How To Make Money With Free Android Apps – Don’t Charge for Installs!

Smartphones are everywhere around us. According to statistics, over 2.7 billion users have mobile phones. Android is a dominant platform in the latest smart phone market. Millions of apps are present over the Google play store. It is no surprise that the Android app development industry is growing at a rapid pace. The number of users for Android apps are increasing steadily. People are glued to smartphones. On average, people take a look at their mobile phone every 12 minutes. 10% of users check mobile phones every 4 minutes. 

There is no denying the fact that we are addicted to smartphones. We use our smartphones everywhere from home to office. The reason behind this addiction to smartphones is that they provide captivating apps that offer great convenience to the users. Users can use different Android apps to make their life easy. Nowadays, there is an app for everything. From workout apps to quiz and entertainment apps, you can just think about an app and you will find a version of it on the play store.

Android apps can be considered as the core of smartphones. Around 90% of the time that is spent on Android smartphones is used while using different Android apps. These statistics might encourage you to start your career as an app developer. One good news is that if you try to be an Android app developer, then there would be plenty of great opportunities for you to become successful. But be careful. If you want to become successful by creating different Android apps, you have to consider two things in mind:

  1. There must be users that want to download your app.
  2. The users must be willing to spend time on your app.

For increasing the user retention rate for your app, you should create captivating features that will grab the audience’s attention and prompt them to use your app. Keep reading this article for knowing How to make money with free android apps.

How to Make Money with Free Android App

Android app developers usually have two choices for creating an app. They either create a free version of the app or they might try to make a beta version of the app. Generally, the free versions of the app generate more revenue as people like to download free stuff more frequently rather than the paid version. If you visit the Google play store for taking a survey regarding the apps, you will find that majority of the apps that are present globally are free of cost. It might surprise you that almost 98% of the revenue for the apps come from the free versions of the apps on the play store. It is a reality that a minimum number of people like to pay for paid apps. Therefore, if you are a developer and you want to try your luck in the Android marketplace then I would suggest that you should start by creating a free version of the app first.

You should be very careful while designing the architecture of your Android app. It is a reality that if you are a new developer and you charge people for downloading the first apps that you will publish on the play store, you will find that fewer and fewer number of people would like to pay for them and download them. People who use play store are happy while using free versions of the Android apps. People rarely like to pay for Android apps. The standards of the users for downloading a paid version of the Android app are very high.

If you are a new developer and you are willing to make your Android app popular among the target audience, and then you should release a free version of the Android app offering unique and captivating functionality to the end-users. If you want to improve your app by releasing updated versions in the future, then you should release a free version of your app. If you are willing to improve the customer experience and user retention rate for your app then you should offer free versions of your app on the play store.

If you are not technically advanced to create Android apps from scratch, then don’t worry. Appsgeyser is an amazing platform that can help you to achieve your goals. This platform supports the creation of Android apps easily. More than 50 captivating templates are present on this platform that are offered to the users to create free versions of their Android apps. You can use these templates according to your requirements and you can customize these templates in any way you like. In this way, you can create captivating free versions of the Android app and later publish them on the play store to earn revenue from them. This platform provides you access to an embeddable link that you can use in your business websites for your target audience to download the Android apps directly. This platform will also give you a QR code that you can use for scanning and downloading your app directly. By using this platform, you will have the option of directly publishing your app on the Google play store. In this way, this platform is beneficial for the users who want to use readymade templates to get their apps published in the play store quickly.  Now you must be wondering if I am going to release a free version of the app, then how can I earn money from it?

How do free Android apps earn revenue?

You should know that there are plenty of ways by which free Android apps make money on the play store. A developer can incorporate many different strategies for earning money from free Android apps. Some methods of earning revenue from free Android apps are as follows:

  1. Using in-app purchasing

This method of generating revenue from free versions of the app is the most common. This method is used by almost all the free versions of the apps that are present in the play store. This method allows you to release a free version of the app on the play store. If your audience uses the free version of the app, you will ask the audience to buy advanced features and functionality of the app at a set price. In this way, initially, your app will be free to use and people will download it on their Android phones. If your audience enjoys the free version of your app then hopefully they would like to pay for the advanced features in the same app. In this way, using in-app purchasing in a free Android app will earn you revenue.

  1. Using in-app advertisement:

It is one of the most common methods for earning revenue from your free Android apps. By incorporating advertisements inside your Android app, you will prompt the users to see a video or a graphical ad while using the app. You will earn a commission from the advertisement sources that offered you the ads to be placed inside your app.

  1. Use a subscription method:

For a free Android app, you can include a subscription method inside the app. Charge your users an amount of fee for the services that you provide. Make sure that the services you offer to your end users are unique so that the users would like to pay for them.


With the advancements in technology, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. One cannot simply imagine his life without a smartphone nowadays. Android platform is known as the leader of smartphones in the market. The android platform supports the creation of Android apps that are to be published on the Google play store. The android platform offers great convenience to users by offering a variety of different apps. A person can find hundreds of apps on the play store to fit his requirements. With the flourishing Android app development industry, developers have a lot of opportunities for creating captivating and unique apps that will fulfill the requirements of the users. The developers usually have two choices for creating apps for the Android platform. The developers can either choose to publish a free version of the app or a paid version. I would suggest that if a developer is new in the Android app development industry, then he should publish free versions of the app first in the market. In this way, the developer will have an opportunity to create a user base for his apps that will download and use the apps. Free apps earn more revenue on the play store than the paid apps. A developer can use in-app purchasing, in-app advertisement and subscription method for earning revenue from free versions of the app on the play store.

Last Updated on July 22nd, 2022