Monetization: Add Your AdMob Details into Your AppsGeyser Account

Money, money, money

AppsGeyser wants you to give you a nice gift. We are now offering app makers the chance to earn money from their app from the very first day that their app goes live.

We have been listening to the needs of our app makers, and have recently decided to remove all requirements to joining our monetization scheme. If you are interested in building an Android app and earning money from the very first time your app gets published,  now you can with AppsGeyser.

AppsGeyser has enabled the entire collection of app templates to be monetized. That gives you over 50 different app styles that you can create and monetize today.

Creating apps with Appsgeyser could not be easier. Simply log into AppsGeyser and choose your template style. Insert your content, be it your company URL, your brand icon, family videos, what ever content that you have created, and in a few clicks you are done.

In order to monetize your app, all you need to do is insert your ad publisher’s code into your AppsGeyser dashboard within the monetization tab. Simple.

Banner ads are a perfect way to monetize your app in a passive manner. The way it works simply means that anytime a person is using your app and there are banners showing, you will earn. We cannot tell you the amount of money that you will earn, as this is dependent upon many factors. This includes the style of affiliate ads you have chosen, the number of times people view the banners, the time that is spent on your app. For more information on how affiliate ads work click here.

The video below shows you how to join the AppsGeyser monetization program.

Don’t forget that the minimum requirements have now been removed.

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