5 Ultimate Ideas for Social Media Posts to Gain Engagement

Ideas for Social Media Posts

I hate writer’s block. And I get it more often than I would like. The longest stretch of creativity that I have had has lasted only two weeks. But this world does not stop. It’s like what Neil Tyson said: “The universe doesn’t have a center. So, you can’t be it!” 

This poses a problem when you are looking to post something on your channel but are totally out of ideas. Most social media platforms have an algorithm that favors more regular channels. Hence, regularity is essential to gain popularity and increase engagement. So is quality. If your posts are not engaging and interesting enough, your followers will drop like Jenga tiles.

If you want to increase your reach, then read on Growthsilo. Besides, In this article, we have listed five ultimate ideas for your next social media post. Interestingly, the first one of these is what you would expect to be the last one on any list. And that is: Ask your audience.

1. Ask your audience

Most people believe that resorting to this method should be that final desperate move they make. However, people love to have their opinions valued. It makes them feel important. Thus, if you are fresh out of ideas, ask your audience what they would like to see next.

Instagram provides the easiest way to do this. The “Ask me a question” sticker in stories collects succinct replies from your audience. Further, you can add a quiz if you want to ask them to choose. The possibilities here are endless.

On other platforms, this is slightly inconvenient. But if you have an active audience then asking them is the quickest way of generating new ideas.

2. Post a quote

You can break free from your routine to get a little batch of freshness on your profile. A little Monday motivation can make your channel feel active and colorful. Companies and start-ups use this tactic all the time and if you are out of ideas, you should try it as well. 

The best part about posting quotes is that you can find them in plenty on the internet. This saves you time and energy which you can focus on your next post. Be careful not to overdo this though. Otherwise, your channel will start to feel cluttered with irrelevant quotes and wishes.  Do not let that happen and use the app to quote the featured note. 

The best way of posting quotes is to post one on a Monday. Everyone feels Garfield in his hatred for the first day of the week. Post a little Monday Motivation and that is it.

3. Won an award? Show off!

If your company has won an award or honor that you have not told your audience about, you can skip your post for the day. Instead, create a small post talking about the award. Thank your audience for believing in you and making it happen. 

Not only does this give you a day off, but it also makes your audience feel important. And making your audience feel important is advice that I would repeatedly give. 

Further, splattering in an award related post here and there would engage potential fans and invite them towards your channel. It is a win-win either way.

4. Share posts from your blog

Most companies have a blog associated with their website. Naturally, this is for the benefit of their users. More often than not, it contains a few extra perks and other little bits that your users may find helpful. Since such blogs are limited in scope, views here are limited. That is where notifying your users of new posts might come in handy.

While no one likes an email blast, you can ensure an increased number of views by sharing everything you post to your social media platforms. Do note that if your blog is highly active, then sharing every single post might not be a good idea. 

Instead, you can try sharing the top seven posts from the previous week. On the other hand, if your blog does not see a new post too often, you can share each as soon it is posted. The choice depends on your schedule. 

5. Share something funny

It is not necessary for you to never stray from your usual path. Regularity is important, but so is getting engagement and increasing interest. If your channel is not too formal, share something funny relevant to your field. This can range from a joke to a meme. What matters is that it has to be witty and, more importantly, not a poor joke.

Two important warnings to keep in mind though: Do not hurt any religion, community, gender, country, or race’s feelings. 

And do not post too many jokes. You want to stray just a little from your path, just enough to put a smile on your audience’s face. If you overdo this, your channel will start to look like one of the meme channels which are aplenty on social media. That is a bad move. 


Social media marketing has emerged as an important tool in any company’s marketing campaign. Social media post prompts are splattered across the internet and here, we have listed the five easiest ones.

If you have some cleverer ideas, we would love to hear them. Drop a comment below.