6 Effective Tools To Share Your Android APK

You have completed your Android APK creation and probably celebrated its completion too. Now it is the time to share your APK to the number of people out there in the world. Shortly, not only you will have your own APK file in your Android device but many people will have it in their devices. This is only possible through effective distribution of your APK. You have already put a great deal of effort into creating an app but a lot more is still required to make your app a big hit. Android being an open platform allows its users several choices to get their APKs shared. As an Android user, you can share APK in any way that suits you. You can use a distribution approach or it can be several approaches, whatever meets your needs the best. Android allows you to share APK in an app market or email it to your users or you can even use websites. You being an Android user are never restricted to any particular distribution platform. You can even get your sharing done via ads as well. All these ideas of APK sharing make your farfetched dream of acquiring users, a reality.

Let’s have a look at different tools of distribution by which you can share your Android APK:

1. Ads

You can use ads for your APK distribution. APK installation ads permit the users to get your APK installed directly from the advertisement. You can add original content and you can remove or modify your content during the time of ad processing. It all depends and based on where your ad is going to pop up. You need to work on your ads and make them catchy enough to get the attention of users. No matter when and where the users see your ad, it must be appealing to their sight and needs. Ads can be of many types. You can create an ad that offers users a bonus. The bonus can be an extra lifeline in the game etc.

Pros and Cons

Considering the pros and cons of something is helpful in making a sensible decision. The type of ad we are discussing has many advantages. Firstly, with such type of distributive ideas, you can save your APK from getting lost into a sea of other apps in the market. Secondly, it will be easy for people to discover your app which will ultimately result in a tremendous increase in the APK installation. All this will surely take you on the way to success. The cons of such types of ads can be that they consist of high prices which sometimes exceeds your economic budget. Initially, you will get high downloads, and spending so much will sound fine to you but later on, you will see that there is a drastic decrease in usage ratio, which was going very smoothly before. This is only because people have installed your app with no clear intention of using it later on. Eventually, they may uninstall it too and this is something a developer must be concerned for.

The point is that people come to download and use your APK because they find something intriguing about it. In the start, when the usage ratio is high, developers become satisfied with this momentary success and stop putting more effort. Later on, with growing needs and demands, your app sound unfit to the users and they start uninstalling your APK. You can change this attitude of users by continually updating your landing pages according to the style and needs of the audience. This will make your users stick to your APK.

2. Video Ads

Video ads basically use more memory, network, and more device resources as compared to other types of ads. The key to make your video ad an optimal one is to try and use all these resources efficiently. When your video ad performs better, your APK will become stable overall. Quality of the video ad must be ensured because poor quality will leave a poor impression over your audience and in the end, you will lose your users. Serving a video ad in a mobile app is not a piece of cake like there are many factors involved in it and you need to keep a good check on them. Some factors that can degrade the user’s experience can be a poor network connection or the android phone not working properly while using the application. Try to use some tricks to get the attention of your audience on your video ad. You can say “watch this video and get free items in the game”. By using such tricks, the audience will never refuse to watch any video ad.

Pros And Cons

The advantages of video ads are that videos being so vibrant in colors can easily get anybody’s attention. Video ads do not demand to be logged in to some specific site. The audience can view them at greater ease without any headache of logging in or clicking on some link. Therefore, video ads are the best ways to share your APKs through. But there is one thing that will put off the developers. Certain programs allow the users to view the video for a few seconds and then they can skip the remaining part of the video if they want.  To cope with such issues, we advise the APK distributers to make the first few seconds of their video ad as exciting and impressive as possible. This strategy will make the viewers continue to see the video ad completely. Also when you choose an ad provider just keep one thing in focus that your ad must not start in the middle of the game. Because this will only annoy the user and he will just not pay attention to whatever the video has to say. Therefore, the best time to get your video ad played is during the loading process of the game.

3. Become A Publisher

The money you spent on your APK distribution can be earned back if you yourself become a publisher and start showing these ads on your app. These tricks will help you increase the number of downloads of your APK and can make you a successful APK maker. The main thing is you need to work for that. If your app does not look interesting and eye-catching to the audience they will start uninstalling your APKs that they installed once. This will affect the rank of your APK in the app stores.

4. Sharing through Email

Besides video ads, developers can use another idea to share their APKs which is via email. Yes, it’s the quickest and easiest way to share your apps among users. You can simply email your APK to the target audience. For this to work, you only need to have an app, attach it in an email and you are just one click away from the users. Whenever any user will open your email on his Android device, the Android system identifies the APK and gives an “Install Now” option. And the users can get your app downloaded just by a click. This emailing of apps is only convenient if you are sending them to a small number of trusted users.

5. Distribute APKs through Google Play

To reach the broadest possible audience, developers usually opt for Google Play to share their APK files. Google Play is primarily used as an app distributor. It is specifically thought to be useful if you intend to share your app on a large scale to a large audience. However, there are several marketplaces that you can be used for this APK sharing purpose. But unlike other forms of distribution, Google Play permits you to use In-app Billing service and licensing service. Both of these make you enjoy some quality stuff. The In-app Billing service allows you to sell in-app products and the licensing service helps in preventing unauthorized installation as well as the use of your apps.

6. Sharing through a Website

If you do not want your APK to be shared or released on Google Play, you can still make your apps accessible to your users. This is possible by making your APKs available on your website or server for download, it can be private or enterprise server. To get it done, prepare your apps for distribution in a usual way first, then host the release-ready files on your website. Then provide a download link to your users.


The point of this article is to get the people around the globe convinced that they start talking about your APK, along with playing and sharing your app. No matter how well designed and great your APK is, if you do not put an extra amount of effort into promoting it, you will never make it famous among the audience. With the increasing competition in app stores, it has become crucial to find some smart APK promoting strategies. We hope that this article will prove to be helpful in letting you know how different tools can work wonders in sharing your Android APK.