Personalizing Your Android App – Secret Scripts Revealed

How exciting, you are getting your business moving into the mobile world and have started to create an app for your company. Things are starting to look great. Getting a simple app, using the tools provided by Appsgeyser, is easy, all you need to do is click on create an app, choose your app template format and fill in the details required. Five minutes and your app is complete.

It is possible to make your app more appeasing to the eye by modifying some details. The most basic upgrades can be done through the dashboard in the edit tab. Within this tab you are able to update your screenshot, icon for your app, screen orientation to name just a few. The blog post we recently had on the dashboard will take you through these changes in a little more detail. Click here 

Advanced app personalization

Personalizing your Android app becomes a lot more interesting when you come to the advanced edit tab. Within this tab you are able to add your own script that can change the complete look of your app. It will not however change the base source; it overwrites the look on the app only. At present the script that is supported by AppsGeyser is JavaScript.

embed javascript
JavaScript should be entered here

We use JavaScript to mainly change the theme on the page, to change the colors, the layouts hide things on the main site that we do not want to see on the app. In order to make these changes you just need to add some simple coding.

Today we are going to see how we can change the login page look for a Yahoo app. This is what it looked like before we embedded our code:

personalizing your android app
Before embedding JavaScript

Now I am going to embed the following code:

var s = document.createElement(“STYLE”);

s.innerHTML = “div#header { display:none; }”;


Now this is what the app will look like.

personalizing your android app
After embedding script

Can you see the difference? The blue banner with Yahoo on, has disappeared.

All we have done here is add a simple script, that you can copy and paste into your own app, and we have transformed the look of the app from its original URL.

There are many more ways personalizing your android app can be accomplished by using user scripts in JavaScript format to transform your app. We would like to encourage you to practice and play around with scripts on a demo app before you create your final app. It is important that you always backup your original app and copy script exactly as it is written or it will not work, every full stop, quotation mark and bracket is important.

I hope you have enjoyed our second coding tutorial today. Let us know what you have created. We would love to see it.