Mastering Live Chat Outsourcing: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Customers are abandoning phone calls and emails en masse, prompting companies to adopt a different approach to customer communication online. They must actively update the service to embrace the growing trend for live chat technology.

However, at some point, businesses can’t go any further without additional support from outside companies. This is especially true when demand for live chat technology exceeds the in-house team’s capacity to perform the task. Live chat outsourcing services come into play to help businesses make the change happen. 

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Customer service outsourcing is an entrenched practice for most businesses today. With live chat on the rise, companies find it hard to manoeuvre with the newest technology and ever-changing customer behaviour. 

However, many outsourcing experts are available to aid companies in dealing with these issues. For example, the SupportYourApp team sets up its Support as a Service operation to help businesses tackle both customers and technology most efficiently.

As a result, firms wish to hone their outsourcing skills to improve their online presence for customers worldwide. Today, we’ll share with you the key secrets of a successful live chat outsourcing journey. 

Live Chat Outsourcing: What’s All the Fuss About?

You can only win over a loyal customer by providing quality service. For modern customers, quality is defined by the prompt response and problem-solving, as well as the responsiveness of customer support agents. 

Live chat support is by far the fastest and the most agile solution to connect with your clients and solve their issues regarding your product or service. Outsourcing the live chat is a strategy where you hand over the service to a third party. This outside company provides a team of trained customer support specialists who chat with your customers in real-time. 

However, live chat support outsourcing services are not that simple. An outsourced team of live chat agents directly impacts your business and customer experience by dealing with the following duties:

  • Answer incoming questions promptly;
  • Supporting communication on multiple chats;
  • Providing customers with the best possible solutions;
  • Ensuring a seamless experience for your clients. 

Why Should Companies Outsource Live Chat Support?

Live chat continues to rank as the most preferred technology for customer communication. It’s safe to say that live chat is the perfect digital tool to increase customer retention, generate new leads, and make a profit. But does that mean that every company should outsource its live chat service? 

The answer is no. Outsourcing is the right decision when managing an in-house team and the service itself becomes challenging. Yet this is not the only reason why companies outsource their live chat support to a third-party service provider. Let’s find out the other reasons why firms resort to outsourcing:

  1. Reduce business costs.
  2. Support customers round-the-clock and in different timezones.
  3. Find the suitable infrastructure for live chat support that companies might lack.
  4. Avoid the in-house team training and maintenance expenses. 
  5. Save time for core business tasks.
  6. Improve customer experience and boost customer satisfaction.

An outsourced customer service team is practically an extension for businesses that aim to scale up without putting in much effort. But how do they find the right outsourcing partner to make this work? We’ll talk about this in the next section.

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Live Chat Outsourcing Companies Equal Trusted Business Partners

Well, it’s not always the case. Finding a reliable outsourcing partner is a real challenge because the industry grows fast as well as the number of outsourcing providers. Their offerings are tempting, but there’s more to them than just providing a multitude of customer service solutions. Outsourcing companies have to earn their partners’ trust to lead their business.  

Here, we’ll discuss the key factors that define a trustworthy outsourcing provider. This way, businesses can rest assured that such a partnership will yield only positive results.

  • An outsourcing team seamlessly integrates into your business.
  • An outside company can easily adapt to your corporate culture.
  • The company matches your core business requirements.
  • The vendor has well-developed technical support.
  • Their industry expertise is outstanding based on client feedback.
  • An outsourcing company shares your goals to improve customer experience.
  • The security requirements are strictly enforced. 

It’s important to note that live chat outsourcing companies may not always meet all of the above factors. However, our key advice for businesses is to ensure that your outsourcing vendor aligns with most of the requirements and has a knack for quality customer service. 

What to Look For When You Outsource Live Chat Operators?

There’s a huge difference between a low-value and a high-value outsourcing provider in customer service. Companies need to understand this difference so they don’t make the wrong decision when choosing an outsourcing partner for their live chat services.

Outsourcing will live up to its billing only if live chat conversations with customers are handled by a competent agent who knows how to keep clients engaged in the dialogue. But what makes a live chat operator a qualified customer service representative?

Live chat operators’ scope of work is not limited to chatting with customers. A high-value outsourcing agent works to optimize your live chat to make it a profitable tool for your business. As a result, companies reap the benefits and see improvements in their online sales and marketing activity overall.  

So the main tip for businesses is to look for a live chat outsourcing team that develops your live chat service as an integral part of your business that accelerates other segments of your company:

  • Outsource live chat operators with deep customer service expertise and consulting experience.
  • Cooperate with live chat agents who can easily adjust to your corporate mindset and facilitate improvements.
  • Choose an outsourcing team that is agile, customer-centric, and digitally proficient. 
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Concluding Thoughts on Live Chat Outsourcing

Live chat support outsourcing services help firms streamline their digital approach to customer service. They make your customers feel even more comfortable communicating with your brand. Outsourcing enables you to show how you value customers’ comfort and listen to their needs.

Choose your outsourcing partner carefully. This way you can allow your business to push the envelope in today’s digitally-oriented industry. 

Live chat is a great help desk software for promoting your product and establishing long-term relationships with potential clients. So make sure that you use this tool wisely, and contact third-party support from live chat outsourcing companies if necessary. Because the outcomes are well worth the effort. 

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023