is free for everyone and provides limited features. Moving forward, users can choose from its $15 monthly personal plan and $30 monthly Business plan. Both platforms have a free trial that you can leverage initially to get an idea about how the tools work to gain engagement on Instagram. 


After an in-depth comparison of the setup and functionalities, AiGrow seems ahead of the race as it provides a complete package, making it one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes. AiGrow consists of smarter features for more advanced targeting as compared to Combin. However, Combin makes up for the lack of its features through its highly competitive plans and pricing. Small businesses may start with Combin and further climb their way up to AiGrow. To make a more informed decision, give a shot to the free trial of both tools.

Last Updated on December 21st, 2023