Top 10 of the Best HR Companies Changing the Way We Hire and Retain Talent 


 Recruitment is one of the most challenging activities for the HR team. According to research,  73% of employers find it difficult to search for skilled candidates and 4.25 million people quit their jobs in 2022. Recruitment and retention requires a lot of work, from actively seeking out to identifying, attracting, recruiting, and onboarding employees. Yet, top talents want seamless hiring experiences. This is why 60% of candidates say they will quit while applying for a job online due to a complex application. An excellent onboarding process improves new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%. 

The good news, however, is that companies don’t have to shoulder the responsibilities of attracting and retaining talents alone; they can hire the best HR companies to help. 

The best HR companies simplify hiring experiences and improve talent recruitment and retention through automation, actionable strategies, and practical resources. They enhance talent management by providing the processes employees love and enhancing talent recruitment and retention. This article discusses the top ten HR companies providing seamless hiring and retention practices for talents. 

Let’s take a look. 

10 HR companies transforming the way we hire and retain talents 


 Certain HR companies are facilitating recruitment and retention processes for workers. Here are the top companies changing how businesses attract and keep qualified talents. 

  1. TestGorrilla 

TestGorrilla is a recruitment company that enables practical real-time screening tests for candidates. Rather than test candidates’ expertise and experience based on their resumes, TestGorilla lets you gain real-time insights into applicants’ abilities. Pre-employment tests on TestGorrilla eliminate bias and allow you to select the most qualified candidates. By eliminating bias and providing equal opportunities for candidates, you create positive experiences and project a brand image for your business. 

TestGorrilla speeds up the screening process to save more time. Rather than monotonous screening activities, the software automatically grades and ranks candidates, enabling you to select top candidates objectively. This process also streamlines the recruitment process, enabling HRs to focus on the correct category of employees. 

Primarily, TestGorrilla transforms recruitment and retention processes by simplifying screening activities, enabling unbiased screening activities, and creating a faster recruitment process for employees. So, if you want to enhance your hiring process to improve the quality of your hire, achieve faster results, and streamline the recruitment process for your staff, TestGorilla is an excellent platform for your needs.

  1. Nectar HR 

Nectar HR is an employee management company changing hiring and retention strategies by improving the company’s work culture. It promotes a positive connection among employees, enabling them to build a community that cares. It also tracks employees’ performance to acknowledge workers’ performance and contribution. 

Moreover, creating an environment for workers to build meaningful relationships, empathy, and trust co-exists among members. It also establishes a work culture that facilitates employee engagement and retention. 

Nectar HR enhances employee retention and recruitment experiences through its recognition features. Statistics show 53% of employees want recognition from their managers, and Nectar HR helps managers do this effectively. For example, its shoutouts features allow employees and employers to send shoutouts during work hours, recognizing and motivating workers. 

In addition, Nectar HR allows seamless integration with other applications for easy collaboration. For instance, you can send recognition directly through teams or slack using Nectar HR.  Therefore, if you want to boost recognition and enhance your work culture, Nectar HR is the best software to boost employees’ morale and engagement. 

  1. Bambee 

Outsourcing your HR responsibilities is an excellent way to let professionals handle employee management while you focus on other aspects of your business. However, finding the best HR companies can be daunting. And this is why Bambee streamlines this process by connecting businesses with HR companies. It links companies with dedicated HR in a few clicks, automating their activities. It also provides HR-compliant policies, annual and comprehensive HR audits, employee onboarding and terminations, etc. 

This way, companies using Bambee enjoy faster HR practices, maintain compliance with HR policies, and automate staff training and development. So, if you want to hire the best HR company and don’t know how to do it, Bambee HR is the best company to locate HR companies for your human resource goals. 

  1. ADP

ADP is a reliable HR company for automated recruiting and employee management. It sets all payroll activities on autopilot, enabling companies to focus on other areas of their businesses. Within minutes, the ADP software tracks employees’ workload, calculates workers’ pay and distributes payments when due. This eliminates repetitive tasks and enables quick payments. 

So, if you want to automate your human resource activities for easier recruitment, and management, ADP is an effective HR tool that helps. Integrate it into your talent management processes to simplify payroll and increase workers’ satisfaction.

  1. Gusto 

Gusto is an excellent HR software automating HR processes and boosting employee satisfaction. With a functional payroll management system, Gusto helps with compensation management, payment, etc. It also offers essential employee management functions like employee onboarding, a self-service portal, time off, and benefits management to enhance workers’ experiences and retention. 

Besides a full-service payroll, employees also get overtime and holiday compensation integrated into the payroll system. Moreover, it automates repetitive hiring and onboarding activities by organizing job posts, creating onboarding checklists, and offering letters. What’s more? Gusto conducts performance reviews and supplies learning tools for effective talent management. Managers also use Gusto to analyze employee performance through real-time insights and reporting. 

Primarily, Gusto facilitates recruitment and retention by automating the hiring process for employees and managers. Accurate reporting and analytics also promote recognition, boosting worker engagement and reducing turnover. 

  1. QuickBooks Time 

 Employee time-tracking enables efficient employee management. QuickBooks Time allows companies to track payroll processes, monitor employees’ activities and supervise projects. For instance, its mobile time-tracking feature helps companies monitor activities on the go. The “see who is working” feature informs managers about active employees and the type of projects they are on. Finally, simple time sheets let managers approve and monitor employees’ work hours. 

QuickBooks Time, especially when integrated with QuickBooks in the cloud, primarily aims to simplify talent management. It puts managers in control and helps them track operations while at work or off work.  Moreover, an effective time-tracking for employees system encourages workers to stay dedicated to their roles. As a result, QuickBooks promotes employee retention by encouraging feedback and increasing workers’ performance. 

  1. Bamboo HR 

Bamboo HR makes talent recruitment and retention easy. It automates every aspect of employee management for seamless hiring, onboarding, and experiences. Bamboo HR helps managers create a positive work culture for their staff by understanding workers’ needs and creating their desired experiences. 

A prominent Bamboo HR perk is its ability to uncover a massive amount of valuable employee data. These insights help companies track workers’ performance, identify challenges, and improve their processes. 

Primarily, Bamboo HR is an all-in-one platform for HR activities, including hiring, onboarding, payroll, and performance tracking. It simplifies HR responsibilities through automation, reporting, tracking, and employee performance analytics, enhancing recruitment and retention. 

  1. Monday.com 

Monday.com is one of the best HR companies transforming how employees work and collaborate.  About 75% of workers rate teamwork and collaboration as important, and Monday.com makes this happen by bridging silos among teams. Employees collaborate, give and receive feedback from one platform, streamlining their activities. Additionally, workers enjoy real-time notifications on projects, enabling them to stay updated. Lastly, they can customize their workflows to their needs and manage tasks effectively. 

Monday.com makes it easy for employees to deliver on their roles efficiently. It improves communication, collaboration, and productivity by enabling teams to seamlessly engage and track projects’ progress. It also enhances engagement and retention by facilitating work processes and output. So, if you want to enhance your employees’ workflow and collaboration for better retention, Monday.com is a reliable HR company. 

  1. Oyster HR 

Oyster HR is among the best HR companies automating talent recruitment and talent management for companies. You can hire without worrying about compliance issues, monitor employee work hours, and receive constant feedback from anywhere you are.

This application also provides the best HR tools and resources to support companies and help them navigate recruitment and retention challenges. Primarily, Oyster HR is a comprehensive platform for hiring talents and managing them effectively. With actual data, feedback, and valuable tools, companies have all the support they need to execute recruitment processes seamlessly. 

  1. Zoho People 

Zoho People is an HR management software to nurture employees, simplify recruitment practices, and build an excellent work culture. It streamlines HR practices by providing smart HR workflows, detailed analytics, and a comprehensive employee database. Employers can also efficiently monitor workers’ active and days off with timesheets and accurate reporting. 

Zoho People also lets employers track performance with real-time feedback, error-free analytics, and continuous reviews. Accurate employee performance feedback also allows employers to identify their workers’ achievements for proper recognition, boosting retention. Therefore, Zoho People is among the best HR management companies providing seamless recruitment and workers’ management for companies looking to attract and retain their talents. 

Adopting the services of the right HR companies will facilitate your hiring and retention activities. However, when choosing the best HR company for your business, consider your needs and the benefits the HR company offers to ensure it suits your needs. Ultimately, choosing an HR company that aligns with your goals will help you attract, hire and retain your top talents effectively. 

Improve recruitment and retention processes with Professional HR companies 

Hiring and retaining talent is easier with HR companies. They simplify the processes and provide the support you need to recruit qualified talents and keep them engaged. Therefore, explore the top ten HR companies discussed in this article to streamline your HR practices for higher recruitment and retention.