6 Free Alternatives to Nord VPN on Play Store

Free alternative to Nord vpn

However, you may also be looking to try something new and for that, you can get a never-ending list of VPN apps on the play store.

In today’s post, we are going to disclose some of the best substitutes that you need to consider in place of Nord VPN.

Here you will get all the same features just like Nord and they are also very reliable with their security and features.

Free Alternatives for Nord VPN

Have a look at the list of VPN applications that you can use as a replacement for Nord VPN and make your searches secure.

1. VPN By Trostun Apps

VPN by Trostun Apps

Let’s come toward a new VPN in the market that has impressed its users from the very beginning. 

This VPN is appreciated by users for its speed of connectivity as well as the free service for a lot of countries.

The thing that makes this VPN free and the best choice to use is that it tells you the internet strength before selecting the region. 

So, you can select the country manually as per the strength of the internet connection.

The working procedure of this fast VPN is also very smooth. 

You can start working on it with just one tap. 

This element will save a lot of your time.

On top of all its benefits, you will get all the features in every single device regardless of the Android version.



One of the prevailing names in the VPN is FastestVPN. It has been impressive in terms of its services, features, and in providing exclusive services. The fastestVPN encrypts data and connects you to a safe and secure internet by protecting your IP address and all activities. 

The best thing about FastestVPN is that it has compatibility with many devices. Some major devices include Fire Tv, iOS, Windows, and more. Another top quality of the platform is its uninterrupted services in providing 10Gbps speed of internet. 


The fastestVPN offers affordable packages to its users, and some of the features could be tried free of cost. So, take control of your privacy online and have a smooth and secure internet browsing experience.

3. Express VPN By ExpressVPN 

Express VPN

Not only for Nord VPN, but any VPN you get on the play store can easily be replaced by Express VPN because of its features and performance.

The best thing about this VPN service that makes it a better choice than any other VPN is that it provides you with a good connection speed.

Other than that, this VPN tool secures the internet connection so no one can get access to your history. 

That means, 100% of the traffic will get encrypted.

Furthermore, you can install this application on unlimited devices using a single account and use it on 5 devices at once without getting interrupted.

4. Thunder VPN By Signal Lab

Thunder VPN By Signal Lab

Thunder VPN is an amazing application that you can use to make your browsing history safe and make your internet connectivity safe. 

This VPN will provide you security even at the government level and no one can get access to your device.

This tool is a good alternative for Nord VPN as it is quite easy to use and there is no complexity to run it on your device.

The thunder-fast speed of Thunder VPN allows you to get your searches quickly without disturbing your working speed.

Interestingly, this fast VPN service is available for all Android users no matter if you have an old phone or the latest model.

5. Master of VPN By Master of VPN

Master of VPN

Looking to unblock a restricted website? Well this VPN is a great option that you need to consider for getting access to the blocked website.

This top-secure VPN tool is a great alternative to Nord VPN because of its ultrafast speed as well as the privacy that it provides to the users.

The thing that is liked about this fast VPN is that it is very easy to use. 

You can open blocked applications and websites with just one tap on this VPN. 

You can get access to 20+ locations for free and make your internet connection safe.

6. VPN Super By Secure Private Browser Productivity Apps

VPN Super By Secure Private Browser Productivity Apps

VPN Super is an amazing addition to the list of top alternatives for Nord VPN that you can use to secure your browsing history without disturbing the actual connectivity speed.

There is no need to log in before using this VPN tool. 

Just open it and with one tap this tool will start working on your device.

This VPN is trusted by millions of users just because it respects the privacy of its users and makes sure to keep your browsing history as well as entire data safe and avoids sharing it with any other party.

Bottom Lines

In order to make your search history safe, VPN is quite a handy option as it allows you to encrypt your data as well as change the location.

For it, Nord VPN is considered the best option however there are a lot of other options on the play store that can provide you with this facility.

In this article, we have recommended the best alternatives for Nord VPN that you can use to make your browsing secure.