Top Android App Development Trends to Check

Android App Development

Android is an evergreen OS that has consistently brought innovative features. And with time, it has become the most preferred OS for mobile app development, which has raised the benchmark for its competitors.

For instance, the Android 11 was full of state-of-the-art features that have made it the most popular OS for mobile app development. Further, Google has always stayed on the edge of innovation, and it has not disappointed the audience with its Android 11 update. But it is not over for them yet.

The work is still on, and with the release of Android 12, various new trends have surfaced. If you are a business owner planning to build an app for your venture, you need to keep up with all the recent trends. Let’s take a look at some of those trends!

1. The advent of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been in talks for years, but it is finally ready to become a part of the app development space. How?

The major use of blockchain technology is in data security and access control. It provides advanced solutions of decentralized app development that eliminate the possibilities of unauthorized access and enables transparency.

If we talk about decentralized apps, they are the future of app development. These apps allow for faster payments, tamper-proof data records, and reliable payment records that can’t be changed or erased.

In short, the trend of Blockchain Technology will be most beneficial for the financial sector apps as it can use robust security protocols.

2. Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

When more users interact and shop via mobile apps, it becomes a bit tricky to manage all of their requests. Your user does not care much about your schedule. If they face any issue or want assistance regarding your services, they will call you for a solution there and then.

As human helpers cannot be present at all times, it is best to introduce an automated solution for clients like a no-code chatbot. The use of chatbots & virtual assistants is a new trend in the app development market. It is estimated that consumer retail spends via chatbots will hit $142 billion by 2024 worldwide. So, if you are a thriving business and want to control costs while enhancing customer handling, you need to leverage this trend.

3. Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is one of those technologies that are already in use but not that widespread. These are transmitting gadgets that get connected to the user’s mobile devices in a particular range. The technology allows companies to send various notifications about nearby hotels and special offers, and all without you lifting a finger!

Now, how is it useful in apps? The future goal of beacon technology is to let users pay using beacons and gain access via beacons than access cards. It means that your smartphone will be your access card in the near future. With some specific apps, you will be able to communicate with the beacon to get the job done.

4. Motion Layout

Motion Layout is another great and useful trend specifically for UI/UX designers. It is a layout that is extensively used by developers to create complex animations. It’s part of the Constraint layout library and compatible with Android 4.0 or higher, so it can be used on multiple devices.

With Motion Layout and Constraint layout library, you’ll be able to quickly fill up any gaps in your animation handling as well as transitions between layouts where these tools are known for having high-end features!

In short, it will be a great addition to a UI/UX designer toolkit.

5. Instant Apps

Developers are always looking for fresh methods to provide their customers with the best experience. As a result, they have found an easy and innovative way to do this by turning existing apps into “Instant Apps.”

Android Instant app is providing app developers with Android Instant Apps Software Development Kits and App Links Assistant. They give them a change to design mobile tools from scratch or transform the existing apps into instant applications.

These apps are the next big trend in the android app space. They are not that popular yet, but they are a piece of work. The efficiency of these apps is their compatibility across all devices, less storage space necessity, and enjoyable UI.

What about Android security?

When it comes to security, Android has also taken some impressive steps in the right direction. However, it is always best to equip your device with tools for protecting your activities, data, and assets. For instance, you should avoid unknown apps or those that have very few reviews. You can also take a step further with an Android VPN, helping you protect everything you do via your smartphone. It will encrypt internet traffic, hide your IP address, and protect you on any network you choose to connect to. 

In general, Android users face many dangers. For one, since this community is much larger, hackers tend to target it more. It is simple math: the more potential victims, the higher the chances to make a profit. Thus, as an Android user, you should know which dangers you face: 

  • Fake apps on Google Play Store. The chances are you have noticed apps that mimic Facebook, Twitter, or another popular platform. In some cases, it might be just a harmless attempt to gain traction. However, a more frequent scenario is that hackers are trying to get you to download it. 
  • Android malware is more common. Like it or not, Android malware is a daily danger you face. It might arrive in various ways, like through misleading in-app ads. Thus, it is important to keep everything updated on your device. Why? Let us explain. 

Many attacks rely on users not updating their operating systems or apps. Then, hackers can build exploits that work against vulnerable systems. Let’s say you accidentally download a malicious file. However, it needs an Android vulnerability to work. If you have successfully updated your device, the malware is unlikely to work. 

Thus, app developers should always consider this. For instance, you might consider giving your users the option of installing updates automatically. Or, in other cases, you might make your app unusable with certain OS versions to prevent trouble. It will work as adequate protection in the long run and will make your users safer. 


It is pretty obvious that if you want to survive the cut-throat competition of the market, you need to be updated with all the latest trends. After going through this article, you must have got a gist of what’s new in Android. Hence, to make your business app super interactive and up to user expectations, ensure that you leverage all the latest trends.

Lastly, addressing the Android vs. iOS debate, everything all depends on users’ preferences. From a technical standpoint, both operating systems can give you everything you need (and more). Thus, picking one due to its label is not a wise idea. Do your research, and whether you are buying a smartphone or designing an app, the decision should rely on you, not the opinion you picked up from somewhere. In general, Android is a great OS that does not stop to impress both users and developers working to introduce new products to this community.