IOS Vs Android, which operating system is best for bitcoin trading?

When bitcoin first came out, the only devices powerful enough to support it were iPhones. Users had to jailbreak their phones to use them, which required a computer and some technical expertise. Then, the Google Android operating system appeared with its open-source platform. It was more straightforward for users to install software on an android device. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit Bitcoin Loophole App to acquire an utter guide to crypto trading.

Google also created an app store to protect users from malicious software. The open-source nature of Android allowed developers to create services that supported bitcoin. It was only natural that people would use the devices that were more easily accessible on the market.

Android is an open-source operating system, meaning anyone can access the underlying code of the operating system and modify it. Android is also open for developers to create new features added to future versions of the OS itself.

7 Ways how Android is better than iOS in terms of bitcoin trading.

#1. No jailbreak is needed for Android devices

First of all, an android device doesn’t require a user to jailbreak it to use it. You can install any app that supports bitcoin without doing anything special. If Apple allowed unapproved apps on their operating system, they would have to break their business model or make their devices more expensive.

#2 Easier to use android wallet apps

Many bitcoin wallet apps for Android devices can be used as a trading platform. They give you the option of scanning a QR code from another device, writing down your private key for backups or simply memorizing a long passphrase that can be used to recover your wallet in case the phone is lost.

If iOS users want to use a wallet app, they have to jailbreak their devices and download it from Cydia. Unfortunately, this requires specific technical knowledge that most users don’t have. And even if they get it installed, the user has to download additional software on their computer to work.

#3 Android supports more altcoins

The number of cryptocurrencies is ever-increasing, and therefore a growing amount of people buy altcoins as a type of investment. Moreover, because Android devices can install any app that supports bitcoin, users can also store or trade any other cryptocurrency. 

Apple’s policy limits them from allowing apps that support cryptocurrency other than bitcoin. They also have to reject any app they suspect might be used as an exchange platform for bitcoin or altcoins. 

#4 Easier to use wallets on Android

Android bitcoin wallet apps are easier to use than their iOS counterparts. Some of the options available for Ios users include but are not limited to scanning QR codes, writing down private keys and importing addresses from outside sources like another device or a file import.

An Android user can do some of these functions without downloading any additional apps. Click a button and scan a QR code from another device to send bitcoins. Or they can type the destination address into their wallet and send it that way.

The bitcoin wallet app CoinPocket was available on iOS devices and android ones. However, it was never updated to support the more giant screens introduced by Apple when they released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Some negatives of Android for bitcoin trading

Although Android is a better option for bitcoin trading, there are some downsides to it. First, because of the open-source nature of Android devices, users have more control over their devices which means they could damage them without realizing it. 

Apple enforces strict policies on their devices, limiting what bitcoin wallet apps can do. This means that your coins are protected by the passcode and hardware encryption that comes standard with iOS devices.


Because Android devices can run any app that supports bitcoin, they are a better option for trading bitcoins. The only con is that you have less protection than you would with an iOS device. But iOS users can get a wallet app from Cydia if they jailbreak their phones, which gives them the same level of security that Android users have.

If you want to protect your coins while trading, at least use an android device for any altcoin related activities and keep your bitcoins on a separate iOS device.