How To Make Your Instagram Video More Appealing – 5 Tips!


Social media trends today have taken the world by storm – thanks to how quirky and appealing they are. Owing to this very reason only, businesses have now moved on from advertising content on billboards to doing that on various social media platforms. And we all know what’s the most popular social media platform today – Instagram. Why not? The type of content generated there is just wow!

In fact, not to exaggerate, but the Reels feature of Instagram has brought about a renaissance in video content marketing. A study proved how the Reels feature aloof led to an increment in Instagram download by 11.4%, in India!

And believe me, if you wish to monetize your content, the videos you post play a very imperative role in helping you do so. But for that to happen, you must know how you can make your Instagram videos more appealing.

But in different news, it is actually flabbergasting, how Instagram is slowly upsurging and taking over other social media platforms by a storm. In fact, stats prove how Facebook is the worst hit by this seemingly strong ‘gram storm’! It is revealed that currently, the engagement rate of a post on Facebook is just 0.09%, while that of Instagram is 1.60%!

So, what’s actually causing this upsurge? What’s making Instagram this popular? Let’s take a look at some of the major factors behind Instagram becoming a social media giant:

1. New features are added so often – Arguably one of the prime reasons why Instagram is soaring so high! You open the app, and there are myriads of features ready to grasp your attention.

Like, very recently only, Instagram added two mind-blowing features – Reels and IGTV, that took its video content game up a notch. And like such, the app has thousands of other little-big features that make it too amazing. Genius, we know!

2. Different niche of an audience – You were wondering why social media influencers love Instagram so much? Here’s the answer! The range of audience that Instagram has succeeded in luring is nothing short of a commendable marketing strategy.

You see, Instagram is filled with an audience of all sorts – kids, young adults, men, women, Asians, Americans – the list goes on! And that’s exactly what the influencers need to make their content reach a million likes!

3. Instagram is very mobile-friendly – Come on, you know this too! This is again one big reason that contributes to the growing popularity of Instagram. Instagram is a very mobile-friendly app, unlike other social media apps.

The only other app which is giving Instagram a run for their money in this aspect is Facebook, which has a lite version to facilitate usage in low-network coverage areas too.

4. Their filter game is flattering – Hands down, the Instagram filter game is definitely the strongest among other social media apps. Funnily enough, just a couple of years back, Instagram had no such filter option. It was Snapchat that apparently brought the filter game into the arena.

But Instagram was quick to analyze its growing popularity and introduced AR filters in May 2018. And when more and more creators joined in the closed beta, by October 2018, Instagram’s filter game flourished and how!

5. It has a built-in messenger – Last but not least, Instagram does not require you to install a separate messaging app – it already has one, in-built! This largely adds to the ease of using this app and hence, more and more people choose this over other social media apps.

Now that you know just how popular Instagram is, let’s take a look at 5 tips to help you figure out how you can create more appealing videos for this platform:

1. Make the video look aesthetically pleasing

Making an Instagram video look appealing is not as easy as it sounds, but thanks to free Instagram video maker, this task has somewhat become feasible! Aesthetics play a very huge part in making video content. 

Like, what else do you think helps a video gain popularity amidst zillion other videos telling the same story? The answer is – the pleasing, eye-catching aesthetics. When you shoot the video with some free Instagram video maker app, you can put filters to help manage the aesthetics, very easily and smartly!

2. Shoot the video with professionalism

Ugh yes, we know what a fuss it is to shoot the video at home, with your family around and noises blasting from here and there. But alas, achieving popularity isn’t so easy and it demands a little professionalism too.

Similarly, if you wish to make an Instagram video more engaging, you will need a little professional curve, generally in the shooting part. But wait, don’t worry – free Instagram video maker apps help you in that sphere too. With one such app, it becomes very simple to shoot professional-quality videos in a matter of minutes!

3. Take care of the lighting

This tip is really important, so pay attention! Many videos out there fail to find their target audience because they don’t garner enough shares. The reason why they are not shared is that they are not appealing enough. 

And the major thing that negatively impacts their attractiveness is the poor lighting and the background. So please, if you truly and desperately want to see your video shine there on Instagram, make it illuminated. Remember, lit is the new hit!

4. Make it brief but impactful

So, so important! When talking of Instagram, the first thing you must acknowledge is this – the audience there does not wish to spend hours to see the end of a video. That is what YouTube is for! When you create a video for posting on IG, brevity is one thing that can surprisingly help you in reaching thousands of people!

On the other hand, when you stretch the video for any more than 5 minutes, you will notice a decline in the number of reaches you gain because people out there are just not looking for a video that will keep them hooked for long.

Hence, take this tip: make your video short, but impactful! Make sure it delivers your story, in not more than 2 minutes.

5. Know what you want to do

Having clarity of thoughts is crucial no matter what form of storytelling you are into – dancing, singing, writing, or even video making. If you are not sure about what you want to communicate with the masses, you will never be able to fetch the apt amount of likes or reaches, no matter how much labour you put into creating the video.

In a nutshell, one important step into making your Instagram video more appealing is by making it understandable – don’t let it get lost in translation.

Over to you…

Video content is the new technique of gaining Instagram followers, especially when it comes to social media platforms like Instagram. But to make them look alluring is not that easy task. Here, we listed 5 tips on how to make the Instagram video more appealing. Read this guide thoroughly and you are sure to get your desired success!