How to Make an App Like Netflix For Video Streaming? – Free Tutorial

Make an App Like Netflix

Gone are the days when people used to wait for their favorite movie or show to be telecasted on TV. The advent of Netflix has enabled us to binge-watch on our own terms: anywhere, anytime, on any device. The easy access to various movies, shows, documentaries, and more keep us hooked to this video streaming app for hours.

While people are getting addicted to online streaming, businesses are going the extra mile to create a video streaming app and make a statement. If you’re also one of them, here you will find everything you need to know about how to make an app like Netflix.

So let’s dive in…

What is Netflix App?

To simply put, Netflix is a video streaming app that allows its users to stream a wide scope of visual content hassle-free. The company launched its video streaming services in 2007 exclusively on Internet Explorer and PC. After witnessing rapid success with 20% subscription growth in the first year, Netflix brought forth native apps for devices like PS3, iPad, set-top boxes, Xbox, and more. By 2010, the company experienced a 3X surge in its subscriber base.

The rapid growth of Netflix encouraged the users to shut off their traditional cable subscription and switch to the OTT platform. Today, the company is dominating the video streaming market with over 195M subscribers worldwide.

What is the Key Reason Behind Netflix’s Success?

The biggest credit for Netflix’s success goes to its business plan. The company realized that its users own multiple interconnected digital services, and they can watch their favorite show or movie on any of them. Given that, they came up with four subscription plans, each having its own benefits. These plans decide how many members can watch content at a time under one subscription and on which device they can stream.

  • The mobile plan allows you to stream SD videos on a mobile or tablet.
  • The basic plan allows you to stream SD videos on any one device at a time.
  • The standard plan allows you to stream HD videos on two devices at a time.
  • The standard plan allows you to stream HD videos on up to four devices at a time.

The subscription-based business model has helped Netflix to foster its growth rapidly and steadily. Thus, competitors are struggling to keep up with this giant.

What are the Top Features of Netflix?

Netflix has gained high momentum in the OTT world due to its outstanding features. If you don’t know how to create a streaming app like Netflix and stand out, check out these features that turned this app into a giant.

 1. Seamless Registration Process

Since signing up by entering an email address and password is a thing of the past now, allowing your users to register via social can save their time and surge your user base.

2. Add Multiple User Profiles

Netflix provides personalized suggestions to make users feel special. If you’re a fan of romantic movies, but your partner prefers action thrillers, you may not want Netflix to mix up the two of you. So, Netflix allows users to add up to five user profiles, each having its own favorite list, ratings, and recommendations.

3. Search Filters

People spend a lot of time deciding what to watch from a vast catalog of entertainment. With Netflix’s filters like content type, genres, and more, they can narrow down their search and quickly find movies or shows that match their preferences.

4. Multiple Control Levels

Netflix has a lot of content that is quite unsavory for kids. While adding profiles, parents can select between four levels of maturity to hide the adult content from their little ones. Moreover, they can also generate a PIN under the parental control section to not let the kids switch their profile.

5. My List

‘My List’ is one of the most useful features that allows you to save content that grabbed your interest while scrolling. All you have to do is tap or click on the ‘Plus’ sign on each movie or show you wish to watch later.

6. Ratings

Instead of the five-star rating system, Netflix has adopted a more binary approach. Users can rate a show or movie with thumbs-up or thumbs-down. This way, Netflix finds out what users like to watch and suggest content accordingly.

7. Turn off Autoplay

Who doesn’t love binge-watching? We continuously keep watching our favorite show even when we are running out of time. To prevent Netflix from automatically playing the next episode, users can turn off autoplay features in their account settings.

8. Skip Introductions

Nobody wants to watch lengthy introductions of each episode, especially when we are on a binge session. Netflix allows users to ‘Skip Intro’ to provide an uninterrupted streaming experience to its users.

9. Download Feature

The craze of Netflix has come to the extent that people prefer watching shows or movies while traveling instead of connecting with the real world. Since users often face internet issues while traveling, Netflix allows them to download a list of movies or shows in advance to watch them later.

Additional Tips on How to Make a Movie app like Netflix

Below are some tips you must follow when you create a video streaming app like Netflix.

  • Develop a future-proof application if you want to target users globally in the future. Thus, you don’t have to redesign the app radically while upgrading it.
  • Make sure to create an intuitive and appealing interface because this is the first aspect users will encounter when they open your app.
  • Add an extra level of security to user data and payment gateway. Users will abandon your app if they have security concerns.
  • Ensure that the mobile app runs seamlessly on different platforms and devices.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Video Streaming App like Netflix?

The cost to develop an app like Netflix varies will be between $15,000-$30,000. This cost is determined by considering various factors, including:

App Specifications: The cost of developing a Netflix clone is directly proportional to the app’s features, size, and complexity. So, if you want a full-fledged app, then you should be ready to invest heavily.

Tech Stack: The programming languages, tools, and elements you choose to create a video streaming app also impact its cost significantly.

Development Team: Similarly, the size, experience, and location of your app development team will make a massive difference in the development cost.

How to Make an App Like Netflix for Free?

App builders have eliminated the need to invest heavily in app development. Now, you can instantly create a video streaming app for free with no prior coding knowledge. Though app builders don’t allow you to build a comprehensive app, you can create an MVP using ready-to-use templates. Not only will the MVP enable you to step into the market but also help you validate your app based on user feedback.

Features You Can Integrate Into Your App Like Netflix

Leveraging an app builder like AppGeyser, you can reinforce your app with various features like:

1. Live Video Streaming – Create an app that supports live streaming of content like TV shows, movies, educational videos, and more.

2. Categorize Content – Segment TV channels and video streams by genres, languages, type of content, country, etc.

3. Original Content – Allow users to create their own content and publish it in your app.

4. All Devices Support – Since the app is based on a VLC player, you can provide high-quality videos with subtitles synchronization to users.

5. App Monetization – Monetize your app by joining the monetization program and start earning passive income by showing ads.

Steps to Create a Video Streaming App for Free

To create your own app like Netflix, all you have to do is:

  1. Open Mobile TV App Template to build a new app.
  2. Set categories for your video as well as TV streams.
  3. Add direct links to video streams and TV channels.
  4. Customize the app layout by adding a background image and choosing theme colors.
  5. Name your App.
  6. Upload the Icon – You can either create your own icon or choose the default one.
  7. Roll out your app on Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Netflix app?

Netflix is a video streaming app that allows its users to binge-watch TV shows, movies, and documentaries hassle-free.

What is the key reason behind Netflix’s Success?

The main reason behind Netflix’s success is its subscription-based business model that enabled the users to watch on their own terms and the company to fuel its growth rapidly.

What are the top features Of Netflix?

1. Seamless Registration Process
2. Add Multiple User Profiles
3. Search Filters
4. Multiple Control Levels
5. My List
6. Ratings
7. Turn off Autoplay
8. Skip Introductions
9. Download Feature

How much does it cost to create a video streaming app like Netflix?

The development cost of an app like Netflix ranges between $30,000-$130,000 depending upon its features, size, and complexity.

How to make an app like Netflix for free?

You can instantly create a video streaming app for free using the ready-to-use templates of an app builder like AppGeyser.