How to Increase Followers on Instagram for Real

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet, if not the most popular social media platform. Most people on the internet are trying to get their communities set up the same. 

This is where Instagram marketing comes in. since beginners are unaware of technicalities and strategies, most of these accounts with great potential are lost to competition. However, if you are looking to make your Instagram account a success, then we have some tips for you to gain real instagram followers, without much effort. So without further ado, let’s jump right in. 

  1. Optimize your Instagram account

A very popular proverb says, that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. If you’re not prepared to receive what Instagram has to offer you, then it is going to every difficulty to grow on the platform. 

Optimizing your Instagram account is the first thing you need to do. This basically involves a few simple steps. First things first have a great username. If you want to convert your Instagram account to a brand, then you must keep a name that is short, simple, and rememberable. Next, you need to choose a professional profile photo. 

Since this is the first thing that people notice. Then you also need to have a good short bio. The bio must pack all the information you wish to convey without being too large to be considered boring. Last but not least, you need to set an aesthetic for your channel to grow. 

  1. Be consistent

Being inconsistent is one of the major rookie mistakes we have come across on the platform. Most newbies forget that they have to post frequently to stay relevant in the industry. 

This is because Instagram is everchanging and if you stop posting for a long time then people will forget who you are. Being consistent, however, is a very subjective thing. Consistency might mean two posts a day or even one post a week, depending on which niche you’re in. however, 

if you’re trying to succeed in the newest vertical of Instagram, then at least one video daily is essential. Most top influencers recommend doing so to maintain the frequent posting on your account. 

  1. Schedule Instagram posts in advance

This is a solution to a very common problem in the Instagram marketing industry. However, most rookies won’t realize this unless they have faced it themselves. There will be times when you would need to schedule your posts in advance so that you can maintain consistency on your profile. 

There are tons of online tools available that will help you do the same. This becomes important when something really critical, shows up at the last moment. This could be a test, an assignment, 

if you’re a student, or even a project or presentation if you’re working already. To avoid being inconsistent, schedule at least the next week on an online tool to be on the safe side. 

  1. Buy Instagram followers

Speaking of the simple ways to get more followers on Instagram, there is no way that we can skip the most important tips of them all. Buying Instagram followers, there is no other more direct approach to the problem. 

If you’re stuck in a block or a plateau on Instagram, then you must buy Instagram followers. Buying Instagram followers ensures, that you get a steady influx of organic followers that are active and have a genuine interest in your content. This is because some of these websites that sell followers usually have a large social network, where they promote your videos to get you people that are genuinely interested in your content. However, 

if you look at the majority of the internet, the websites might appear real but are only there to scam their customers. This is why we recommend buying Instagram followers from websites like getviral, viewsexpert, and viralyft. These websites have a money-back guarantee, which will let you refund, no questions asked. 

  1. Cross promote your Instagram profile

Cross promotion is the key to success on social media platforms. If you’re looking to succeed on the platform, then you must cross-promote your profile on other platforms. 

This will help you reach all possible heights of success in your niche. The way this works is that you need to spread the word about your Instagram content on other social media platforms, or groups that you’re a part of. This will encourage interested people to visit your profile and then engage with your content. 

If your content is worthy enough then it’s highly likely that you will get a follow as well. 


The above-mentioned five actionable tips have been extracted from years of experience on the platform if you look at any top influencer in the industry, you will understand the importance of these tactics. We’re sure if you follow these tricks, you will succeed on Instagram till then, keep scrolling and spread the word!

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023