How To Create A Social Media App With A No-code Template

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Let’s say you have that fantastic idea of creating a social media app. What’s keeping you from implementing it? Today, we come with great news for you. You can now simply create a social media app for free thanks to our android app builder. But before we delve into the details on how to make a social media app, we wish to help you understand why you might need one.

Using social networks for business marketing has certainly helped many smaller businesses get off the ground for little to no cost at all. Today, it’s not just small businesses, but well-known corporates are leveraging social media to interact and stay connected with their consumers. And the trend can only get better especially with the changes happening around the world. For instance, one of the latest global happenings has changed how people interact. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced people around the world to stay at home and engage in limited physical interactions.

With a global lockdown, everyone resorted to online platforms to stay connected with their loved ones. But these interactions haven’t been limited to social engagements only. Most businesses have been forced to move online. And even with online channels designed for businesses only, social media has remained a great platform for enterprises to find and connect with potential clients.

Do you know what this trend means to you as an appreneur? Social media apps will increasingly occupy a significant part of everyone’s life today. Both businesses and individuals will require a way to stay active economically and socially. The need for staying visible and connected creates a window of opportunity for anyone who has wanted to bring their social media app ideas to life.

With your social media app, you’ll give millions of people a new way to express themselves, post pictures, share texts and find friends. But above all, they can market their products and boost their businesses through your app. Different businesses will also connect and share industry-related information through the platform. Clearly, social media usage has evolved and its purpose is unimaginable and cannot be avoided.

Why Make Your Own  Social Media App?

Thousands of people on the internet today are sharing different kinds of information. Did you know that you can generate valuable insights through their comments on blogs, their status, or anything they share online? There are diverse ways you can utilize your own social media platform. These include:

Boost Brand Awareness

A good marketing strategy coupled with your app can boost your chances of reaching new prospects. Consider that the internet offers a barrier-free ground where you can easily meet and connect with potential customers. Engaging these clients through the app will also build loyalty.

Increase Traffic

Do you have an existing online presence? You could use your app to generate more traffic to your business website or online shop. For instance, you could share your products on social media, tag people, and allow them to tag others. You could also include a link to your website or other online platforms where prospects can find more details about your business. Besides, anything you post on social media isn’t visible to your connections only. Friends, associates, and relatives of your connection. All this exposure is profitable for your enterprise and the application itself.

Build Customer Loyalty

Without a doubt, consumer loyalty is an important virtue for businesses. Having an app makes it effortless to stay connected with your clients 24/7. It’s easy for them to ask questions, share feedback, and comment about your products. You also respond quickly and jump on topics that your followers are interested in. Such a level of interaction with consumers builds a community of loyal customers.

Other benefits of having such an app include boosting sales, promoting your content, and saves you time and money for marketing.

What Features Make an Outstanding Social Media Application?

Now that we’ve established how valuable a social media app is, the next concern we wish to tackle is what makes an excellent app. For you to realize the above benefits, there are various features that you ought to include in your app.

They include:

  • Privacy and Security – to guarantee users that their information will not land in the wrong hands.
  • Profile Customization and Authorization – so that each user can set up a personal profile that matches their preferences.
  • News Feed and Content Sharing – social networking sites thrive on the ability to share trendy topics, informative content and jokes, among other things.
  • Push Notifications – to keep users alerted about what’s happening within their networks or even your platform.
  • Video Streaming – today, video is leading the pack on the type of content people are consuming online.
  • Chat and Calling – make it possible for people to connect privately through a chat or video call. Video calls are loved by many because they are more personal and make it feel like the person is just next door.
  • Network Building – people go online to meet new friends and connect with them, therefore growing their network of friends or business partners.
  • Photo and Video Upload – provide different ways of sharing content through your social media platform.
  • Search Feature – make it convenient for consumers to search for a conversation, people, or specific information based on keywords or categories.

What’s the budget for Making a Social Media App?

How much it will cost you to build your App will highly depend on various factors like desired functions, design and the selected features of the App. Other variables are technology and the professionals you choose to work with. Generally, making a robust App may take up to 30 working days and can cost approximately 6000-13000 USD.

How to create an app using the free social app making template:

AppsGeyser has frequently explained the benefits of social media marketing to app makers. But we’ve also figured out that one possible reason why you haven’t realized your app creation idea could be the high cost involved. To support you in your quest to owning a social media app, we have designed various social media app templates that you can use to design a solution of your choice.

To make a free social app with our AppsGeyser template, all you need to do is choose which social networks you want to connect to and have the URL links available. The app creation process will take you less than five minutes.

Before you start, make sure you have:

  1. The URL to all the relevant social pages: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Tiktok. (Remember to add your Facebook fan page and not your private profile. The app will not work on a personal profile page, but only on a fan page.)
  2. App name
  3. App description
  4. Image or app logo

Let’s begin.

  1. Click on START NOW.
  2. Choose whether to create from the Business or Individual portals.
  3. Next, select a template option. You can pick Facebook, App for Tiktok, YouTube, Likee, the updated Messager with Videos. Just choose an option that suits the app you wish to make.
  4. Insert the link to an existing social app. E.g your Facebook fan page, YouTube channel and Twitter account. You just need to copy the URL link from your Facebook fan page into the Facebook app template.
  5. Personalize your app by adding a background image, the color scheme and style, channels, tabs, groups and stiсkers. What you add depends on the type of social media app you are creating.
  6. Indicate your app name and create the app description.
  7. Click CREATE APP and you are ready to go.
  8. If you wish to make changes, click on EDIT.

Android app templates simplify the app making process and give you the ideal opportunity to create an Android app business. Try creating a range of apps for your business using the different AppsGeyser Android app making templates. Don’t forget to share your experience with us on our Facebook page.