Headphones that can be used with both desk phones and computer in an office.

With the rise of VoIP softphones like Skype, Microsoft Lync, and Skype for Business, this is one of our most frequently asked questions. Do you have a head set plus for desk phones and computers? Yes!

Skype, which requires only a computer and a headset, is one of the best solutions to decrease telecommunications costs in any business. Two 3.5 mm wires connect the microphone and earphones in a standard phone headset. USB headsets can be used as separate audio devices with your sound card and speakers. Attach the headphone wire to your computer’s rear or front port. The headsetplus.com green cord plugs into your computer’s sound card’s green connector. Newer desktops include headset ports in the front. Most laptops have side ports. Meetings are optimized when staff uses work-specific headsets. Poly offers professional headsets for diverse work styles, workplaces, wearing preferences, and connection needs to help employees and consumers connect.

Connection matters.

  •  wireless
  • annoyance
  • Wearing style
  • Subtle design

These corded and wireless dual-connectivity headphones are among our favorites.

1. Jabra QD Headset.

The Jabra Link 860 amplifier can switch between a PC and a desktop phone. It has a USB cable for computers and office phones. The Jabra Link 860 switches between a computer and a desk phone using a switch.


 Voyager Focus 2 lets you focus everywhere. Three hybrid active noise cancellation levels let you hear only your call (ANC). Our Poly Acoustic Fence microphones let you be heard. Poly’s cutting-edge tech meets all-day comfort. You’re clear. Just that. The Voyager Focus 2’s inconspicuous microphone boom uses Acoustic Fence technology to create a noise-free bubble in front of your lips. It fulfills Microsoft Teams Open Office premium head setplus standards. You’re the emphasis.

3. VOYAGER 8200 UC.

The Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth headset blocks background noise so you can focus on work, calls, or music. Its modern, four-mic bottomless design, multi-device connectivity, and active noise canceling let you forget about interruptions. Voyager 8200 UC’s bloomless design and active noise cancellation let you focus on work or calls in style. Comfortable ear cushions, 24 hours of listening capacity, and a 3.5 mm audio cord let you answer calls or play music at work, on a flight, or the go.

4. Savi 7300.

Savi 7300 Office Series protects conversations. Financial, medical, government, and contact centers use the ultra-secure DECTTM wireless headset. Interference is eliminated with DECTTM headphones with up to 2x higher density. Savi 7300 headsets exceed security expectations with secure pairing, 128-bit authentication, and military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Confidential conversations. Keep callers from hearing surrounding conversations.  Noise-canceling head setplus with Poly Acoustic Fence technology keeps talks private.

5. BLACKWIRE 8225.

Premium UC USB headset Poly Black wire 8225. Binaural headphones keep both sides of the call distraction-free. Audio performance can keep noise out and productivity up wherever you work.

Even if you’re not, the noise-canceling microphone’s Acoustic Fence technology makes you sound like you’re in a quiet workplace. Hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) reduces background noise in addition to audio. It has three ANC settings to match your noisy environment. IT can deploy and maintain the Poly Black wire 8225, which reduces noise and distraction in any workplace, from home offices to typical offices.

A noise-canceling microphone with Poly Acoustic Fence technology automatically reduces annoying background noise, including adjacent talkers or dogs barking, so the only sound heard on the other end is the speaker’s clear, excellent audio.

Contact an SME.

For hybrid and return-to-office headset solutions, consult a subject matter expert. We appreciate the need for rapid answers, but businesses should build new gadget standards that accommodate new modes of working. Poly, Jabra, EPOS, JPL, Logitech, Yealink, and others offer multi-connectivity wireless headsets, Active Noise Cancelling Headset Systems and Corded USB headsets that fit today’s workforce’s work styles and environments.