Rate My App: Turning the Negative into a Positive

In the past few weeks we have been adding customized codes for you to use on your apps. One of the codes that we added was a rate me code. This code contained a link to your GooglePlay download page, so that your users can rate your app. I have had some great feedback from those that have used this code. However, I have also been asked if it is wise to ask for feedback in case you get a bad review.

Let me tell you something. A bad review is not a negative thing. It is actually something that you can turn into a positive, and should be used to your advantage. A poor review will not end your app career, but can actually be the cause of its future success.

You have received a bad review. Now you need to learn how to turn this negative into a positive. Below we have listed a range of techniques that will help you.

How to deal with a poor review:

1. Embrace a poor review; don’t deny it – The rule of business, no matter what business is: the customer is always right – no matter what. Customers are employing you. They have the right to voice their opinions and be treated with respect whether you agree with them or not. Always respond to a poor review by turning the negative into a positive.

2. Turn a negative into a positive – It isn’t clear at first to see that the black cloud always has a silver lining.  In order to turn all negatives into positives you should show the user that you have listened to the review, and how you plan to deal with the issues that they have raised. You should be communicating back to the reviewer, firstly by thanking them for highlighting the problem, without being angry and sarcastic, and then by telling them what you plan to do to deal with the issue.

3. Share the review – Sounds crazy to want to share a poor review, but you want to be sharing how you have dealt with and listened to this review and how great your business is now thanks to this review. Show everyone what wonderful customer service you have, and how well you listen to your customers. Get this up on your social media sites and spread it everywhere. If you do not agree with the user, you can write about how the ‘perceived problem’ isn’t a problem, and explain why in a polite way. This will also help solve any misunderstandings.

4. Update the way reviews are seen – This isn’t a cheat, but a way to put the poor reviews, after you have dealt with them, behind you. Utilize the way reviews are shown on your download page. Ensure that reviews that are the most helpful are shown first. This will ensure that the more positive of reviews are seen first by potential app users. This does not deny any poor reviews, as you will have dealt with the poor reviews in a respectful manner. This just ensures that you are not discriminated against.

You can change the order of your reviews by doing the following:

1. Go to your app review page in GooglePlay.

2. Click on the arrow on the right and change the review’s display option to ‘Helpfulness’.

3. Thumbs up the first most comprehensive 4 and 5 star reviews (Do not do this on more than 5 reviews) You can also ask people who have used your app to rate reviews for you.

4. Wait 10 minutes and click refresh.

REMEMBER: Never change a review, and do not rate too many of the good reviews as this will be detected as suspicious behavior. We strongly believe that it is important to be as honest with your customers as possible, and that all reviews are legitimate. However, we also feel that it is not fair that you are discriminated against while you are still learning and making changes to your free Android app. Poor reviews should be dealt with and then put behind you.