Affiliate Advertisements – How to earn money with Android App

Making money from your mobile Android app is one of the most important aspects of app making for many of our customers. However, not everyone seems to understand that there are different ways in which your Android app can earn you some extra cash. You have already learned how you can create a free Android app. We have stressed the importance of creating an app empire, and we have taught you the secrets to successful app distribution. Today we are going to learn more about the different type of affiliate ads and how each different style of ad will suit different app makers.

Learning how to create your free Android app with the simple one minute guides we have provided in our Android app academy proved to you that you have the skills that are required to create an Android app empire. You have decided which of our app templates you want to use. You know the topic and you have also created your content. Well, now it is time to understand your audience, distribute to the right app store and learn how to monetize your app.

Let me remind you that there are monetization requirements that you need to reach before you can monetize your app. Once you have reached these requirements you will be automatically eligible to share 50% of banner ad revenue with AppsGeyser. Now for the real question.  Do you understand what banner ads are, and what affiliate advertising is all about?

What is affiliate advertising?

Affiliate advertising is a way to use space on your app to promote a third party and earn money. You are the salesperson being used to promote another business. Affiliate advertising companies will read from your audience what type of content they like in order to source the most relevant ads that will be shown on your banner. In return for allowing other companies to advertise on your page, you earn money.

Take a quick look at your Facebook page. Can you see the little adverts on the right-hand side? These are a form of affiliate advertising. There isn’t a little person sitting there deciding what content to add in this space, but an affiliate company that has the tools that are able to read the content that you access from your computer. They will use this information to show you content that will suit you. The better the affiliate company, the more likely it is for them to have the right tools to source the right ads. Having the right ads will get more views, clicks, and sales which will result in more revenue for you.

What do I mean??? Are you confused with how this works? Let me explain.

How do you make money from affiliate advertisements and banner ads?

Affiliate advertising and banner ads work in a number of ways. These are:

  • pay per view,
  • pay per click,
  • pay per lead
  • pay per sale.

In order to know which of these styles best suits your needs, you need to understand what these styles mean and also which of these styles best suits your audience type. Once you decide upon your choice, you can then research which affiliate advertising company would be best for you. When you begin app making, we always suggest that you choose pay per click. Once your audience has been built and is loyal and consistent, then you should consider the other forms of affiliate advertising, as they are financially more rewarding.

  • Pay per view – This form of advertising is the most basic of all, and will earn you the least amount of money per view. However, what you are doing is ensuring some form of income. People that are on your app will be viewing your banner ads (as long as you have reached the minimum requirements and have your ad code in your app). Because there is no call-to-action required on behalf of the ad viewer, meaning they may view the ad but can simply ignore it and not click through, it reaps little benefit to the company being advertised. It is a piece of static advertising though, and for this you get a tiny piece of revenue. When starting out you are best to start with this type of affiliate ad to ensure you get some income.
  • Pay per click – This form of advertisement means that you will earn a small fee each time someone clicks through to an advertisement from your app. This is the most common type of affiliate advertising, and tends to pay more than a pay per view ad, but is still a low revenue earner. The reason this is the most commonly used ad style is because the revenue rating for pay per view is almost non-existent, and there is higher likelihood that someone will click  rather than that someone actually purchase or fill in a form from a banner ad.
  • Pay per lead  – These banner ads will give you a payment once a customer completes a form, or signs up for an offer after clicking from the banner ad to the advertised website.
  • Pay per sale  – This is what it says. You will get a payment based upon a sale that has resulted from the lead on your banner ad. This will result in the highest percentage of revenue, but you really need to know your audience well to know if they are likely to purchase from the advertisements.

Check if you are eligible for monetization by clicking here.