Get the Image Right – Create an Android Tablet App

The mobile device industry is showing no signs of slowing down, in fact if anything it is steaming full steam ahead with the sales of mobile phones and mobile tablets being sold all over the world in the hundreds and thousands.

Are AppsGeyser apps tablet friendly?

The apps that have been created with AppsGeyser are all mobile and tablet friendly due to the coding that we have inserted within our templates. This means that the content and the style of the app is able to change to suit the different mobile device on which it is being shown. The only thing that needs to be updated in many apps are the images.

Android tablet app
Android tablet app – Image via

Why do we have to upgrade our images?

Due to the size of the screen on tablets, we are finding that the resolution of images that users are uploading look fantastic on mobile phone apps, but are not of high enough quality to be transformed for mobile tablets. Images are an important part of the quality of your app, from your app icon to the images within, therefore we suggest that you take a look back on the Android apps that you have already created and check the resolution of all your images.

What resolution should the images be?

A lot of the image resolution depends on what size you wish you image to be. The recommended sizes are from (2560*1600) is the highest resolution for 10 inch tablets and for 7 inch 1440*900 seems the highest resolution that is recommended. In order to make sure that your images are of decent quality for any tablet, the most common size that is recommended is 1280*800. What we always suggest that you do is to download you AppsGeyser app using the AppsGeyser download link on your dashboard to your tablet and view the images yourself before formally publishing your app.

Good Luck with your Android tablet app, don’t forget to send us a copy of your link so we can also enjoy your app.