How to Create RSS Android Application for Free Using AppsGeyser

Appsgeyser is a platform that is used for creating Android applications. Android devices are one of the most popular devices nowadays. By creating Android apps, as a developer, you can reach a broad audience in a minimum amount of time. By using your skills, you can create competitive applications that are in demand and you can earn huge revenue from them. Android devices are everywhere around us. According to some statistics, in some regions of the world, the users can get Android devices for as little as $50.00. Android follows an open-source model for its development. The developers of the Android platform can customize their applications in unlimited ways. With a huge variety of Android devices already present on the market, the developers can create apps for different versions of Android phones. In this way, by using the Android platform for development, the opportunity for an app to be successful is very huge.

Android application development provides several advantages to the developers. The Android code is very easy to view, modify, and distribute. Therefore, the developers can create numerous applications with very little cost. The Android development community is very huge. Therefore, if a new developer faces some issues during the development of the applications, he can easily get a solution from different forums that are dedicated to helping the Android developers. You must be wondering now from the title that what is RSS application? Don’t worry! Keep reading this article for getting into the details about an RSS application.

What is RSS Feed

RSS is a web feed. RSS is the abbreviation for ‘Rich Site Summary’. Now you must be wondering what a web feed is? On the Internet, the web feed can be considered as a format of data. This data is responsible for showing users the updated content frequently. It is a method of making the content available from one website to another with the help of different subscriptions. For using the RSS subscriptions, a user usually subscribes to a particular channel and he adds the URL of the channel in the web browser. In this way, the users will get the updated content of their choice regularly. Usually, the HTML format is delivered in the form of RSS feeds. In simple words, the RSS application is usually used for updating the users about the new content on a regular and frequent basis. It is most commonly used in news-based websites and apps. By using RSS web feed, the content will be regularly updated in the form of news in a news feed RSS application. The process which is used in the distribution of the content among the application is known as web syndication. Certain type of information is always attached to the RSS document. This information usually includes text type and metadata. Helpful information is included in the RSS documents such as the date of the documents, Author name, and other useful information. By creating an RSS based Android application, you do not have to release the updates of your apps frequently. The RSS based application will automatically update itself and there will be no longer needs for frequent updates to the application.

How to create RSS Android Application using Appsgeyser platform

If you are confused about how to create an RSS apps for your Android device, then don’t worry. You can easily create RSS based Android applications by using the AppsGeyser platform. The platform provides a variety of different app templates that can be used for creating Android apps. It also provides a template for creating an RSS based Android application. 

How to use the RSS feed

 Two options are present for the users who want to create an RSS application. The RSS feed can be created from a website and also it can be created by using different keywords.

  • Website link: For making an RSS feed app from a website, you should copy the RSS feed website link. For getting the RSS Feed website link, right-click on the RSS sign on the website. In this way, you can promote your business applications by providing links to your business blogs in the RSS applications.
  • Keyword search: When creating RSS feed by using keywords, you need to ensure you use +, – and quote signs to make the search more specific. For example, If you want to collect all the latest news about the world, you should write the keywords as “World News”. If you want to search for another thing with the previous search, then you should write “World News” + “World Weather”. In this way, you will get information about both world news and world weather in the same RSS feed. Using the keyword search for your RSS feed is one of the best options to use in an RSS Android apps. In this way, the Keyword search will collect information from the whole internet based upon your keyword choice.

Using AppsGeyser Template for RSS Feed App development

Follow the below-mentioned points for creating an RSS feed application by using the template provided by AppsGeyser:

  1. Log into your AppsGeyser account.
  2. Click on the option of “Create App”.
  3. You have to click on the option of “create an app to grow”. This section consists of necessary templates that can be used for creating business applications and website apps.
  4. By clicking the above-mentioned options, you will get access to different options and templates.
  5. Select the option to create “RSS App Template”.
  6. By selecting this option, you can easily create an RSS app to fulfill the requirements of your application.
  7. Try to select a single theme for your RSS application. In this way, the users of your app will get concise and consistent results regarding the single topic.  
  8. You will have to add the news topics for creating the RSS application.
  9. Insert your RSS name along with the RSS link.
  10. You have to provide multiple names and RSS links for adding different topics to your newsfeed.
create rss android app
  1. You can also add new RSS names and links for covering as many topics as you want.
  2. Ensure that the links you enter are verified. The template will not let you go to the next step if you enter a false RSS link.
  3. If the website that you are creating link about uses WordPress, then you simply have to add the keyword “/feed” at the end of the website.
  4. If the website is hosted on the Tumbler platform, then you simply have to add the “/feed” keyword at the end of the URL to make it RSS link.
  5. You will be required to provide an app name in the next step.
convert rss feed to android app
  1. This template allows selecting a default icon or custom icon for your Android app.
  2. Select the create button.
  3. If you are not already logged into your Appsgeyser platform, then the system will prompt you to log in by using your credentials.
  4. The links of the RSS feed must be publicly available for your RSS application to work properly. If the links are not publicly available, then you cannot move to the next step in the template.
  5. You can select the preview option for previewing the app.
  6. You will get a link to .APK file after creating the application with this template.

In this way, you can create your RSS feed Android application to meet your requirements and demands.


RSS is an important kind of app feature. This feature makes it very easy for the readers to get hold of the information they search for without any need to browse the general internet for information. This feature is mostly favored by different types of bloggers and website maintenance teams. By simply clicking on the RSS feed icon, the readers can easily subscribe to the content of their choice and the content will be made available to them straight away. The RSS feed will allow the different kinds of content to come to the readers itself. RSS is a tool that is used for web-based marketing. The main purpose of using an RSS feed is to save the time of the users. By using the Appsgeyser platform, you can easily create an RSS feed android app. All you have to do is to sign up on this platform and select the template for creating the RSS feed application. After signing into the account, you will select a template of RSS app and you will fill out the necessary fields as marked by the template. For using the template, you will have to provide the verified RSS links to the news source or websites that you want in your application. You can also create the RSS feed application by using the keywords of your choice. Review the application before the final creation of the app to ensure that the graphical user interface is according to the requirements. In this way, by using the Appsgeyser platform, you can easily create an RSS application of your choice.