Why Mobile Apps Matter for Startups

Mobile apps
Image: Pixabay

When you think about everyday life, it can be hard to imagine getting anything done without your trusty smartphone. The variety of mobile apps make it ideal for just about anyone, as you can accomplish quite a lot with the help of your phone. Whether for business or pleasure, \with the latter including convenient dating apps such as https://www.top10.com/dating/reviews/naughtydate, there’s no denying that the average individual tends to use mobile apps quite a bit as part of their daily routine.

That said, what about those trying to stake their claim in a competitive business landscape with a startup? New company owners can’t multitask too much, as every little mistake can have far-reaching consequences, which is why many startup owners tend to be hesitant when making new moves. So how would apps and the mobile platform in general help a startup make the most of its opportunities?

The answer is similar to why the average person might go for mobile apps – convenience. If a company prioritizes convenience, everything else follows. However, it’s best to learn the step-by-step process of why mobile apps can help startups, and especially the companies that are struggling to make a difference. Here are just a few reasons why mobile apps matter so much for startups.

Everyone is using a smartphone

It can seem like an exaggeration, but chances are your target demographic is using smartphones as part of their daily routine. It’s practically inescapable these days, especially with so many people getting more and more comfortable with the idea of online products and services. For example, for most homeowners, getting groceries online is the norm, which means no one has to travel to get anything done. Such a thing cannot be understated, which is why so many companies are shifting to the online space when offering products and services.

Smartphones are quite simply too convenient not to have, as they are accessible to just about anyone. In a lot of ways, it’s like having a personal computer in the palm of your hand. With access to the Internet — something that comes quite easily in most areas — the smartphone becomes an invaluable resource for just about anyone. It’s the kind of situation where a company can future-proof its endeavours simply by going for the mobile platform.

Not every online store or business is taking advantage of the mobile platform

One of the most surprising things about the advantages of mobile apps is that not every company wants to make full use of its potential. While they might push for online products and services, it’s typically only through the primary website that supports browsers over everything else.

If a new company wants to succeed in this day and age, the first thing to do is start developing a primary website or storefront in mobile apps. The mobile platform continues to grow, and the many different programs used to build mobile apps are advancing rapidly. As a result, what might have been a challenge several months ago is likely much easier now, which is why it’s never a bad idea to look into how you can take advantage of the mobile platform. 

The fact that not every company is comfortable with going mobile and focusing on apps is precisely why companies should jump at the chance to push for mobile apps. It also helps to know that the Android industry can be so flexible in developing apps. As a result, it’s a user-friendly experience not just for customers but also for businesses tasked with using the mobile platform.

Digital marketing is intrinsically tied to the mobile industry

Without a doubt, digital marketing has overrun the industry landscape as the best way to spread the word and boost a company’s overall popularity. Without digital marketing, most companies are dead on the water, as it’s too challenging to make a difference when all the other competitors are pushing forward with robust digital marketing strategies.

The ideal solution would be to combine the mobile platform with digital marketing to help keep up with the best. Fortunately, companies providing professional services can boost a mobile marketing campaign, as mentioned in https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/mobilemarketing-for-ecommerce/#what-is-mobile-marketing. Most companies can rest easy knowing that digital marketing specialists focus on mobile apps, as it is one of the best ways to improve user experience (UX). For those aware of general SEO, you’ve likely already heard of the Google Page Experience Update, which switches the algorithm’s focus to user satisfaction. Considering that a large percentage of user satisfaction is based on how fast apps and websites operate on the mobile platform, it’s no wonder why digital marketing goes hand-in-hand with mobile apps.

Mobile app development results in much higher engagement with your demographic

Some companies might find it challenging to reach out to online users, even with the help of social media. That said, businesses that focus on mobile app development constantly interact with their clients and supporters, making it much easier to establish rapport and keep an open line of communication. The best part is when a mobile app is released and the company starts interacting with users to see if they are satisfied with the product. Even if the initial tests might not be favourable, the fact that the company is making changes based on supporters’ feedback establishes a strong relationship.

It is also through feedback where companies learn how best to make mobile apps more accessible. For example, adding a font size changer or a night mode with specific apps can go a long way to satisfying your target demographic. Such things can only be learned effectively by going through trial and error with your clients. When an online user notices that a company took their feedback to heart and made changes based on the information they provided, it can help foster loyalty to the brand.

The mobile industry will continue to grow

Last but certainly not least, some trends eventually die out through time. However, the mobile industry is considered to be an evergreen trend. It’s something that will never die and only continue to advance as it goes. Even computers are gradually losing steam due to how valuable smartphones have become. In many ways, the phone is slowly building up to be the most valuable and accessible gadget that we have. 

The fascinating thing is that mobile apps have a limitless supply of potential. It feels like no matter how advanced things get, there is always room for more creativity. A company that bets on mobile will never lose out, as it’s always advantageous to bet on evergreen trends.

Mobile apps can be so helpful to a startup that they can breathe new life into struggling companies. There are many different ways to take advantage of the mobile platform as a new company that the possibilities can feel endless. With a bit of creativity and a willingness to push forward with mobile apps, even inexperienced businesses that cannot take too many risks have the opportunity to make the most out of the situation.