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Make Book Reader app for Android app in less than 5 minutes

Convert books into a mobile library in few simple steps. Make a book App with an instant access to favorite and popular books. No coding required.

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create ebook app for android

Ebook Library Template

Make an app with the book collection using book app maker a Book Reader app template on AppsGeyser. Give an instant access to books to your users. You can make an Android app from your favorite, popular or rare books for free without coding!

No Coding & No Сharges

Making an app from ebooks takes less 5 minutes! Make your app in 4 simple steps: add books in epub or PDF formats, customize an app design, name your app upload an icon. 

And it’s completely free. We don’t charge you for making and sharing Android apps on our platform.


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You can publish your Book Reader app today! The APK file will be built in a few seconds, so you can download it and share on Google Play and other app markets right away!

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Make Ebook Android App with Features

Multi-Books Library Support

You can add more than 100 books to your mobile library app! The app supports epub and PDF formats.

App Monetization

Make money by showing banner advertising in your app. You can join the Monetization program on your Dashboard.

Instant Push Notifications

Send custom push notifications with new books, updates, releases, news, and reminders!

Android & Google Play Support

Compatible with all Android devices. Publish your app on Google Play right away.

create ebook app for android

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How to Сreate Ebook App for Android for Free?

Build a Book Reader APK in 6 simple steps

  • 1
    Open the Book ReaderApp Template
    Follow “Create App Now” button. Or visit AppsGeyser.com to find the “Book Reader” app template on the Individual Tab.
  • 2
    Upload Books
    Submit books in one of supported formats: epub or PDF. Give the title to each book. Don’t use too large files, files less than 20MB are recommended. You can make a library with more than 100 ebooks.
  • 3
    Choose a Color Scheme
    Customize the app design, choose a color scheme with primary and accent colors. The app color theme will change colors of app menus, tabs and controls.
  • 4
    Name your App
    Submit the name of your Ebook app. Use the titles of books, names of authors, etc. Or come up with something more interesting. Don’t forget to add keywords relevant to your app content.
  • 5
    Upload the Icon
    Upload the app icon. You can use a default icon on AppsGeyser or create something new. Keep your icon clean and simple.
  • 6
    Publish the App
    Your Ebook app is ready! Share it with a billion of Android users. Download the APK and publish it on Google Play or other app markets.

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Create a Book Reader App with Free App Maker

You can build an Ebook Android app from books in epub and PDF formats. 

Convert your favorite books into a mobile app without coding. Create unique and niche libraries for your target audience. Make an app with books of one author like Stephen King or Victor Hugo; literature from specific countries (Russia, India, Germany, etc), genre – focused app for fantasy or thriller lovers, or even educational and non-fiction books about medicine, pop culture, programming, psychology, etc.

Convert Books to an Android App in 5 minutes!

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AppsGeyser – Free Ebook App Maker

Creating, downloading and sharing Ebook apps is free!

Book Reader App Maker is a free tool to develop an Android app without special knowledge and coding skills. No need to know learn how to code or how to work in Android Studio. AppsGeyser offers more than 30 ready-to-use app templates for business and personal use. 

  • Up to 5 minutes to build an Ebook App

  • No programming skills required

  • Completely free

  • Instant access to APK file

  • Push notifications

  • Monetization

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Why Should You Build an Ebook App?

Making an Ebook app allows you help users with an instant access to popular and demanded books. Over 75% of device users prefer mobile devices over PC and laptops. Especially when it comes to reading books. With a book reader app, you can make an extra income by monetizing the app and showing banner ads. Or you can use the app for educational purposes and share it with students.

Ebook Apps Created Already

Business and Education

  • Promote your business

  • Increase your visibility

  • Gain new users and clients

  • Educate students


  • Earn money with ads

  • Get up to $900 per month extra

  • Add in-app purchases

  • Build an Android app empire

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert books to a mobile app for free?

To convert books to an app, you need to open a Book Reader App Template on AppsGeyser.com. Follow the steps: upload books, customize the design, name the app, upload the icon. It takes around 5 minutes to build an Ebook app.

How to make an Ebook App without coding?

To make Ebook app without coding, visit appsgeyser.com and find the “Book Reader” app template. Fill the forms and follow our simple step-by-step guide, so you can make your Ebook app without any coding in 5 minutes. 

Can I turn a 50 books into one app?

Yes! You can convert more than 100 books into one Android app. You can make a large mobile book libraries with different themes and niches. Just make sure you upload books in supported formats (epub, PDF).

In what formats should I upload books?

Book Reader App Template supports the two most popular formats: epub and PDF. Most books on the internet are published in one of these formats. If it’s not the case, you can convert other formats into one of them using online services.  

Can I add more books after creating the Ebook app?

Yes. Go to the “Edit” menu on the AppsGeyser Dashboard. There you can change any content for your app – add or delete books, change their titles, adjust app settings – design, name, description, icon, features, etc.

My book is in FB2 format, what should I do?

Our Ebook App Builder supports only epub and PDF formats. That’s why you can look for the book in one of the mentioned  formats or convert it using online services like toepub.com.

Can I make an Ebook app online?

AppsGeyser is an online App Maker. You don’t need to download to make an Ebook app or any other Android book. To build apps it’s required to have a stable Internet connection. You can make apps using your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Can I monetize my Ebook app?

Yes. To make money with your Ebook app you need to sign up to the Monetization program on AppsGeyser and set up AdMob account. After that you will be able to earn money by banner advertising in your app. You can make up to $1000 per month passive income.

Can I download APK file of my Ebook app for free?

Yes! Downloading APK files of apps created on AppsGeyser is free. We don’t charge for it. The basic functionality of the App Builder including making, downloading and sharing app is free. We have a premium subscribtion for advanced users. 

How long does it take to convert books to an Android app?

It can take up to 10 minutes. It depends on the speed of your Internet connection. Making a Book reader app requires some pre-development preparation including getting book files and converting them in the appropriate format if it’s needed.


What other Android apps can I make?

AppsGeyser has more than 30 app templates for your business and personal use: website, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, TikTok, PDF file, Guidebook, Quiz, Photo Editor, Browser, Messenger, games, etc. Learn more on appsgeyser.com.

Why should I use AppsGeyser App Builder?

AppsGeyser is free and simple-to-use. We provide over 30+ free app templates. No charges for making, downloading and sharing apps. The app creation process is simple as you have only to fill the required forms on the app creation page.

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