Steps to Make 2048 Game App in Just Five Minutes

Through consistent quality and technology enhancements, AppsGeyser is constantly striving to provide the best range of templates. These Android app making templates are not only up to date but also takes care of the user experience.

2048 Game App Template is one of the best templates to make your business attractive with an exciting game. You can easily make the 2048 game app using our creator that is empowered with the latest engaging visuals. Just a few clicks, and your memory style game is ready to impress the audience and boost your business.

Why should you make 2048 game app?

Brand awareness is the first thing when it comes to starting a career in android app development. Having a wide range of apps makes a significant impact on the user. As fun attracts more audiences than usual, having a game like 2048 game app becomes necessary to incorporate your business brand.

Network range can also be significantly extended through memory games like 2048 game app. Research shows that users engage in a business if it attracts its users with quality games as well as a wide range of apps. There are some perks of making an attractive game like 2048 memory game as follows:

  • Audience gets engaged
  • Boosts brand visibility
  • Brings fun to your app business
  • Increases brand reputation
  • Increases the network of apps

Steps to make 2048 Game App using the Template

Making a 2048 Game App is as easy as pie, thanks to the AppsGeyser’s Template, which gives ultimate convenience in the app making process. No matter if you are a pro in app development or a newbie, you will find the Template equally beneficial.

Before you start:

Make sure to have a range of images to include in the game. Since the entire app creation process only takes less than five minutes, it’s better to have all the visuals ready. AppsGeyser provides an innovative template to follow up through simple steps.

As a tip, you can get attractive royalty-free images from a lot of sources on the internet such as Flickr, Unsplash, and other sources, Always pay attention to the format of pictures as compressed PNG images proves the be most vibrant on the online world.

Let’s Start:

Go to the link of the AppsGeyser’s 2048 game development template. You will see a smooth and easy to navigate user interface. As you have already collected and stored the appropriate images in a folder on your computer, using them will be easier.

create 2048 game app

Thankfully, there is a live preview feature that will help you see your 2048 game app with live visuals. All you need to do is to update the pictures of different tiles and then click on the “Refresh Preview” button, which is located at the top of the Template.

preview 2048 game app

After each move, we recommend live testing your app using our live preview feature. It will help you out having a smooth design and a healthy user experience.

1. Upload Images

Uploading the images is a swift and straightforward process. All you need to do is to attach relevant photos from your computer. As there are tiles in the game, you can upload each image in its specified tile label. You will see a specific edit text box alongside a label such as “Tile 2” and two options below that box namely:

  • Attach picture
  • Delete picture

Following is a screenshot representing the user interface of the image uploading part.

add more tiles for 2048 game

You can click on the attach picture option to open up a pop-up screen, which will aid you throughout the picture uploading process. We have taken a screenshot of it to help you out in this process as follows.

upload images to your 2048 app

First, you will need to upload an image by clicking on the “Choose File” option and locating the image file from your computer. The file format can be a JPG or a PNG, as described on the screen.

After selecting your file, the image will be uploaded, and you will proceed to step 2, which is cropping your picture. The crop works in a rectangle way, so it will try to help you out cutting your image in an exact rectangle to fit in the tile.

crop and customize the image of your 2048 app

After you have adjusted the crop, just click on the “Submit” button to proceed further. Your photo will be uploaded, and you will see a similar screen as below.

add second tile for 2048 app

Moreover, you can delete the picture through the “delete picture” option and change it by clicking on the “attach picture.”

After uploading all of the pictures to the corresponding tiles, you are all set to go-ahead for the second step.

Optional Steps:

  • Though there is an optional step, which sometimes becomes essential, you can write descriptions for the tiles and there referring images in the edit text box right above the uploaded image.
  • We suggest you add a background to your game app to make it more compelling. It will personalize the user experience and provide familiarity to users with your app business. If you can add a custom background, it will be more effective. You can add a background image with 720×1280 dimensions (recommended but not necessary) by just clicking on the “attach picture” option under the heading of the background.
upload the background for app
  • It is recommended to live test your 2048 game app through our preview before going ahead to the next step. It will assure not only quality but also accuracy and design compliance.

2. Name Your 2048 Game App

Naming your game app seems an under-rated task, but it’s actually the most influential and effective way to brand your app business. After completing the first step of uploading images, you click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the user interface of the website.

The second section comes in with the title of “App Name,” which simply stamps your 2048 game app with the name you specify. You will get a screen like below.

name your game app

In the edit text box, you can write the app name and click on the “Next” button, but before that, make sure to check out the following suggestions.

  • The app’s name should be concise and short.
  • It is recommended to use an app name that promotes your brand.
  • The app name should be attractive and compelling to a versatile audience.

3. Set an App Icon

Yes, surprisingly, it’s the final step in your game development process. Setting up an appealing icon helps the audience identify the brand and the genre of the game. When you are done with assigning the app name and hit “Next,” you will see a screen like this:

select icon for app

AppsGeyser provides a default icon for your app with adherence to all the quality standards and size considerations. You can proceed with the default or even with your own customized icon. By checking the second “Custom icon” option, you can add an icon from the files on your computer easily.

The recommended dimensions of an app icon are 512×512. Consider revising your app icon if it’s not following the required dimensional criteria. You can also use the color of your brand to personalize the range of your apps.

Since app name and icon are the first things that a user sees, making it catchy helps your business grow at a rapid pace. As games are not like other conventional apps, their icon should also be entertaining and eye-catching.

After you have set the appropriate icon for your app, you can click on the “Next” button. Surprisingly, that’s it! You have just made a complete 2048 game app within only five minutes. If you were already logged in, you would see the following section at the top of the site.

download 2048 apk file

Congratulations! Your app making process has been completed. You can download your APK file and then launch it on the Google Play Store. If you haven’t been logged in or don’t have an AppsGeyser’s account, you will also be provided options to register within just a few seconds.

Why should you use AppsGeyser’s Template?

With an innovative approach towards a prosperous app business, AppsGeyser is turning millions of dreams into reality. With a wide range of customizable templates, you can not only make apps quickly but also with complete quality and user engagement.

Making a 2048 game app within just five minutes is not only about pace but also the customization and versatility it provides. It will bring a fun side to your app business, which the audience will love to have.  Try creating more engaging apps using the AppsGeyser App Making Templates to capture more audience.

We have a ton of easy to use and quality-oriented templates that you can use even if you don’t have experience in the app business. The 2048 game app is an example of how you can attract more audience that ultimately grows your business and generating healthy revenue.

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