How to Create a Banner for Your Android App

How to Create a Banner for Your Android App

A day ago, we talked about the three simple ways you should start thinking about monetizing your Android app. Since you have succeeded in creating your Android app, you can now use affiliate banner ads, networking to get private advertising and up-selling.

The most technical of all these techniques is learning how to create a banner for some private advertising clients.

In this article, we will be learning about how to build a simple banner for your Android app.

What Exactly Is A Banner Ad?

A banner ad is a form of advertisement displayed on a web page. This form of advertisement consists of an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) or a multimedia object. Therefore, it’s correct to say that banner ads can be animated or static, depending on the technology you use.

Here’s Wikipedia’s definition: A banner ad is a type of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server. This type of online advertising involves embedding an advertisement into a web page. The intent is to draw traffic to a website by using a link to the website of the advertiser. In almost all cases, banners get delivered by a central server.

In a nutshell, Banner ads are typically image-based instead of text-based. They are a renowned form of website advertising. The sole aim of banner advertising is to promote a brand and to attract more visitors from the host website to visit the advertiser’s website.

In summary, all types of banner ads perform the same function. When you click on the image/multimedia object, you will see a web page. Instantly, your internet browser takes you to the advertiser’s website. So simple right? It’s a simple but powerful tool for advertisement.

How does Banner Ads Work?

I’m sure when you were driving or taking a walk, you must have seen a physical banner at one point or the other. Sometimes, you see a banner displayed in front of a store or shop. When people see this banner, it ignites their curiosity and propels them to enter the shop to find out what the advertisement is about – usually, some sort is discount on a product or maybe a new product. It is the same thing with online banner ads.

When you place a banner ad online, you ignite curiosity and grab the attention of people. They are curious to check the website to see what you are offering.

Do banner ads still work?

Yes! They are excellent tools because humans are visual beings. We react quickly to visuals or probably a message that has visual content with it.

Why Banner Ads?

 1. To Get Traffic

With a banner ad, customers are encouraged to visit the advertisers’ website by clicking on the ad.

With this, you can pay for the ad (through impressions, CTRs, amount of time spent on the page.

For newbies, the best tool you can use to determine the potency and effectiveness of banner ads when it pertains to traffic is the use of Bannersnack Analytics.

2. Get Your Customer’s Attention

It’s not always an easy task to get people’s attention in today’s world because they are so many distractions and other things getting their attention.

With exceptional creativity on your side, you can design a banner ad that will stand out and grab the attention of your target audience.

3. Selling

You must have seen that banner ads motivate you to buy some products.  With the right content and context, you can place the banner ad on specific websites similar to your niche.  If you do it strategically, it will yield the result that you desire.

4. To Announce Discount

Every business owner knows that one way to generate more revenue is through discounts and sales. There’s no perfect way to get to your customers other than banner ads.

For example, on Black Friday, you can choose to offer discounts and put many products on sale. The one effective way to get the information to those that need it is by using a banner ad. It will keep people talking about it and spreading the news.

Another way for businesses to generate and increase revenue is through sales and discounts. And what better way to reach potential customers than through banner ads? Let’s say it’s Black Friday and, of course, you offer discounts, and a lot of your products are on sale. How do you spread the news and let your consumers know about them? By designing a black Friday banner ad that they can’t stop talking about, of course.

Step by step guide how to create an app banner

  1. We are cheating here, go to a website called
  2. Choose custom size and add in these sizes 480px wide by 80px high.
start making a banner ad with custome size
  1. Select background mode and back ground color. You may also choose to add your own image.
choose the right background of the banner
  1. Change the text and choose the font you would like to use.
add text and image for the banner
  1. Save as JPEG or PNG.
  2. Click get code.
get code of the banner
  1. Once you are in the Get Code tab, add the website your banner will link to.
copy the banner code
  1. Click on the code labeled Code for webpages/blogs.  See above image. Hit ctrl-c to copy the text or right click copy.
  2. Go to your AppsGeyser app and click on to the monetize tab.
  3. Click Ctrl-V or right click paste, to paste the code in your AppsGeyser Monetize tab. Click Submit!

So, finally, you have succeeded in creating your banner.

Your Banner ads must be:

  • Sincere – Make sure that the deals on the banner are genuine, updated, and available. It’s detrimental to click on free Samsung G3 mobile and get pages and pages of advertisement without any free phone.
  • Without Threats — So many times, you will see banners that say ‘if you don’t click now, bad luck will come knocking on your door or something somewhat similar.
  • Connect to a website  — Ensure that the banner has a link to a functioning website. It’s pointless if the website is not updated or if the link doesn’t work.
  • Well Written – The must be well written, without jargon or vulgar words, as this can be detrimental to your brand or reduce the traffic you should generate. Also, the words should be concise and not too lengthy. Too many words can discourage people from reading.
  • Catchy – You don’t have all the time in the world to grab people’s attention or to leave a first-time impression. Ensure that the banner is catchy, attractive enough to draw people to it. Make it colorful as much as you can.
  • Original – Do not use other people’s work for your brand. It is a fast way to jeopardize your brand and its credibility. Use original and plagiarism-free content. There are a lot of banner ads everywhere on the internet. It will be detrimental to your brand when people know that you steal other people’s work.


So, here you have it. Banner ads are here to stay forever. You can equally learn how to design and use them because they are prominent tools that can be advantageous to your business.

I hope you have enjoyed creating your banners with me today?  As usual, I am imploring that you kindly know how you found my lesson and if it helped you.