Most Popular Apps Built with AppsGeyser: Flea Market Mobile Apps

One of the most popular questions that is asked by our app makers to the team is whether we can help provide app ideas. To be totally honest, an app idea needs to be personal to you and a subject that you are comfortable and confident with, after all, your app idea will turn into an app empire and allow you to become an appreneur.

What is the most popular app style?

This information I can give you. The most popular of all app styles is a style that has been popping up not only on Android mobile apps, but also on many social networks, it is that of the second-hand flea market. It appears that the current economic climate people has caused a frenzy in second-hand markets, people are out to grab a bargain and also to make a few spare pennies selling their items that are no longer needed. I am sure that many of you are joined to at least one of these ‘ebay’ style social networks.

How do I create a Flea market, second-hand style mobile app?

First of all don’t panic, you do not need to fancy Ebay style website that allows bidding on items and so forth, a flea market, second-hand style mobile app can be created in a much more simple way, through a facebook page or a blog. To be honest, I prefer to use Facebook, as the social side can help you build your business faster than a blog will. I would also begin a blog, but this is for marketing purposes and not for the buying and selling side of your new business.

AppsGeyser’s Android app builder makes things simple, and the most simple way to create an app like a second-hand car-boot fair, is to create a photo album app that is connected to your Facebook page. Please not I said Facebook PAGE and not personal profile. Due to Facebook’s strict security laws, and quite rightly so, it is no longer possible to create personal photo album apps from your regular Facebook profile, the albums must sit within a group or page.

To get started on making your Facebook flea-market page, click here for more details. AppsGeyser would love you to transform this into an app using the Android app builder, you can do that in a few simple clicks, see our step by step guide for more help.

Good Luck and happy app making!