How to Make Money from Home During Coronavirus with Mobile Apps?

make money from home during quarantine

You can’t deny the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic has a huge impact on the business and households. While restaurants, stores, gyms, cinemas are closing their doors, people losing their jobs, stock markets are shuttered in the wake of coronavirus spread, the online and mobile business is going stable and even growing day by day!  According to the statistics, more than 60% of the world population is stuck in homes under quarantine now. People spend a lot of time surfing on web, applications and app markets in search of entertainment. 

So if you are locked at home and wonder how can you make money during the Coronavirus quarantine, we have an answer for you – by publishing mobile apps for AndroidIt’s time to stop watching films or tv series and start building your income from home in conditions of a total lockdown. 

How to earn money from home with apps?

There are two easiest ways to earn money with apps:

1. Advertising

The most popular way to get income from apps, more than 50% of apps make their fortune that way. It’s a great approach to earn money without making your users spend money (isn’t it important in times of quarantine and uncertainty?). Users enjoy your content in the application, you get income for ads. It looks like a win-win situation for a user and developer. Usually advertising takes form of full-screen or small banners or videos. The income is generated per impressions and clicks of ads in your application.

Therefore, the more installs and usages you provide, the more money you get.

The best and the easiest platform to start getting earnings from mobile ads is AdMob by Google. It won’t take a long time to sign in and place ads into your app.

You can learn how to make $900 on mobile ads with Appsgeyser in our previous publication.

2. Sell your products or services

If you already have your own business, the best decision will be to bring it to a mobile app market. Converting your website, Facebook page or creating a business card in application format is easier than you think. But the benefits are obvious and huge: with an app, you can more engage clients, keep them coming back and generate more revenue (why not to try to double your income!). 

If you don’t have a business, you can create it. You can sell clothes, electronics, betting tips or any other item or service. It will be hard to deal with providers of goods and clients from home for now, that’s why you can join affiliate programs of Amazon, Flipkart, Udemy, Aliexpress or any other online retailer and provider of services. You can share product links with your users via mobile apps, they will buy it directly from companies and you will get % of sales. 

create apps to earn money from home

How to Create an App to Make Money from Home during Quarantine?

To start making money from home you need to go ahead and build an app. If you think that you have to hire a developer and designer or learn to code, then you are wrong.

You can create your mobile application for Android without any skills with App Creator for free. All you should do is to choose an app template, add unique content and change a design by following an easy step-by-step guide. Whether you want to promote your own business or earn from ads, all you need are just small investments to create a Google Developer account on Google Play.  

If you wonder, why Android and not iOs? Android is the top mobile OS system in terms of the number of users. It takes around 80% of the mobile market. And 60% of these users are at home right now, looking for new ways to shorten the free time in Coronavirus quarantine!

To make a successful application you should plan it and come up with a strong concept. For example, you can go on Google Play to research popular apps or go to Google Trends to find a popular niche among your local community (country, city). Research what is popular now in conditions of COVID-19 pandemic: what people are searching for while sitting at home. It could be online shopping, education, online fitness, movies, tv-series, etc. Remember, if you want to make your app popular and make enough money, you need to offer your audience the real value – it means the content that they will use. 

If you already have your own business, this step will be easier for you. All you need to do is to convert your business into the app

To conclude, the Coronavirus quarantine opens new opportunities for your earnings. And you need to start doing something right now while sitting at your home.

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