Free Android Apps Make You Money – Private Ads, Alternate ads

Many of our users have decided that they would prefer to use private advertising with their free Android apps, not only because it makes them more money, but also because it is a more consistent revenue source. You don’t need to panic, finding private advertisers is easy to do.

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free android apps make you money

Can increase my app revenue?

Of course you can, we have already discussed affiliate ads, this form of advertising is great for a passive income but it really pays poorly compared to private ads. Sourcing private ads is not as difficult as you may think. If your app is localised to one area and one niche, then open Google and find all the relative companies that compliment your app and get on the phone to sell them space on your Android app.

A few days ago we discussed how we can create and use a private banner in our free Android apps to help us get some money, today we are looking at even simpler ways – In-app advertising.

What is in-app advertising

In-app advertising is in simple terms selling space on your app purely for advertising purposes. If you look at apps that are local area apps, for example, that tell you all about your local area, you will frequently see that they have pages for; restaurants, cinemas, taxi companies, local handymen and so forth listed throughout their app. This is what is called in-app advertising.

How do I get started?

1. Find your niche – Look at your app and decide what companies your audience would be interested in contacting. Take, for example, you have an app all about dogs in New York, ask yourself what services would your audience be interested in; pet shops, dog training, dog kennels and so forth.

2. Contact these companies – see if they are interested in appearing on your app for a small monthly fee. Always make sure all advertising leads are secured in a contract between you and the advertiser.

3. Create a link to their company within your app, you can do this as a dedicated tab, or within a list of adverts within the app. Many people will split the adverts into categories and have a separate tab per category. Make sure there is a clickable telephone number within each add. This can be created using this code <a href=”tel:1-849-555-5555“>1-849-555-5555</a>

It really is that easy, free Android apps make you money. Don’t have too many ads to begin with, after all you want the advertisers to get some calls, if each niche has 20 competitors the likelihood of them receiving enough calls to warrant the cost of the advertising will be zero and you will lose your reputation and people won’t want to advertise with you. Aim to start with just 2-3 companies per niche, if they are each paying $50 a month for your space and you have 4 different niches, you are already gaining an income of $600. Once the advertising in set up, you can sit back and enjoy the revenue.