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With this HTML App builder, you can create your own Android mobile HTML App in minutes!

With this free mobile HTML app template, you can create your own mobile app by just inserting your HTML code into the template. 

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HTML App For Android


Your own HTML code

With AppsGeyser’s HTML Mobile App Creator, you can write and paste your own HTML code. This way you can create an app specifically for your target audience.

Free and Easy!

The great thing about using AppsGeyser to create your FREE HTML Mobile app is that you don’t have to do much work and it’s fast. The AppsGeyser HTML App Creator shows you step-by-step how to create your HTML app for Android.


Publish on Google Play

Share your HTML mobile app with Android users on the Google Play Store. The app is ready for publication on any app market. There are no hidden charges for sharing apps on Google Play or any other Android app store.

Make HTML Mobile App with Features

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Own HTML Code

Write your own HTML code to add to the template. You can write the code to display your own perfect mobile Android app.

Custom Icon

Another great thing is, you can design and upload your own custom icon to your app! This way you can personalize your app for your target audience.

App Monetization

Join the app monetization program to make money with banner advertising in your HTML mobile app.

Google Play Support

Upload your HTML App to the Google Play store. The app supports all Android devices!

How to Make HTML Mobile App In Mobile For Free

5 steps to build an HTML Mobile App for Android

  • 1

    Open the Create HTML App Template

    Click on the"Create App Now" button or visit, open the "Create HTML" app template.
  • 2

    Paste HTML Code

    Paste your HTML code in the space provided.
  • 3

    Name your App

    Submit the name of your app. Don't forget to use the relevant keywords to make the app available for users on Google Play.
  • 4

    Submit an Icon

    Upload a custom icon for your app or you can use the default one.
  • 5

    Publish App on Google Play​

    It's done! Publish the app on Google Play and share it with your network!

Make HTML App For Mobile In Less Than 10 Minutes!

Create HTML mobile app with your own HTML code!

Write some awesome HTML code for your app and paste it into our mobile HTML maker. You can make your own HTML mobile app to help your business marketing and more, the possibilities are endless! All you need to do is to copy and paste your HTML code into our HTML mobile template and you are ready to go.

Create an HTML App for Android NOW!

AppsGeyser - Free HTML Mobile App Maker

What is the best mobile HTML app creator for Android?

5 Reasons why AppsGeyser is the best site to create a Free HTML app

The benefits of Creating an HTML Mobile App

Having your own HTML Mobile App gives you the freedom to create the type of app that will fit your needs. The great thing is, that this is a good business opportunity! You can create an app that can be beneficial for your business while monetizing your app to bring some extra cash every month.



HTML Mobile Apps Created Already

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an HTML app for mobile?

To create your own How to make an HTML app for Android, go to the HTML app maker Template on AppsGeyser. Copy and Paste your HTML code into the template and that is it!

How to make an HTML mobile app without coding?​

To make your HTML app, you will need to add your own HTML code to the template. You can then follow the template steps to generate your working app.

How much HTML code can I add to the HTML app maker?

You can add as much HTML code as you want to the template to create your HTML mobile app.

Can I make an HTML mobile app for free?

Yes, it’s free to create your own HTML mobile app on AppsGeyser. Open the free mobile HTML template and enjoy getting your own Android HTML Mobile app for free!

Can I edit my HTML code after making the app?

Yes, you can edit your app at any time in the “Edit” menu on AppsGeyser’s Dashboard. Additionally, you can change the app’s icon, name, and description.

Can I make multiple HTML mobile apps?

Yes. You can create an unlimited number of HTML mobile apps on AppsGeyser. There are no charges.

How long does it take to make an HTML mobile app?

It can take 10-30 minutes to make an HTML mobile app. If you have your HTML code ready to add, then you will be able to make your HTML app in less than 10 minutes.

Do I need any app-making software to create an HTML Mobile App?

No, you don’t need to use Android Studio or any other software for making an HTML mobile app. Open on your web browser from desktop or mobile phone and start making apps online!

Can I make money with an HTML Mobile App?

Yes, by joining the Monetization program. You can earn up to $1000 per month by showing banner ads in the HTML mobile app created on AppsGeyser.

What other Android apps can I create?​

You can find around 35 app templates for a no-code app and game development on AppsGeyser. You can make Android games like matching puzzle, quiz, 2048, spin the bottle, 15 puzzle, and others. Visit for more information.

Why should I create an HTML mobile app on AppsGeyser?​

AppsGeyser is a simple-to-use and free app builder with no hidden charges. Building apps on our platform and getting your HTML APK files are free of charge!

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