The Best Android App Making Website for Free

Android App Making Website for Free

In this modern era, everything has shifted to mobile platforms. From your bank account to grocery stores, every access has made possible through these handheld devices. Social media platforms have also converted their focus towards mobile platforms. Nothing can escape the mobile world.

When it comes to mobile platforms, Android proves to the leading platform with more than 2.5 billion users globally. It’s almost 40% of the global population, and it’s almost the same number of mobile users in the world. The App market largely depends on Android apps.

However, developing Android apps is quite challenging because of the growing mobile market demands. There is a lot of competition in the mobile development world. Making quality apps is a must, but what if these quality apps are just a click away with an Android app making website?

With the growing demand for mobile apps, AppsGeyser was established with the aim of providing the easiest and quality-oriented tools for mobile app making. This Android app making website is not just an ordinary one but comes with a lot of trendy and up-to-date features. It’s time for you to create impressive and revenue-generating apps with AppsGeyser.

What is AppsGeyser?

AppsGeyser is one of the leading Android app making websites along with several distinctions. It is the most popular platform to develop Android apps without writing a single line of code. Not only that, but the entire system of AppsGeyser is also easy to use, robust, and above the quality standards.

According to experts, AppsGeyser cannot be replaced with any other Android app making website because of its robust structure and features it provides to its users. The most important factor about AppsGeyser is that it is completely free. There are numerous templates that it provides you, and there are no hidden costs for using these templates.

There are numerous styles you can adopt for your app through these powerful templates. It’s not about just the free templates, AppsGeyser also comes up with lots of tools to help you make your app business career an ultimate success.

From a user-friendly dashboard to thousands of blog articles to help you out with your app development business, AppsGeyser provides help in every department. To date, more than 3 million apps have been developed through AppsGeyser, and over 1.5 billion app installs have also been achieved.

These apps are not just published ones but live on the app stores and mostly on the Google Play Store. The tools provided by the AppsGeyser are always pre-tested and of high quality. The users of these tools have made millions by making apps through AppsGeyser, and it’s still counting.

Which Templates are Available With AppsGeyser?

AppsGeyser always strives to provide the best to its users; therefore, we have come up with a lot of robust templates for you. You can easily make stylish and eye-catching apps through these easy to use templates.

Surprisingly, you can make your apps with less than 5 minutes through all of these apps. It is far more than just an Android app making website. The templates it provides are totally free and easy to use. You don’t need to get into technical stuff if you want to make an app for the growth of your app business.

These templates can be easily personalized and turned into your preferred styles. Moreover, these are equally beneficial for newbies as well as expert developers. If you are an expert developer and want to make extra changes in your app, AppsGeyser provides you the ability to write JavaScript code by yourself.

Some of its templates are as follows:

  • Free Video Calls and Chat App: It is one of the most popular app templates on the internet. An Android app making website can never provide you the flexibility that AppsGeyser provides. You can develop an app with the capability of doing video calls and chatting within a couple of minutes.
  • Website App: No matter whether it is your personal website or a business one, you can easily make an app representing your website. Due to the absolute increase in the usage of mobile apps, there are a lot of chances your app being used by a wide audience. You can get more user engagement by making your website app and launching it on the Play Store.
  • Messenger App: It’s the era of messenger apps, and people love to use these apps. Having a messenger app in your app business product line proves to be a great innovation that can improve your brand reputation. This is not an ordinary messenger app. There are a lot of extra features that will help it stand out from the crowd.
  • Photo Editor App: There is a huge potential in making a photo editing app because a lot of users are already attracted to this type of apps. With the growing innovations in mobile camera technology, the demand for these photo editing apps has been increased a lot.
  • Business Apps: From affiliate and referral links to Facebook and HTML apps, there are numerous options to choose from the templates of the business category. AppsGeyser provides a lot of versatile apps to help your app business grow and make an impact. You can even make a Youtube channel app through one of our easy to use templates. These business templates are developed by taking care of all the business concerns.
  • Game Apps: When it comes to an Android app making website, games seems to be a lacking category in various platforms. But, AppsGeyser is here with a lot of incredible games templates to help you grow your app business with fun. You can easily show the fun side of your business to your audience. Some of the most popular game app templates are the 2048 game, Fishing, and Magic Ball.

What Does AppsGeyser Provide Which Others Don’t?

When it comes to AppsGeyser, it has experience in the app development world of more than a decade. It is continuously providing high-quality tools and services to its users for running a successful app business. Without any doubt, AppsGeyser is an Android app making website with quality and value-added features.

Let’s see how AppsGeyser is different from other Android app making websites.

1. Immediate Access

AppsGeyser does not ask you to wait until your app gets ready to be downloaded or installed. When you create an app through this Android app making website, you will notice that everything is quick and quality-oriented. We value your time and redirect you directly towards your dashboard once you complete making an app.

Other Android app making websites asks you to wait until a specific time or put some conditions to download your app’s APK files. But our purpose is to help you wherever we can. We always strive to provide high-speed app templates with less than 5 minutes of app development and download time.

2. App Updates

Not only app making, but AppsGeyser also provides you complete control over the management of your app. Successful app businesses always support and manage their apps after publishing them on app stores. You can easily update your apps through the AppsGeyser’s dashboard.

Unlike other Android app making websites, AppsGeyser offers a complete menu through which you can manage your apps and update them when you feel it necessary.

3. Unlimited Usage

Yes! You can make as many apps through AppsGeyser as you want without paying a single penny. That’s because it cares about your app business rather than the money. No matter if you are creating business apps or individual apps or even a mixture of them, AppsGeyser doesn’t put any usage restrictions on you.

Most of the other Android app making websites ask you to pay through some hidden charges or with usage restrictions. But AppsGeyser always strives to provide you the best services without any charges.

4. Quick Customer Service

Since a successful app business consists of high-quality apps as well as business and marketing tactics. AppsGeyser is not only an Android app making website but also provides a lot of other tools and techniques to be a successful app business owner.

Our ready-to-help customer service is always available through the website, social media, and other customer service related pages. We provide practical tutorials as well to get you out of trouble if you are stuck into a problem through our blog.

5. Quality-Enriched Apps

Unlike other Android app making websites, AppsGeyser doesn’t compromise on quality. Because we understand that when you publish your app on the app stores like the Google Play Store, you will get a lot of competition. To cop up with this, quality-oriented apps are a must.

So, from design to development and finalization, we always test the app in accordance with the quality standards. We want to app business to grow and become popular and strives to provide the best in quality and user experience.


In a nutshell, AppsGeyser is a versatile and unique Android app making website that does provide not only tools and templates but also helpful materials to be successful in your app business. Just get started with our templates by clicking on the CREATE APP button.

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