Use MoPub to Monetize an AppsGeyser Android App

A lot of AppsGeyser users are really excited about the possibility of adding AdMob ads. Now we are happy to give you the second great possibility to monetize your apps.

Meet MoPub by Twitter! MoPub provides monetization solutions for mobile publishers and app developers. Using MoPub you can drive maximum revenue for every ad impression. It’s a good alternative if your AdMob account was blocked or you just want to use a platform of another company than Google.

How to get registered on MoPub?

Many people have asked us how it works, how to get connected with MoPub. How to access MoPub Marketplace? Which payment information do I need to enter? All that questions appear because MoPub registration form is overly complex and looks like a challenge. But don’t panic! We know all the tricks to get started with MoPub. Here are the steps you’ll need to take.

So. Open MoPub website and click Get started

Create AdMob - To Make Money with App

Click Get started one more time or Sign up today to create your MoPub account

Create AdMob - To Make Money with App

Complete the form with your personal data and click Sign Up

Create AdMob - To Make Money with App

Next, you have to go Marketplace tab. It’s Twitter’s own real-time bidding platform, that gives you the most expensive available ads.

So, click Enter payment info

Create AdMob - To Make Money with App

Now the most interesting things are starting to happen.

Choose Individual and complete all required fields with your contact details. Click Next.

Use MoPub to Monetize an AppsGeyser Android App

Choose payment method.

1) Wire Transfer

App Payment Information

2) PayPal looks like the easiest way:

App Payment Information

We recommend you to follow the tax form questionnaire to decide which tax form you need

Tax Form - App Monetization

Now just follow our clues in the screenshots below:


Tax Form - App Monetization

Payment Info - Money with App


Make Money with Android App


Choose Country for Tax Form


Review - MoPub creation


Tax Form - Make Money with Android App


Make Money with Apps


Make Money with Apps

But wait! That’s not all. You have only updated your payment information. Now your account is going to be reviewed by MoPub Policy Team. You need to wait for the moment when your account will be approved to receive ads from MoPub Marketplace. It usually takes two business days.

Pay attention: the ads will not start to be shown in your app until your MoPub Marketplace is not approved. 

Keep in mind that MoPub Policy Team may need more information. You could be asked to attach a screenshot of your Play Store admin page including application URL in the screenshot. That’s why your apps must be published on Google Play in order to complete Marketplace review. So if you have still not done that, you can do it while your account is being reviewed.

Well, it might look like a challenge, but believe us everything is easy in practice. Just be patient.

Want to know about monetizing with MoPub?

Go to FAQ and learn how to set up MoPub ads for your app by yourself

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023