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Create Educational Android Apps

We all live in a world surrounded by coronavirus pandemic. The educational institutions had been closed for the past several months. But now, gradually different educational institutions are opening up with all the necessary safety precautions in place. You can say that the students are beginning their educational activities again gradually. It is one of the best times for developers to invest some time in creating educational applications. Educational Android apps are one of the best sources for students to improve their general knowledge and increase their capabilities. Educational apps can be considered as one of the most popular categories of Android apps on the Play Store. You can find hundreds of educational applications on the Play Store dedicated to different niches to fulfill the user requirements. In this way, if I suggest that you should start developing educational apps, then it would not be wrong. There is a huge potential for developers to create and earn revenue by creating educational Android apps. The developers can take advantage of the fact that the educational activities are starting again after the pandemic lockdown and the students are in a greater need for quality educational apps to improve their capabilities.

You must be wondering now about what is an educational app? Keep reading this article for getting into the detail of how to create educational apps with the help of the Appsgeyser platform.

Why there is a need for educational Android apps?

We all know that the Android platform is one of the leading platforms for the smartphone market. Almost 2.5 billion people use smartphones around the world that includes the Android platform. One of the basic purposes of creating Android apps is to facilitate and provide convenience to the end-users. With the presence of hundreds of Android apps on the Play Store, developers constantly search for different ways by which the users of the apps can be provided great quality in the form of apps. There are hundreds of applications present around general niches on the play store, then there should be some great educational apps for benefiting the users, right? You can see that there are plenty of Android educational apps present on the play store. Some of these apps are paid while some of the apps are free. The users of the Android platform always tend to go towards the free versions of the application.

If you are planning to create different types of educational Android apps for the users, then you should invest your time in searching proper niche covering a specific area of student education. The only way in which your app will stand ahead of the competition is that it should provide coherent and consistent educational material for a particular app. You should first view the different educational apps that are present on the play store and then you should search for a topic that is not present on the play store in the form of educational apps. Keep this topic in mind and then research the necessary educational material to cover it in your Android app.

If you want to become a successful Android developer, then you should not rely on creating a single Android app for your business. If you want to create an empire of different educational applications, then you will create different multiple applications and you will also be responsible for maintaining them from time to time in order to earn handsome revenue from them. If you want to get a quick start for creating the Android app, then look no further. The Appsgeyser platform is one of the leading Android applications creating platform. This platform will give you a quick head start for creating educational apps. One captivating feature that this platform provides to its users is that it supports the application creation process by providing a variety of different Android templates. With more than 50 Android templates present on this platform, you can easily customize your Android application to suit your requirements. Along with providing different templates, this platform also provides various customization options. These customization options greatly help the users to customize the educational apps according to their requirements and in this way, the end product will fully conform to the application requirements. Some of the great Android app templates provided by this platform are as follows.

Create Educational Apps for Android for Free

  1. Quiz Template

This template supports the creation of different quiz apps. By using this template, the user will be able to make a trivia quiz game application that will be supported on the Android platform. This template can be easily customized by using different types of questions and answers and uploading different things along with it to support the Android app. All you have to do is to incorporate the material that will conform to the niche of your application topic. By using this template, you should sign into the Appsgeyser platform along with your user credentials. You have to select the option of Quiz Template. You can provide the game background, list of different categories for the application, category name, category image, question type, answer type, list of questions, text color, correct answer sound, incorrect answer sound, music background and the font style for customizing this quiz template provided by Appsgeyser platform.

create educational quiz app
  1. Guide Book Template

This template can be used as a great resource for providing quality books to the readers. This template can serve perfectly for providing educational stuff to the readers for reading purposes. Nowadays, the majority of people like to read about their required stuff on their smart devices. It is not like the old times when people used to read from books and paperback material. Therefore, you should use this application template for creating a great learning resource for the users. By using this template, you will select the “Book application” option to create the application. You will upload your required file that will consist of all the necessary materials that you want to show to the users when they will use your app. If your document is going to convert from one form to another then it will take a few minutes to upload your document correctly. In the next step, you will specify the application name and description. That’s it! Just with the click of a button, you will create an Android guidebook application that will meet the requirements of your users.

create educational guide app
  1. Book Reader template

This template can be used for enhancing the reading activity for the users. By using this template, you can create a perfect application with your own book library. This application template supports the epub and PDF format. This template greatly supports the creation of the educational material for the users. By using this template from Appsgeyser, you can easily make your educational application popular among the Google play store. A variety of different people search for quality ebook readers for reading their required material. In this template, you will enter the book title along with the type of the file. You will select a color theme for your app.ou will select a primary dark color and primary color to support the creation of the app.

create educational book app
  1. Find the Pair template

This template is one of the best available options that are present on this platform to support the creation of educational Android apps. By creating different types of pairs, the developer can create different categories of the app. By providing different types of visual items for the users to match, this app will greatly increase the knowledge of the target audience and it will become an instant hit among the target users.

create educational memory game app
  1. Word Search Template

This template is used for creating a word search app. By using this template, the user will search the different words based on different categories. A developer will be able to include different types of things inside this Android app. You can add a list of different words inside the words search app. You will enter different words for searching for a specific category. You will also have two types of backgrounds in this template. One background is the menu screen background and the other is a splash screen background. In this way, you can create a great word search app.

create educational word search app


Educational apps are one of the most popular categories of applications that are present in the play store. Creating educational apps allows developers to generate revenue from apps. Appsgeyser platform helps the creation of android apps by providing a variety of free app templates. The different templates that can be used from this platform for creating Android educational apps are word search template, quiz template, find the pair template, guide book template, and book reader template. Go ahead, use these templates according to your needs, and publish your quiz app on the play store.