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We all live in a digital age. Along with other advancements in technology, mobile app development is becoming more profitable every day. Currently, different app development platforms are present. The platforms are available for creating mobile phone app from templates.  Among these platforms, AppsGeyser is a unique platform. This platform provides numerous templates to the end-users. A user can easily customize the templates according to his requirements and build Android apps that will meet his requirements. There is a lot of potential for earning a good amount of money with the help of Android applications. AppsGeyser is a platform that makes it very easy for users to build apps and then profitably earn revenue from them.

How to Make Money by Building Apps using AppsGeyser

Keep reading this article to learn about how to make money by building apps using AppsGeyser. AppsGeyser is a web app. The sole purpose of this web app is to facilitate the users for creating Android applications. Numerous templates are provided to the end-users in this platform. Different templates serve different purposes for the creation of the Android app. Follow the following steps for using AppsGeyser:

Make Money by Building Apps
  1. In the first step, Go to the website,
  2. Create your account by using your username and password.
  3. Register yourself in the system.
  4. Remember your Login credentials for logging in the system whenever required.
  5. log in to your account.
  6. Explore the different templates provided by the AppsGeyser.
  7. Select the template that works with your potential system requirements.
  8. Customize the template according to your requirements.
  9. Save the app and get the .APK  file for publishing over the play store.
  10. This platform will guide the user through the whole process of creating the application.
  11. The .apk version is also given to the user for testing purposes only his or her own device.
  12. After testing the application on the target device, the users can easily publish their apps in the play store.

How to earn profit from your app using AppsGeyser

Make Money by Building Android Apps

First, you should decide whether you would like a free version of app or a paid version. Invest your time in some thorough research regarding the version of your app. If you are going to create a free version of the application then, include captivating features that the target audience wants. In case you are going to create a paid version of your app, then ensure that the prime features of the app are kept under lock. The prime features will only unlock when the user will purchase them. By using Appsgeyser, you can make both free versions as well as paid versions of your application. Some important guidelines regarding the creation of android applications are as follows:

  1. In the free version of your application, you can create the content of the application with different advertisements.

The free versions of applications usually support in-app advertisement.

  1. For the paid version of your application, make the application without any advertisement.

In this way, the user will get the prime features without any hurdle or distraction. Exclusive and special content should be provided in the paid version of the application. Paid versions of applications are made in such a way that the user gets a unique experience and he would like to pay for the features. 

  1. The users are first shown the free version of the application.

If the application gets successful and the user downloads the free version of the application, then there is a greater chance that the users will pay for prime features in the same application. The rule of thumb here is to grab the main attention of the audience so that they will get hooked to the application. In this way, if people like to use a free version of the application they will like to pay for the advanced features in the same application.

  1. Google Play store loves unique and new content.

Therefore, make sure that your application is offering new functionalities and new features to the target audience. Build your Android app in such a way that it would stand out in the competition and people would like to download it on their mobile phones. An app that is repetitive and does not offer any new functionality is usually rejected from the Google play store. Build an app from a unique idea and use different app templates from Appsgeyser to build your application.

  1. Create more than one version of your application.

This essentially means that you should build more than one application that provides unique functionality to the users. If you create only one application and publish it over the play store and think about becoming successful from it then you are wrong. To become successful, you should create more than one app for the play store. Make sure that your applications are all high in quality and all of them offer something distinctive.

  1. Do not try to submit spamming apps over the play store.

It can lead to the ban of your Google developer license. Never try to fool the play store by submitting useless apps. Google Play store rejects hundreds of apps daily. Try to be honest and exert research before creating an app. If your app follows all the guidelines provided by the Google play store, then it will be easy to publish on the play store without exerting much effort. save your time and effort and work correctly the first time.

  1. After publishing the app over the play store, make sure that you are regularly maintaining the application.

Ensure that you are constantly creating new updates for the features that conform to the user requirements. Keep user feedback in mind and create updates after the user feedbacks. In this way, you will make your application successful over the play store. If your app encounters some bugs or crashes, ensure that you fix them immediately. It can never become successful if it crashes or some bugs are reported regarding it. When you are updating an application, make sure that you remove the outdated and old content from the app. An app requires constant maintenance if you want it to become successful over the play store. Release new updates and features regularly. Think of new ways how you can give unique new features to the users in a single app and keep working on new features constantly.

What is Appsgeyser?    

Appsgeyser is a platform that facilitates the creation of Android mobile applications in a user-friendly way. By using this platform, users create new applications and turn their ideas into reality by using simple drag-and-drop. The user can customize their applications in every way possible. Not everyone in the world is very tech-savvy, therefore, this platform supports the creation of application development by even non-technical people. After using this platform, users can build Android mobile phone applications in no time. Users can test the application over their mobile phones as well.

For any Android mobile app developer, It is very difficult to build an application that fully conforms with the guidelines provided by the play store. The developers usually build an app in the first step and then they exert their time and effort to meet the standards of the play store. By using the AppsGeyser platform, the users can get the application that automatically conforms with the standard practices of the Google play store. The user simply has to get the .apk file and publish it over the play store.  In this way, the user will save time for reviewing the app again and he can directly publish it over the play store. Go ahead, create your account in the AppsGeyser platform and turn your ideas into reality.


In this digital age, Android apps are everywhere around us. There is no business or company around us that is not using Android apps for their everyday business processes. if you have a great idea for an Android application and you want to turn your idea into reality by creating an Android app, then look no further than the Appsgeyser platform. Follow the following steps for building your application on this platform:

  1. Select whether you would like a paid version of your app or a free version of the application.
  2. For a free version of the app, you will use in-app advertising.
  3. For the paid version of the app, you will use in-app purchasing. 
  4. Create your account on the Appsgeyser platform.
  5. Create your login credentials.
  6. Login into the AppsGeyser platform.
  7. Select the template of the Android app that best suits your needs.
  8. Customize the application according to your requirements.
  9. Get the.APK version of your app.
  10. Test the application.
  11. Publish the app on the Google Play store.   

By using the above-mentioned steps, you can easily build an Android app and publish it over the play store in no time using Appsgeyser and create revenue.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023