Making a Pinterest App

Pinterest AppWe’ve talked a lot about blog apps. We’ve shown you how to make an app from a WordPress blog and how to make one from a Blogger blog. We discussed Posterous. What if you want an app that carries your ideas but isn’t a blog?

You may have seen friends using Pinterest on Facebook. Pinterest is a tool that lets you save any idea that you see. For example, if you see a recipe, you can pin it to your Pinterest board. If you see a craft project you’d like to do, you can pin it. It’s a way to keep track of all the things you’d like to do later and share it with your friends at the same time.

What kind of apps can I make from Pinterest?

Pinterest is an easy way to make an app that showcases recipes. You can make a cookbook that uses recipes from all over the internet, giving proper credit to the recipe writers, but still compiling them for your app users.

Likewise, you can create a craft idea showcase, giving people ideas for crafts that they can create.

Pinterest is also an easy way to create a virtual bookshelf, filled with your reading recommendations.

Why turn these things into an app?

Imagine you’re baking. Would you want to have to go to your computer to find out recipes? It’s much easier to check the app in your Android phone.

Likewise, if you’re buying supplies for an art project, it’s much easier to have an app in the store with you to tell you exactly what to buy.

Even if you’re planning on buying books in a bookstore, it’s nice to have recommendations posted in an easy-to access app.

Pinterest is invite-only. How do I get a Pinterest invite?

Write to me at [email protected], and I’ll hook you up.

Feel free to download my Pinterest app on AppsGeyser.