Earn Money From Pay Per Call Mobile Advertising

We have been guiding you since long about how to build your apps, how to get your app accessed by a large community, and so on. Also, we have been mentoring you about several ways of how you can get your app monetized. But it seems like we have missed something very important which can prove to be an amazing step in monetizing your apps. We want you to read this article and then you will know what a great thing you will learn with us today.

So we were talking about different ways of monetizing your apps. The thing you are holding in your hands right now could be used in one of the ways where you can do this app monetizing. Yes, we are signaling towards your Android devices. We delved so deep into app building and stuff that we almost forgot the main usage of this gadget we have all the time in front of us. Being engrossed with many other ways of monetizing. we ignored something that could be the main source of income. The cell phones are basically known for making and receiving calls. And the pleasant fact that we are going to tell you is, you can utilize your devices for making money too. After already being so late in knowing this amazing fact we want you to not delay it any further and go for it. So now is the time to add this pay-per-call advertising to your ad banners. And get yourself benefitted from your cool Android devices.

We will quote an example here just to get you some idea of how it works. We will take a local area app that is working for local businesses, as our example. So hypothetically you are in an urgent need of calling a plumber to figure out where your pipe is leaking from. You find somebody on the app and now think how would it sound if you go for their cell number and the plumber would directly answer your call instead of you having to note the number down and then calling him?

What is Pay Per Call Mobile Advertising

There is a large number of different forms of pay per call. Pay per call basically urges the consumers to call on some listed number. So that they will get a product or avail the service. If we look deep into pay per call basics, we will find that there are two ways through which you can track phone calls in pay per call. The first kind is that you can assign a tracking phone number to each of your publishers. So whenever prospects will dial that number you will know which campaign or publisher the call can be attributed to. The second kind is the Dynamic tracking number. These are embedded in your web content and offer more fine details about the lead. We would say that the best pay per call tip is to use Dynamic tracking numbers. It helps you to know which keywords as well as landing pages lead the consumer to view your ad and dial your number. Dynamic tracking is not just limited to this but you can also use it to trace the campaign IDs to a particular advertisement.

Before launching this pay per call you need to decide a few things. You have to be clear about several points. Asking yourself these questions is said to be the best marketing tip. So the points or the questions we are talking about are:

  1. What are your goals?
  2. What demographics you are targeting at?
  3. What is the specific location?
  4. What time you’d normally be placing your ads?

This is not just all. After these questions, you need to know about your audience. Like who are they, what are their needs, what is the thing they fear the most or they hate the most etc. Location, platform, and timings are important because you need to make sure that your team must be ready to take the calls from the consumers.

Affiliate Programs

Pay per call is the simplest way that you can use to earn money from your app or make your app monetized. Each time a number is called from an advertisement to your app, you can earn. Affiliate companies are of much importance in this regard. An Affiliate network provides the publishers with all the essentials tools and options by the usage of which they can monetize your apps. The tools and options can be tracking links and creatives etc. For advertisers who are beginning from a scratch, an Affiliate program is the best choice to start with. Affiliate networks benefit advertisers with payment processing, ad tracking technology, and ad campaign reporting tools. Also, it assists the advertisers in getting access to a vast database of publishers. Affiliate networks work on CPA that is the cost per action model which means they deliver 100% rates to the advertisers. Since the 90s this affiliating market has become a big industry. According to research, by 2021 this affiliating network will grow to $6.8 Billion.

According to Affiliate market data, out of the total profit generated by the Affiliate market in 2016, 40% was attributed to mobile devices. Affiliate marketing has now become a trend. We can see many social media persons or influencers who do include this Affiliate link to the description of their photo or video. In recent years, we have observed an increase in the use of the Affiliate market in the app sector. For example, developers are now using this program for the promotion of apps or game installing campaigns. If we see the list of Affiliate Networks, we will see that the main focus of this network is on mobile and app related traffic and offers. So out of many, we will talk about the two most mobile-friendly Affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs with companies like OfferMobi and Commission Junction offer the easiest way to earn money. The revenue you can make from these can be worth up to $40 per call.

About OfferMobi

OfferMobi was launched in 2010 and it is the first USA based mobile affiliate network. From the time of launching till now, OfferMobi has gained a huge number of followers in the form of mobile publishers. Everyone who is seeking performance-based commissions from ad campaigns which they can run in mobile advertising channels, go for OfferMobi. OfferMobi acts like both, an agency and a performance-based network for the publishers and advertisers who want to promote their mobile-enabled apps.

About Commission Junction

If we call Commission Junction a pioneer in digital performance-based marketing, it would not be wrong. Commission Junction gives publishers a chance to get their apps monetized and also to get them paid for the action they specify. This Commission Junction was found in 1998 and its headquarters are in Santa Barbara, US.

So how can these companies of affiliate programs help you make money? Let us make it easy for you to grasp. You might be thinking that your audience will go for a link that says “Click on a link to find further information”. But the fact is if you are working with the right companies for the right audience with an option of “Click to call” then people will do that and get your service or the product. The percentage of such clicks is higher than clicks to random information which will also lead you to high sales commissions. Sales are basically tracked by using a number for each affiliate so that your account can be traced. The example we have given you in start i.e. if you call a plumber from our advertised phone number then you will receive a percentage from the service sold.

How to add number to a banner ad

This is also as easy as the rest of the process. To add a phone number to a banner ad, all you need to do is copy the HTML code as shown below:

<a href=”tel:0123456789″>Your local plumber call here!</a>

Don’t you act like a goof by copying the same number. Obviously you will replace this number with the one given to you. You will also replace the text according to your advertisement.

That is all you need to get paid by the “pay per call advertising method” that is made from any Android device.


We are sure this article has helped you in many ways. If you have tried multiple ways to get your app monetized and none of them proved to be fruitful, then don’t be upset or think it’s the end of your career. You can start all over again utilizing the ways we have told you above in our article. Get yourself nice profits by pay per call advertisements. Use the Affiliate networks for your benefit and rise again in the world of apps.