Convert Likee Feed into Android App for Free in 1 Minute

Convert Likee Content to Android App For FREE

Make an Android app from Likee feed in less than 1 minute

Create an Android app from Likee content – videos, users, tags,  just by inserting the link. Create a Likee app with no coding.

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Free App for Likee

Make a Likee app for free without any charges.Convert favorite users, videos, categories, tags to an Android app. We don’t charge for building, downloading or sharing an apk file. It’s free and transparent to use AppsGeyser.

No Coding App Making

Converting Likee content from web version to Android app takes up to 5 minutes! Just insert a Likee link to the app creation form, name your app, upload the icon. Wait for the APK to be converted. No coding required.  


APK Ready for Publication

After converting a Likee feed to an Android app, you will be able to download the APK file in few seconds. Publish your app on Google Play right away. 

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Features Of App with Likee Content

make app for likee

Shortcut Access to Likee Content

Make a fast access to your own Likee profile or your favourite users, videos, tags, categories.

Monetization Program

Join the AppsGeyser Monetization program and earn money by showing banner ads in your app for Likee.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your users with updates, content, news and other information!

Android Support

Works with all Android devices. Download apk and publish it on Google Play right away.

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How to Make an App For Likee For Free?

Convert Likee content to an Android app in 5 simple steps

  • 1
    Open the App for Likee Template
    Follow the “Create App Now” button. Or find the App for Likee Template in the Individual App Category on appsgeyser.com.
  • 2
    Copy-Paste the Link to Likee
    Insert the Likee link to the user, category, tag, or video. To copy the link, you should open the content on the web and app version of Likee. Make sure you copied the right link. Click on the App Preview to see if the app works well. You can also add social media tabs with links to Facebook, YouTube, or Blogger.
  • 3
    Name your App
    Type the name of your Likee app. You can use keywords from the video title, user name, name of the category or tag. Or you can come up with something new.
  • 4
    Submit the Icon
    Upload the icon for your app with Likee content or choose the default one on AppsGeyser. Keep your app icon clean and simple.
  • 5
    Publish App
    Download the apk file and upload it on popular app markets like Google Play, Amazon App Store and others.

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Turn Likee Content into Android App with Free App Maker

You can create an Android app from a content published on Likee. 

Create Likee content app with instant access to the popuar and interesting videos. Convert trending creations, users, categories, tags or your own profile to Android app. To create app shortcut for Likee content, follow the steps: open Likee website or app, look for the content you want to share, copy-paste the link to it. AppsGeyser helps to turn Likee videos into mobile apps without coding.

Make an App for Likee in less than 1 minute!

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App for Likee has no affiliation with the official Likee application

AppsGeyser – Free Likee App Maker

Making, downloading and sharing ANDROID APPS is free!

Likee App Maker is a free and simple-to-use tool to convert Likee content to mobile apps. You don’t need to know how to code or design to make an Android app. AppsGeyser offers more than 35 ready-to-use app templates for Android app creation. 

  • Up to 5 minutes to make an app for Likee

  • Free and simple app creation

  • No special skills required

  • Instant access to APK file

  • Push notifications

  • Monetization program

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Likee Content to Android App Converter

Likee Apps Created


  • Promote your Likee profile

  • Increase your visibility

  • Get new subscribers and followers

  • Grow your income


  • Earn money with ads

  • Get up to $1000 per month extra

  • Add in-app purchases

  • Create app empire

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert a Likee video to Android App?

To convert a Likee content (video, feed, etc) to an Android app, you need to open “App for Likee” Template on AppsGeyser.com. Folow the guide on the creation form: insert a link to the Likee content, name the app and upload the icon. 

How to make my own Likee app?

We offer you an opportunity to make an app from existing and trending Likee content – videos, users, feeds, tags, categories, etc. To do that click the “Create App Now” button on the landing page.

Can I make a Likee app online?

Yes. AppsGeyser is an online app maker. To make an app for Likee content, you need a web browser and stable Internet connection. No need to download or install any software, addons, etc.

How to get a link to a Likee content?

Open Likee app or Likee web version, search for the find the content you want to share (it can be user, video, category, tags, etc). Once you open it, you will be able to get a link – use the share function of the app or copy the adress from the web browser.

How long does it take to make an app for Likee?

It takes up to 5 minutes to make an for a Likee content. The time depends on whether you have prepared materials for your app creation or not. You need to have a link to the Likee content, name and icon for your app.

Is it free to make an app for Likee profile or feed?

It’s free. We don’t charge for making, downloading or sharing apps made on AppsGeyser. For some of our clients we offer premium features with monthly and annual subscribtions. But they don’t affect the basic functionality of the App Builder.

Can I change my Likee app later after making it?

You can edit your Likee app at any time. Open “Edit” menu on the AppsGeyser Dashboard. There you can change the link to a Likee content, update the app name, description, or icon. Or you can even add new tabs, features, change the design. 

Can I make money with my Likee app?

With the Monetization program on AppsGeyser you can make extra income by showing banner ads in your Likee app (AdMob). Some of successful app publishers earn up to $1000 per month with their apps.

Can I convert TikTok, YouTube and other media content to an app?

Yes. AppsGeyser have a range of free app templates to convert online content to Android apps. Visit appsgeyser.com to  find app templates for TikTok, blogs, websites, Facebook, YouTube, and others.

How many apps with Likee content can I make ?

You can make an unlimited number of apps with Likee content. Apart from making apps from Likee, you can create multilple other Android Apps – for your YouTube channel, Facebook Page, TikTok profile, etc. 


Why should I use AppsGeyser to make a Likee app?

AppsGeyser is simple and and free to use. We don’t charge for app creation, download or distribution unlike other app builders. AppsGeyser has a simple app creation process made of forms. It makes the app development available for everyone despite their special skills. Follow our step-by-step instructions and fill the forms to get an app.

What other mobile apps can I create with AppsGeyser?

You can find over 30 Android app templates on AppsGeyser. You can make Android apps for TikTok website, Facebook Page, YouTube channel, or you can make games, video messengers, quiz apps, games, and so much more. 

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