Simple Step By Step Guide To Update Android App in 4 Steps

Update Android App

You’d agree with me that creating a free Android app is quite an easy task. However, my attention has been drawn to the fact that the majority of app developers rarely update their apps. You’re fully aware that the app creation process is one of the last stages of the app creation business.  If this is your first time visiting our blog or you haven’t been here in a long time, you need to start from the basis by reading and implementing the basic app business foundations before you continue.

In this article, we will be elaborating on what you need to do after creating your all, which is simply the process of updating your free Android app on your Goggle Play and AppsGeyser dashboard.

Why Is It Important To Update My Free Android App?

There are countless reasons why you should update your free Android App. Nevertheless, we have gathered the most important ones in the list below.

1. Correcting Errors

As an app developer, no matter how skilled or experienced you are, there will inevitably be certain errors or mistakes in the apps you make- Mismatched images, wrongly spelled words, wrong hyperlinks, and more. It can be a minute or massive error. Regardless of the type of error, it’s of utmost importance that it should be fixed.

However, the errors of an app come to the limelight the moment the app is launched and used. It’s practically impossible to notice all the errors when you are creating the app.

That’s why a lot of app developers keep refining their apps. Once a user points out an error, the developer goes back to the drawing board to work on the app and fix or correct the mistake.

2. Upgrading

Even if you don’t encounter any difficulty with your app, and it’s working adequately and efficiently. In addition to the remarks and reviews that you get from your app audience, you will realize that there is still so much need for improvement.

You will need to improve if certain patterns persist, like if you can not view a particular page on the app. You need to find out why it’s impossible to view the page and think of providing a prompt solution.

Also, you should consider an upgrade if you keep getting similar questions concerning your app. It’s advisable that you look into the situation in order not to lose your app audience. Because it’s very easy for people to stop using an app, instead of sending numerous reports about the inefficiency or inadequacies of the app, that’s why you should take and treat any feedback you get seriously.

People share similar views, so it’s possible that for every one comment, twenty or more people feel the same way but will rather uninstall the app rather than reaching out to you. Better still, you can do an app optimization simply by changing keywords in the name, writing a detailed and unique app description to increase your installs.

3. Security

It’s your duty as an app developer to ensure that the information and details of users of your app are safe. This is because hackers and cybercriminals take advantage of the inefficiencies in apps and other online sites.

You must be cautious and security-sensitive to prevent hackers from finding a loophole in your system. Updating your app is to avoid security loopholes and to ensure that all security features and accessories of the app are upgraded.

4. Keeping engagement

People have lots of apps on their phones. They usually don’t use most of these apps. The fact that they downloaded your app doesn’t mean that it will be used frequently. If it’s not used, it will be deleted eventually.

However, when you announce that you will update your app, they will remember your app, and they will like to try out the new features that will be infused in the latest update.

5. Rebranding

So many times, companies change the look and styles of delivery of their product. This is also referred to as rebranding. It is essential for the growth of an organization because it increases the awareness of the brand. This is also acceptable in the app development industry.

Your app users will be drawn to your app if you do an update, and it will be a way of rebranding your app.

The next question that must be running through your mind is, how do I update my free Android App?

Here is the four-step by step process to updating your free Android app.

  1. You should log into your AppsGeyser account. Then, click on edit.
edit android app top update it
  1. Make the necessary changes that you’d like to implement.
  2. Look over at the advanced edit tab, and ensure that you click on Rebuild My App.
rebuild android app
  1. And, if you need to update GogglePlay, you should save your APK and change it with what was already in Google play.

How Often Should You Update Your App: App Frequency

Most app developers are always clueless about the frequency of app updates. Is it every week or month?

We all know that regularly updated apps are more recognized and accepted by everyone. However, you can update your app due to the following.

1. Out Of Urgency:  This is due to an emergency brought to the app developer’s attention by clients, or the app developer detected it. e.g., malfunctioning,  new features release, fixing of bugs.

2. Planned: This is when you update your app at your own will.

3. Periodic Upgrade: This is more like a regular upgrade that’s carried out by the app developer.

Factors that determine how frequently to update your app

You have gotten a glimpse of why you need to update your app as frequently as possible. However, you should also desire to know the factors that determine how often you should get an update.

Because these factors will hugely influence directly or indirectly how and when you would always get an update as an app developer.

Typically, the cost of getting an upgrade done is close to 30 percent of the cost of building an all, so you must be doing an update for a genuine reason.

For a start,  the review and feedback you get from the app users is the first factor you should consider. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should do an update simply because some users make such demands. You should be patient and wait for when you get more reviews from your users.

Cost is a factor to put into consideration. If you can’t afford an update immediately, you will have to wait until when you can. You must let your users know that you’re putting things to work on their feedback in such cases.

Your team size determines how frequently you’ll possibly update your app. The larger the team, the more frequent you’ll be able to work on an update. However, if there’s a pending issue with your app that could cause you to lose your app users, you need to fix the problem as quickly as possible.


Now you know how and why you should update your app. As an app developer, updating your app is one of the core ingredients of a long-lasting and thriving business in the industry.