Some of the most practical Android apps


Most people have smartphones nowadays. They are convenient devices used for so much more than just calling and texting other people. This made possible different apps available for the devices.

As you most likely know, there are nowadays plenty of different apps for Android phones. They can be roughly divided into two different categories. Some applications are simply created for having fun such as social media and games. On the other hand, some convenient applications serve a very clear purpose. But what are these apps and what makes them so convenient?

Do you travel a lot throughout the year?

If you are one of those lucky people, who get to travel a lot in a year, you might be pleasantly surprised how many applications can make your travels easier. You can even find out about the best services in countries like Switzerland, and countless other possibilities. This will make traveling to a completely new destination much easier. Therefore you can focus on simply enjoying your travels, regardless of for what purpose you are making this trip.

There are also apps that can make preparing for the trip go smoother. Almost all airlines nowadays have their applications, and you can use them to check in fast and easily. Furthermore, you can even use weather apps directly from your Android phone to see the weather in the destination. This will make packing much easier. Even if you are traveling from California to Switzerland, you don’t have to sweat over what you should pack. Simply check before, what type of weather the destination currently has.

VPN is practical for many different reasons

We are introduced to innovations on a steady basis. Not all of the innovations are that useful, but some are even surprisingly practical. A great example of the latter is different VPN systems such as It became very popular fast for one specific purpose, it enables. VPN allows the user to change their location immediately. This means that it can be used to browse selections in different countries.

Surely this makes using a VPN popular, but some factors make it very practical. VPN hides the user’s IP Address. This means that it creates extra safety and privacy when you are surfing online. This is always a great thing to have.

Most VPN users use it mainly on their computers, but this is not the only way to use it. Additionally, the users can download an app for their phones. This way they can hide their actions better. All this will help for example avoid any marketers using your browser history for promotional purposes.

Editing pictures has never been this easy

Taking pictures has become increasingly popular in the past years. The main reason for it is the rise of social media, and how much easier taking nice-looking pictures have become. Android smartphones often have a high-quality camera in them, which makes taking pictures easier. Now you don’t have to carry an extra camera to take good pictures, because most likely you are always carrying your smartphone with you already.

Most of us also want to edit the pictures we take. For this, there are plenty of high-quality applications we can use. Some of them have ready-made settings, which makes editing the pictures even effortless. You can just put a filter on the picture, and it is ready to be posted and admired.

Now even the most famous photo editing services have created their Android apps. The user doesn’t need to upload the pictures anymore to their computer to edit the pictures with Photoshop or Lightroom. They can simply install the app on their phone, and get the same quality as on a laptop or another PC.

Do you want to be able to work whenever you want?

Even though smartphones make many other things possible as well, they are still used for communication in many different ways. If you wish to have the possibility to work from wherever you are, you can download some applications for your smartphone, that will make this possible. 

Most workplaces, at least if you work in an office, use some communications channel such as Slack. This can be used for contacting your colleagues and managers whenever needed. It’s a great application for quick communication, such as a simple question. Most offices also use a professional email. You can download this directly to your phone, so you can work even if you wish to go for a walk in a park.

This creates one downside. Even though it creates freedom for the employees, who can now answer work emails even from the beach, now they are always reachable. Some workplaces might try to take advantage of this. Therefore it’s crucial that you create strict boundaries in your workplace. Sometimes it’s a great idea to turn off notifications. This way your boss can’t reach you during the weekend. If it’s something absolutely crucial, they can simply send you a text message, to which you can respond if you choose to do so.

Easy access to your files

Many of the practical applications make life easier in different ways. For example, they can make the switch between computer and smartphone much more effortless and fast. One of the apps helping with this is Driven and the whole Google package including Excel and Word.

Using these services is easier through your computer, but they still work fine enough on the applications. Then you can easily check something fast, even if you are on the go. You don’t have to always open your laptop if you just want to know about something specific. 

Stay updated all the time

Most of us want to know what is happening in the world, but it can be even a bit difficult nowadays. The world changes so fast, and there is something big happening almost on a daily basis. Using a news application makes this easier. 

All trustworthy news media platforms such as BBC have created apps for Android phones nowadays. Using them is just as easy as their website. The best thing is, that most smartphones allow you nowadays to create a preview for the news site and enable notifications. If something big and important happens, you will get to know about it immediately.  

Fun applications can be practical at the same time

Even though we have now focused on practical application, this doesn’t mean they couldn’t be fun at the same time. Quite the opposite, the application should never be boring, even if its purpose is something very convenient and practical. By combining these two with user experience, some of the applications have managed to create a fantastic experience for all kinds of users.

Use already existing applications for inspiration

If you are interested in creating a new application for Android, the list of already existing practical applications can feel a bit scary. In the end, this would be your competition. You shouldn’t let them intimidate you. You can use these applications for help when you are creating a new version.

You can learn from their mistakes and what they have done well. Then you can create a completely new type of application, that will offer the users something fantastic, regardless if it’s used for something practical or simply fun.