Turn Your WordPress Site into an App: Beginner’s Guide

Convert website to mobile app with AppsGeyser

Do you want to convert your WordPress website into an app? Fortunately, WordPress has a quite easier option to help you provide your users with a comfortable mobile experience with developing a beautiful app.

When it comes to developing a mobile app there are plenty of routes you can take like you can code your own website, hire a web development agency or create a website using plugins without writing codes. Also, don’t forget that you need a fast, secure and reliable web hosting service for your website to ensure it is highly available and responsive to users’ requests.

Apps are a great way to increase users’ engagement and allow users to reach you quickly at one tap. Having both a mobile-friendly website and app will surely increase your traffic. It provokes users to see your content and services without going through multiple steps, resulting in more traffic and engagement. In this article, we will help you know how you can convert your website into an app.

Building an app requires a decent level of programming skills and it takes a lot of time. However, you can hire an app development agency to do the same task in less time which requires plenty of dollars. 

In the case of WordPress, you have the freedom and tools available to perform some technical tasks without involving in coding that makes WordPress a solid, reliable and favourite content management platform. Among these, you will also need to choose a reliable web hosting for WordPress to improve site performance.

Do you know a major portion of WordPress users are non-technical or those who have basic knowledge of coding and programming yet WordPress for beginners empowers them to develop eye-catching websites and apps as well? 

For non-technical people, plugins are great tools to perform a technical operation and customize websites and pages. You can even turn your website into an app with the help of plugins, though they are not free, you can save a tremendous amount of money and control the layout on your own. Here are a few best plugins to turn your website into an app. 

Best plugins to convert a WordPress Website into an App

1. Wp.mobile app


Wp.Mobile app lets you convert a WordPress website into a mobile app with just paying a one-time fee for lifetime use. As far as pricing is concerned, it has no subscription method. All you need to pay once for lifetime access that makes it affordable.

With Wp.Mobile you can publish both android and iOS apps. It offers you the tools and options to create app icons, add buttons, content’s translation to multiple languages, add unlimited push notification, and many more features. This plugin is the best choice for those who want to develop an app on a budget.

Price: One-time fee 79€ for android app and 149€ for iOS app. There is no hidden fee apart from this. Compared to other plugins it lets you create an app at a very reasonable price, however, you will have limited options to customize the app. 

2. AndroApp


AndroApp is a feature-packed plugin to transform a WordPress website into an android app without writing code. It has plenty of features such as push notification, social share, analytics tool, infinite scroll and various useful options to make the app user-friendly. 

Price: $66/year, it is free for the first month afterwards you will have to pay the yearly subscription fee. In case you don’t pay the amount, the app will continue to work with ads. 

Pros: It is a pocket-friendly plugin to create an app that lets you create a beautiful app in a few minutes. 

Cons: Features are limited and you can only develop apps for android.

3. AppPresser


AppPresser is said to be the first mobile app development framework for WordPress users. It helps users to develop an iOS/Android app in a few minutes. It equips you with the tools to create a mobile app for android and iOS users.

You will have some great options like app preview, more customization options, device testing to check if your app smoothly works on a particular device and many more. 

Price: Plan starts from 59$/month.

Pros: It gives you amazing control over your app with multiple tools and options to customize the app along with features to develop such as login and registration, monetization, analytics, offline content, protected content, etc. 

Cons: It is highly-priced. 

4. AppMySite


AppMySite is a great tool to create an app for both Android and iOS users in a few steps. It features a wide range of customization options to beautify your app along with a wealth of add-ons to make it more functional.

It comes with free and paid plans. The dree plan offers limited features to use from. While premium plans start from 9$/month in which you can publish your app on the app store and play store. 

Price: Starts from 9$/month to 19$/month.

Pros: A wealth of customization features to give you more control over the design and layout of the app along with a rich library of add-ons. 

Cons: Pricing of add-ons is slightly higher. 

5. Appilix


Appilix is a great website to app converter tool that features plenty of amazing options to make your no-code app development journey smooth and quick. With Appilix you can fully convert an app for free, however, publishing on Google pay requires you to buy a premium subscription that is priced at 19$ a year. 

Appilix is another pocket-friendly website to app converter tool in this list. The best thing is that you will not be charged until you are satisfied and do not publish your app on Play Store. You can use its free version for a few days for app testing and previews.

Price: 19$/Year and 49$ for lifetime use.

Pros: It is a very pocket-friendly app and lets you convert a website into an app in a few minutes. 

Cons: Not having many features to develop a fully customized app. 

How important is web host?

No-code based app development is in trend nowadays that empowers users from non-technical grounds to develop an app with amazing tools and support. These plugins are a popular example of no-code app development. Through these plugins, your website turns into an app. Since all your content is on your website, your app’s speed and performance depends on your website. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right host to ensure that the app is working faster. The slow speed of the app doesn’t only affect the users’ experience but also affects the SEO negatively. 


We hope you find this article informative and helpful. We have explained the best and quick way to turn a website into an android app without investing a heavy amount and going to developers. This method is best for a non-technical person who has a limited amount to spend in app development.