The 5 best AI email assistants in 2024


Advanced software may aid you with your emails using an artificial intelligence (AI) email assistant. In addition to writing emails and compressing lengthy emails, it can manage your inbox.

Email management might be a lot easier if you use an AI email assistant, which can also perform some chores automatically.

Instead of being static instruments, AI email helpers are dynamic, ever-evolving beings. In addition to producing answers and summarizing lengthy emails, they may also translate messages and even enhance your work. Primarily, their purpose is to assist you rather than dominate you.

Cutting-edge technology is used by AI email assistants to learn and improve over time, giving you more specialized and focused support.

To protect your emails and keep them private, a lot of AI assistants come with strong security measures. Everyone should be aware of this, but especially companies who need to protect the data of their clients.

How is an AI Assistant Helpful?

Email has been a key component of business communication since the 1980s. It has modified over time; for example, we can now schedule emails and organize our inboxes more effectively.

But what’s the matter? Email will soon get significant upgrades!

For people who are busy like you, managing emails may be of great assistance. What if there was a knowledgeable assistant who could make things simpler? Yes, indeed! You don’t have to read the entire email because it can scan lengthy ones and highlight the important content.

Have you ever looked through your emails hoping to locate anything crucial? It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack! However, you may examine details for yourself, such as dates, invoice numbers, and contacts, with first-rate support. You may also use it to add them to other applications, like your calendar.

You should know that it can even compose responses for you! Not just any old comments, but ones that have the authenticity of your own writing. In this manner, your emails seem human.

Oh, and it can also clean out your inbox! No more disorganized email stacks. It can add tags, arrange them into organized categories, and highlight the key ones for you.

You now know where to search if you need to locate that one email quickly.

5 Best AI Assistants

We’ve chosen some excellent email helpers just for you! 

They may save you a ton of time when handling your emails; they’re like tiny helpers.

Semerush AI Writing Assistant

Are you trying to get a top-notch tool for your email marketing? 

You only need to look at the AI Writing Assistant!

For marketers such as yourself who wish to optimize their emails for maximum impact, this is ideal. Whether you’re saying hello to new subscribers, getting in touch with old ones, or even reaching out to new people, this tool has covered you. 

It helps make sure your emails are just suitable for the people you’re sending them to.

The AI Writing Assistant from Semrush has some excellent features:

  • Make catchy subject lines that match what you want to say in your emails. You can use them as they are or change them a bit to suit your style.
  • Send emails to make people feel good after they’ve signed up for something or bought your stuff.
  • Send emails when someone decides not to keep using your service. You can offer them something cool to try and win them back.
  • Say hello to new subscribers and help them get started with your stuff.
  • Send emails to keep the conversation going after people do something, like signing up for a free trial.
  • Reach out to new people in a friendly way to tell them about your business.

Making any email with the AI Writing Assistant is super easy. Just tell it details like what language you want, how creative you want to be, and who you’re writing to. Then, select how many versions you want, and click “Generate”!

With Semrush AI, you’ll get suggestions made just for you. You can choose your favorite and use it as it is or make it even better to match your style.

Get More Done with AI Email Assistant (ChatGPT)

Are you tired of spending ages sorting through long emails? Meet Klart’s AI Mail Assistant, your new Gmail sidekick powered by ChatGPT! It’s like having a smart helper in your inbox.

Here’s how it can help:

  • Bid farewell to trawling through many threads. With a single click, you may obtain an overview of an email’s most important details. Stop wasting time now!
  • Need to react quickly? Not a problem! Using the email content as a guide, the AI Mail Assistant can provide precise and fast answers. It’s similar to having a helper compose your replies.
  • Dislike the editing process? We have everything covered. The helper cleans up your grammar and improves the clarity and conciseness of your writing. Thus you know that your mails are free of errors.
  • ChatGPT can translate emails into 13 other languages, which is useful whether you’re interacting with overseas clients or just want to show off your linguistic abilities. Language hurdles are gone!
  • Are you concerned that you could unintentionally annoy someone? By scanning your emails for moral quandaries, the AI Assistant makes sure that your correspondence is always kind and open.
  • Have a question? You can communicate directly with ChatGPT from your Gmail account even if you don’t have an account. It is similar to always having an exceptionally intelligent friend.

The AI Mail Assistant makes organizing your inbox easier than it ever has been. Say goodbye to your inbox overload and hello to efficiency!

Missive a Smart AI Tool

This is Missive, the helpful email management for your team! It is like having a shrewd, articulate friend. If you answer many client requests while working in a team, Missive may be a real lifesaver.

This is how it operates:

With this powerful AI tool, you may save time while writing messages by having it recommend the ideal response for you based on previous interactions. Furthermore, the more you use it, the better it becomes at imitating the tone of your company, so your emails will always sound valid.

Missive’s lightning-fast writing tool makes it easy to compose emails rapidly. To address frequently asked questions, it can also draw from a library of already composed answers. Furthermore, it won’t be an issue if someone writes to you in a foreign tongue!

Missive can help you respond in their language and even translate it for you.

Still, that’s not all! Additionally, missive helps you refine your work by correcting spelling and grammar issues. Furthermore, it may effortlessly change your tone from formal to informal with a single click.

To begin using Missive and all of its amazing features, create an account, get an API key, and enter it into the settings. It really is that simple! So bid your anxiety about emails a fond farewell and welcome to Missive’s calm sailing!

Warmer and Missive are really useful tools for groups who must collaborate on emails. They work particularly well for teams who receive a lot of client inquiries.

Warmer is an exclusive tool that adds a warm, human touch to emails. It leverages information gathered from websites and other sources, such as LinkedIn, to customize each email.

Imagine you’re writing to someone who states on LinkedIn that they began programming at an early age. Warmer would notice it and assist you in starting your email with a kind remark. This ensures that every email seems appropriate for the recipient.

Warmer can do various excellent things like:

  • It checks someone’s LinkedIn or website to make emails feel personal. It can even do this for many people at once, which is excellent for sending special emails to many people.
  • Making emails unique automatically saves you time because you don’t have to change each email by hand. Warmer does it for you based on the info it finds.
  • You can tell Warmer what you want your email to do, like setting up a meeting or getting people to visit your website. Then, it makes the email fit that goal.

You don’t need to download anything extra to use Warmer. You just put in a LinkedIn profile, website link, or a list of people’s info, and Warmer does the rest. Then, you can send the emails using whatever email program you like.


Mailbutler is here to help—your reliable email assistant! Regardless of your role—small business owner or multitasking marketer—Mailbutler seeks to simplify your life.

The Contacts tool from Mailbutler makes it quick and simple to organize contacts in Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. Using Mailbutler to import your current contacts with only a few clicks might save you the trouble of manually maintaining your address book.

By offering you comprehensive details on every contact upon import, Mailbutler goes above and above. Mailbutler provides an all-access view that allows you to review every contact, including contact information, past emails, and attachments.

If there’s anything else you wish to monitor, you may also create new fields to record it.

But there’s still more! 

  • To fit your needs, Mailbutler easily interfaces with a variety of email clients:
  • After downloading and opening the software from your downloads folder, just follow the simple installation instructions to use Mailbutler.
  • Visit Microsoft AppSource to get the Mailbutler AI email application. To utilize Mailbutler 
  • functions after installation, click the toolbar or sidebar icon.
  • After installing the Mailbutler Chrome extension and opening your Gmail inbox, you’ll see that the Mailbutler sidebar is ready to help you and appears in the navigation on the right.

Organizing your contacts and emails has never been easier when Mailbutler is on your side. Bid farewell to email overload and welcome to efficiency!

Wrapping Up!

Finding the ideal AI email assistant might fundamentally alter how you manage and advertise emails! Nevertheless, it could be challenging to select the best alternative fast due to the abundance of choices.Information security is something you should always be considering. Check the privacy statement of any AI helper you are considering before selecting one. You may learn how they use and keep your data on this website. For added peace of mind, you may use several programs to keep your data on your PC safe. In addition if we consider a simple tool that assists you to run a successful email campaign then Torque360’s campaigner tool is the best solution. It also gets your customer feedback about your services and products.