How To Make An App From A Website in 3 Minutes

Make An App From A Website

Moving your website (business or entertainment) to a mobile market is simpler than you think. Making an app from a website allows you to expand your users, gain new customers, build customer loyalty, and get new sources of income. 

4 Reason Why you Should Make an App from a Website

  • 75% of users prefer apps

The shift towards mobile is happening and it won’t be stopped until it reaches 90% of worldwide usage. For now, only 75% prefer browsing through mobile phones. For example, at AppsGeyser 75% of generated traffic is mobile, not desktops. It can be easily explained by easier access to information and lower prices of devices (you can buy a smartphone for less than $100, but you can’t buy a PC at this price). The amount of mobile phone users is growing faster than the number of PC users.

  • Simpler access to information

Mobile apps require only two steps to access the information: install the app and one-touch on the screen to open it. Websites meanwhile require more actions – opening browsers, finding the website in bookmarks (if it’s saved), or looking for a website on Google or Bing, history (if there is no bookmark). 80% of visited websites are usually lost and forgotten by users. Can you imagine the losses? Mobile apps offer a much simpler interaction for users that can lead to the growth of your business or website performance. We’ll talk about it later.

  • Increase visibility

If you have an online business you should consider moving it to mobile just to get discovered by a new audience on app markets. It becomes more and more popular to search for something not on the web, but Google Play or AppStore directly. It applies to weather forecasts, food delivery, business news, music, movies, tickets and so much more! 60% of businesses still hesitate if they should move to the mobile market. Make an app from your website and be the first one among your competitors to be discovered in the mobile market. 

  • Attract new users

As we said above, the app market is the place where you can discover a new audience – younger users all over the world. Only Google Play has millions of daily users! Some of them can potentially be your new customers or users.

  • Better engagement and retention

Once the app is downloaded, it becomes part of users’ daily life. There is no more need to remembers the URL, typing addresses, opening browsers. Easy access generates an increase in usages. Another benefit of apps is an opportunity to send push-notifications and remind users about your app. Push notifications can be used for promotional, news, technical purposes. And for now, they have the highest open rate – up to 50%. While email can bring only a 10% open rate.

  • Income increase

Apart from growing your usages and attracting new potential clients, you can monetize your app. You can do it through various options: in-app advertising, in-app purchases. By joining AdMob and showing ads in your Android App you can make up to $1000 per month. Not bad for an additional income, right?

How to Make an App from a Website?

  • Online App Builders 

App Builder is a code-free solution for app development. The main benefit of such an approach is an opportunity to build an app without special skills in a few minutes. Online App Builders convert websites into Android and iOs apps that work in sync with your website. All changes on the website will be reflected in the app. No need for extra efforts. To create an app you don’t have to get any software, you just have to follow the guide inside of an online app builder. Usually, you have to fill the forms or use a drag-and-drop constructor. 

The website app development may cost you from $0 to a few hundreds of dollars. It depends on the pricing of the App Builder. AppsGeyser, for example, offers a free opportunity to build a website app. No hidden charges.

  • Code in Android Studio

This method applies to you if you know how to program and want to be in control of your APK. Android Studio is free to use. There are no charges for development with Android Studio. 

  • Hire a developing team

If you have a budget for app development and you aim for the high quality of your content, you can hire a company to help you. In this case, you will get a professional app. The only problem is the high price. Companies usually charge way more than $1000 to make an app from a website with a simple functionality.

  • Hire an app developer- freelancer

If you can’t afford to hire a team, you can try to recruit a freelancer. There are multiple platforms to find outsource workers for app development, app design. One of the most popular is UpWork. You can find a freelancer from any country and target any price you can afford. The work of app developers from India cost 5-10 times less than the one in the USA. 

How to Make an Android app From a Website for Free?

  1. Go to AppsGeyser App Builder, click on ‘Create’ button 
  2. Choose Website App Template

Website App Template is located both on “Business’ and ‘Individual” menu tabs.

make an app from website
  1. Put your Website Link

Copy-Paste the URL from the website you want to convert to Android App. 

insert URL to make a website app
  1. Add Social Media Features

Add tabs on your app with social media links. You can add Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Blog. If you don’t want social media tabs, just move to the next step.

add features to website app
  1. Name your App

As the name of your app, you can use the website title or brand of your company. Or you can come up with something new. Don’t forget to add keywords relevant to your business or website. It will help users to discover your app. 

name your website app
  1. Upload the Icon

You can upload your logo or image or choose the custom one on the builder. To create a new icon you can use online icon generators or photo-editors. Your icon should be clean and simple.

upload icon to mobile app
  1. Download the APK file and publish it on Google Play.

Building the APK file takes up to 30 seconds. After that, your app is ready for distribution. Google Play is the best choice to make your Android app available for the whole world.

To be able to build an app from the website you don’t need to be the owner. You can create apps from popular websites: games, news, blogs, forums, booking, and other media or business-related websites. Just be careful of copyright infringement. Google Play can ban you for that.

It takes up to 5 minutes to create an Android app from a website. The only things you need to make an app are an internet connection, URL, the name for your app, and the icon. AppsGeyser app converter works with any websites, including the ones created on WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Shopify, OpenCart, etc. 

Features of a Website App

  • Social Media Tabs – You can add links to your Facebook Page, YouTube channel, Twitter feed, or blog. Users will be able to easily access your Social Media profiles and subscribe to them.
  • Light and secured APK – It takes 30 seconds to build and download the APK file of your Android app. 
  • Push Notifications – Reach users by sending direct notifications. Push notifications can be used to share updates, news, sales, special offers from your website.
  • In-App ads – Earn money by showing mobile ads. You can make up to $1000 per month of additional income.