5 Secrets of Going Viral on Social Media

We are living in an era built with and off social media. Most people don’t restrict themselves to one platform. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and so many other platforms bridge the gap between people and are the absolute platforms to gain popularity. With so many social media platforms on the plate, there’s nothing you cannot do online – meeting new people, finding essays for sale, applying for a new job – everything can be done with your social media account. Thus, the tool FollowingLike can help you go viral on Instagram puts you on the pedestal of growing into a known figure. Moreover, going viral increases engagement and increases your reach on all social media platforms, especially increases Instagram followers. Therefore, taking a step towards making your content go viral is rather a crucial step in today’s age.

There are solid examples of viral content that made the creator famous and a household name. The video of Psy’s Gangnam Style is one of the many examples. The music video released back in 2012 is still relevant and enjoyed to this day. Hence, one must look into certain key techniques that help in going viral on social media. We are here disclosing the top five secrets that will help you go viral in no time.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers are our small screen celebrities who are always effective in boosting one’s reach. It is proven that over 90% of the times when an influencer is called on board to market a product, the brand’s presence is boosted effectively. Social media influencers are the main ingredient you need to add to your viral marketing campaign. 

The benefit of having a social media influencer on board is that they come with their own, significantly large set of fans. These fans are the ones that add to your existing engagement, heightening it considerably to make your content viral. With influencer marketing, it becomes easier to widen your demographics and audience.

  1. Advertising boosts Visibility

It might turn out to be difficult for small account holders or brands to create viral content with the help of targeting audiences or social media influencers. However, you can always opt for advertising. No, it is not an extreme cost. And yes, it yields some quality results. People are always not very confident with advertising on social media and it is mostly because they are never ready to take the risk. If you are someone who wants to go viral on a social media platform, you must consider advertising as one of your very many options.

With the help of advertising, you can increase your visibility. It in turn adds up to your social media’s engagement and fuels your reach. Target your ads towards a group of influential users. In this very cost-effective way, you are creating a potential ground for a worldwide broadcast of your content.

  1. Implement a clear “Call to Action”

Look at Facebook and Lyft, companies like them did not just stop at generating brand awareness. They took a step forward and provided their users with a clear call to action button. A lot of brands and users, who aspire to go viral on social media usually miss out on this very important command. 

It is essential to encourage your target audience to do something more than liking and sharing your content. You need to interact with them, guide them in a way that will benefit you. For small brands hosting free trials or discounted purchases on their social media page can be helpful. Apart from that, hosting giveaways or luring your users with a “free shoutout” or “free feature” also helps. A call-to-action command amplifies the rate of your virality and increases conversion rates.

  1. The Time Factor

It is a well-known fact that time plays an essential role in determining your content’s reach. Thus, it is important to time your content’s release. The closest you can come to creating viral content is by releasing it at a time when your audience presence is highest. The hours of the highest engagement rate differ from one social media platform to another. Thus, you need to do your homework based on the platform of your choice. Thereafter, you can post your content during the desired hours.

It is always recommended that you use social media engagement tools like HubSpot or Hootsuite to determine your highest engagement time. You can also check out Hootsuite pricing to help you get started, monitor it on your own by making regular posts and tracking down your audience’s views according to time.

  1. Create Novel Content

The biggest catch in making your content go viral is creating novel, unique content. The rarer it is, the higher are the chances of it going famous. You should not follow the trend when you are trying to go viral and rather create a new trend altogether. Social media users do not like repetitive content. Those are not the ones that go viral. Thus, it is good to get inspired by viral content but for yourself, you must create something original and unusual.

Creating viral content can be challenging but it is productive for your social media. Virality is the exponential curve in the social media graph. Hence, even though not ideal it is surely the best call to climb the stairs of social media success immediately.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023