The Role of Google Play Short Description in Your App Rankings

Google Play Short Description

Many App developers get confused about whether Google Play short description helps them in ranking their app on Google App Store or not? Many App developers don’t even have an idea that Google Play short description can have a major impact on their ranking.

To answer all of these questions, we are going to mention tricks on how keywords can help you in ranking higher in Google App Store, which can lead to generating more sales.

Google App Store has algorithms of its own that no one really knows that how it works, but what we know is that Keywords can help you rank higher in the Play Store. Your app has the increased chances of higher rank with the right keywords in your app description.

Google Play Store ranks the app with highly keyword-optimized apps on top so that people can look and get instantly what they are looking for. Many App developers aren’t aware of the power of Google Play short description keywords, and that is where they lack in ranking the app.

There is no need to cry if you have not done your research right. Keyword search is not that hard, and people make their app highly SEO optimized so they can get more sales.

How Google Play Short Description Help in the Rankings?

You need to understand that Google Play Store will rank your app on top if you have the right keywords integrated into your description. The main focus should be to integrate your app description with keywords. Keywords in the title, a short description, and even a long description help you rank higher in Google App store.

You need to add keywords in Google Play short description of your app so that the app can rank higher. Use some secondary keywords to rank apps on Google. These short keywords can attract an audience to your app if you choose to write the right keywords.

Keyword placement is also an art that not everybody knows. Therefore, many people choose to hire a content writer to get their app descriptions highly optimized. Honestly, it’s not that tiresome work that you cannot do yourself. You just need to do some research and add accurate keywords in the app.

Where does Short Description Appear in the Play Store?

On Google Play, a short description appear. It is 80 characters. When people view apps and choose to download the app, then their short description is visible of 80 characters. The key is to add as many keywords in the short description as you want.

The short description is the first thing user will see on your app while checking out your app features. You should:

  • Make your short description interesting
  • Put secondary keywords in it
  • Add primary keywords if not used in title
  • Make it useful for a reader, not just a chunk of words

Your Google Play short description will be of no use if people cannot find it useful, or they cannot get an idea about your app’s best feature. You need to make most of the use of your Google Play short description and trust me, and it is not that hard. Keywords in the short description are usually indexed by Google, so you have higher chances of getting a top rank on Google.

You must be aware of the ASO strategy, by ASO strategy, your app icon should be explainable itself. Users can know about your app just by seeing the app icon. This is the reason people invest a lot of money into getting their app icon customized. You can use the app icon as your avenue to explain the audience about the app and its benefits.

App developers usually ask that short description is not visible in the browser, so should we add ASO keywords in the short description.

The answer is YES! Keywords in Google Play short description are indexed BY google, so they eventually get ranked, but you need to consider the ASO keyword tool to your advantage. It can also benefit you in ways. Consider these factors of ASO:

  • Search Volume: They keywords you are going to add in the app should have a higher search volume. Keywords with no search volume will not help you rank higher on Google. You can rank higher on Google App store by integrating good high search keywords. Zero search volume keywords are of no good, better don’t consider. Consider the keywords with top search volume.
  • Make it relevant: Make sure your keywords are relevant to your app. Some secondary keywords are not linked with the title or aim of your app, but they still are shown as a secondary keyword. You should not focus on such keywords. Consider keywords that are aligned with the purpose of your app. Keywords with non-relevancy are of no use.

Should you Add Some Keywords in the Long Description?

Not really. Google Play short description doesn’t give you enough space that you can add all keywords in 80-character space, so save some for your long description. While researching keywords, list your targeted keywords in the title and short description, and the rest relevant keywords should be in your long description.

Mentioning the same keywords repetitively can alert Google on stuffing the irrelevant keywords, which decreases the essence of the concept of the app. When your descriptions are just stuffed with keywords, then it doesn’t make sense.

You need to make your keyword integration wisely, so it delivers the concept to people and also helps to rank your keywords for search. Google Play gives more preference to short description keywords than a long description, so you know now where your maid targeted keywords should be in. It should be in a short description.

How to Do Your Research

You have understood most from this title that how short description keywords can rank your app high in google store. Now, what you need to know is how you can do the research,

Steps are as following:

  1. Sign up at the ASOdesk account. It is for free. You can sign up at the ASOdesk account for free.
  2. You have to add your application
  3. Then you have to add your app when you are adding your app. You can have the advantage of all the free features. ASOdesk gives you free features so you can make most of the use. ASO tool offer features such as:
  4. Keyword explorer
  5. Keywords charts
  6. Competitors
  7. Reviews
  8. App profile
  9. Keyword analytics

By this process, you can find keywords for your app easily. You can add these keywords to your short description. You can use all these free features to write your highly optimized short description.


We know everybody wants to rank their app on Google App Store. It is not a problem if you do your research right and optimizes your app descriptions with the right keywords. You need to take advantage of the title, short and long descriptions to rank your app higher but also make it interesting at the same time.

It is no rocket science to optimize the 80-character space with the right keywords. Many App developers do their research right and increase the rank of their app. You should find the highly searched keywords related to your app and then infuse those keywords in Google Play short description.

This just doesn’t help in ranking but also helps in user attraction. If you have infused Google Play short description with the right keywords and also described your app man features, then people will love to read it, and your download rate will increase.

A concise and short description will highlight your app’s unique and best features. This will relate to user interest and result in a higher conversion rate. Your main aim should be to infuse keywords in the 80-character field.

You can also add emoji in your short description to give it a more user-friendly approach. You can boost the conversion rate, visibility, and also have a chance to increase the number of installs.

  • Don’t confuse between the Google Play short description and long description. A short description allows 80 characters, whereas a long description allows 4,000 characters.
  • The short description is the first text user see while viewing the app listing.
  • Google Play short description impacts convert viewers into users.
  • A short description carries more weight than a long description.
  • Adding the right keywords in a short description can increase the rank of the app.

A short description is viewed by users without any effort. They don’t have to click on your app to see a short description. This gives you a chance to make the short description captivating.

Make it interesting and highlight your best feature, so the viewer installs your app. This is how you can use Google Play short description to increase the app conversion rate.