InvestPoint Review – An Interactive Trading Experience

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InvestPoint is a great online trading broker, offering many asset classes and investment opportunities. 

Why Choose InvestPoint?

With the many online trading platforms available today, every trader will want to know why they should choose one broker over the other. Here are the main reasons to trade or invest with InvestPoint. 

Variety of Asset Classes 

Using the InvestPoint allows traders and investors access to an extensive range of asset classes in several global markets, including stocks, futures, and bonds. Besides, the broker also supports a vast selection of fixed-income products. That makes it an ideal platform for new and seasoned investors seeking diverse investment options. 

Widespread Coverage 

Unlike most of its competitors that restrict access to specific regions, InvestPoint accepts clients from several countries and territories worldwide. One unique perk is that the platform gives users direct access to global exchanges. That ensures enhanced convenience, allowing you to trade from anywhere in the world.  

Superior Trading Tools 

InvestPoint boasts an extensive suite of sophisticated tools that users will find helpful in navigating the platform. The platform offers advanced analytical tools, social sentiment analytics, and ESG scores. Besides, it provides unlimited access to the company data about stocks and mutual funds, ensuring informed investment decisions.

Low Margin Interest Rates 

InvestPoint has relatively lower margin interest rates than the industry average. The platform’s tier-based blended rate is more cost-effective than the rates levied by most of its competitors. 

InvestPoint Overview 

While InvestPoint continues to attract traders and investors worldwide, it has unique perks and drawbacks that you should understand to determine whether it is the right platform to invest your money. The following are the key pros and cons to keep in mind. 


  • Access to a wide range of asset classes, fixed income products, and global exchanges 
  • Powerful and innovative trading tools 
  • Low margin interest rates 
  • Plenty of educational content 


  • Sophisticated tools can be intimidating to beginners and less-active investors 
  • No automated trading functions 

Trading Platforms 

InvestPoint supports multiple trading platforms, including desktop, web, and mobile versions. The mobile trading platform is accessible on Android and iOS devices. It has almost the same features as the web platform, but the broker’s flagship desktop platform has more extensive and enhanced functionalities. Investors can trade the same asset classes on any platform, with access to real-time data, drawing tools, charting, and educational materials. The mobile platform allows you to create watch lists and share them with the desktop and web platforms. 

Investment Offerings 

InvestPoint provides a huge selection of asset classes and investment products, constantly updated based on customer demands and connections to new online exchanges. The broker’s offerings include long and short stocks, OTCBB, bonds, single and multi-leg options, futures and futures options, forex, fractional share trading, IPOs, and crypto. It supports multiple currencies and trading pairs. Apart from crypto futures, ETFs, and indices, the platform allows traders to engage in crypto-to-crypto trading. 

Traders can also place multiple orders, including one-triggers-other (OTO) orders and one-cancels-other (OCO) orders. The latter enables you to choose or combine multiple logical conditions such as time, price, and trading volume variables. 


The InvestPoint pricing scheme is a bit complex, but it is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a trading platform. They stipulate fixed per-share pricing based on your trading volumes. The pricing covers all the exchange and regulatory fees. Depending on every investor’s monthly order activities, the venue also has tiered per-share pricing. However, the broker has a no commission’s policy for ETFs and equities in some markets. So, traders should carefully read their fee schedule before investing to know what to expect.  

Customer Support 

InvestPoint offers in-depth and well-researched educational resources to guide traders in making informed investment decisions. They also provide customer support services via live chats and emails, but they are not entirely reliable. For instance, the live chat function is only available during official trading hours.

Is InvestPoint Right for You?

Overall, InvestPoint is an interactive trading platform with plenty of investments, including assets and fixed-income products. However, it has sophisticated trading tools that less-experienced and passive traders can find quite intimidating. Thus, we mainly recommend InvestPoint for professional and seasoned traders. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.